Vendetta 103: Fiction and Graphics Tips

What do I need to know about fiction events?

Anything you write should be proofread before being submitted. Ask your fellow members, your friends, or any member of the Unit Summit if you need help with having something proofread.

You do not need to use expensive software like Microsoft Word in order to participate in fiction events. Google Drive is a free, online, word processing program that allows you to save documents as either a .pdf or .doc. It also gives you a very easy way to share your work with peers if you need proofreading.

If you have a Gmail acount, just head to to use Google Docs.

If you prefer to work with a program actually installed on your computer, a free option is LibreOffice.

And what about graphics events?

Your submission for a graphics event can be as simple as drawing with a pencil, marker, or even crayons. You can then either scan it, or take a picture with your phone and send it in.

If you do not have a smartphone, or the ability to take a picture and e-mail it, try your local library or internet cafe.

If you want to try digital art, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on Adobe Photoshop. Instead, consider the following options:

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