Sentinel Legends


1. Introduction

“This Jedi ferrets out deceit and injustice, bringing it to the light.” Dorak

While the most visible members of the Jedi Order are Guardians and Consulars, the Jedi Sentinel is the unseen force within the Order that brings low the threats within the Galaxy before they can harm the Republic. These Jedi are often called the warrior diplomats, called upon by the Jedi Council to intercede in potentially dangerous situations. These Jedi work in the shadows and are often found as moles or informants within enemy organizations.


What is a Jedi Sentinel, exactly? They are warriors and they are diplomats. They are what they need to be. They do what is necessary to complete their given tasks. They are Jedi who walk the line between the Light and the Dark. A Jedi Sentinel performs their duty without thought of recognition; their only reward is knowing that lives are saved and the Galaxy is protected, for the moment. Let the Guardians and the Consulars get the glory. The Sentinel works best from the shadows.

In order to perform their duties properly, a Jedi Sentinel does not just train their lightsaber skills or hone their control of the Force. They must learn to blend in with their surroundings and appear like they belong. Stealth is a skill that is relied upon as much as, if not more than, their connection to the Force. The ability to interrogate someone to gain necessary information can be a more effective weapon than a lightsaber. More often than not, a Jedi Sentinel must be without their signature weapon and hide their connection to the Force in order to complete their mission.

2. History of the Sentinel Order

It is impossible to identify every event in which the Sentinel Order has been active. Their work requires them to function below the radar, to act without being seen. They are the black ops of the Jedi Order.

The first subsection of the History of the Sentinel Order is based on loose notes and subjective thoughts, and those who take this course are encouraged to develop their own ideas and look for the hidden hand of the Sentinels throughout history. That said, take these notes with a pinch of salt. Though they are here to guide you in a deeper understanding of the Sentinel Order, they are not written with the intention of giving you a full run of the events in which the Sentinel Order took part.

The second subsection, on the other hand, is both recent and well-documented, showing known occurrences of Sentinel involvement.

2.1 History of the Sentinel

Because Sentinels work in the shadows, it is difficult to track where they have been influential throughout history. There are no signs of them during the Civil War, and their role within the Great Hyperspace War seems to have been overshadowed by Jedi of other orders, like the famous Consular Odan-Urr.

Nevertheless, the existence of Jedi that would fit in the role of Sentinels can be pointed to in different situations between the origin of the Jedi and the Great Hyperspace War. There is no doubt that many Jedi explored the Galaxy before their first encounter with the Republic, and there are records that prove that the Je’daii traveled to other planets looking for those who had the potential to use the Force. At the foundation of the Jedi on Tython, the Sentinels were in charge of identifying who amongst them had broken the balance between the Light and the Dark. Those who were found to have broken this balance were sent to the prison moon of Bogan.

Useful for those who belong to the Sentinel Order is the history of Ulic Qel-Droma, who appears in the records for the first time in 3,998 BBY, having defeated the Dark Jedi Knight Warb Null. Though probably a Guardian, the dedication of Ulic Qel-Droma to the eradication of the Dark Side would in later eras have qualified him as a Sentinel.

TOTJ Redemption

A Jedi Sentinel walks a fine line between the Light and Dark Sides of the Force. To complete their missions, they must sometimes tempt the Dark Side and some, like Ulic Qel-Droma, are unable to keep from losing themselves to the darkness.

Ulic Qel-Droma fell to the Dark Side and became the apprentice of the Sith Lord Exar Kun in 3,997 BBY. As a Sith Lord, Ulic Qel-Droma fought for Exar Kun against many threats, including the Mandalorians. He defeated Mandalore the Indomitable in 3,996 BBY and won the support of the Mandalorians for his master. Ultimately, this fallen Jedi was redeemed when he defeated his former master and returned to the Jedi Path. Famous in his time, Ulic Qel-Droma died ten years later, in 3,986 BBY, shortly before the appearance of the first Jedi who can be definitively identified as a Jedi Sentinel.

The history of Revan, his apprentice Malak and their roles during the Mandalorian attacks on the Republic between 3,965 BBY and 3,960 BBY, when they defied the Jedi Council and led a group of Jedi against the Mandalorian threat, is well known. Revan and Malak pursued the Mandalorians into deep space, eventually encountering the Sith Empire. They managed to make their way before the Sith Emperor Vitiate, who subdued them and began to reprogram them into darkness. Lost to the eyes of the Republic, they reappeared a year later as Sith Lords, looking for ancient artifacts that would point them towards the hidden Rakata super weapon known as the Star Forge. Vitiate wanted this weapon to speed up the construction of his invasion fleet, using Revan and Malak as his key to getting there. However, he had underestimated the willpower of Revan, as well as the effects the Dark Side would have on the two. As they set foot upon the deck plates of the Star Forge, their loyalty to Emperor Vitiate was overcome by their desire to rule themselves. Using the power of the Star Forge, they led an attack on the Republic, becoming a threat greater than the one they initially tried to stop.

It was around this time that we become aware of a famous member of the Sentinel Order called Bastila Shan. She was a young but powerful Jedi who specialized in Battle Meditation and led a small group of Jedi in 3,957 BBY to defeat Darth Revan. Her commitment to this mission and the lightsaber displayed in the recordings fully identify her as a member of the Sentinels. Curiously enough, there exists a theory that Revan, upon being defeated and brought back to the Light Side, might have followed the path of the Sentinel. His actions clearly point at the former Sith Lord as a man who walked the thin line between Light and Dark as he pursued his former apprentice Malak before eventually defeating him in 3,956 BBY.

Bastila Shan

The Sentinel Order disappeared into the shadows for a few hundred years, only reappearing during the Galactic Civil War and the Cold War, between 3,681 BBY and 3,500 BBY. During these times, they stepped from the shadows and were found fighting on the frontline alongside members of the Guardian Order.

While there are no records of it, it is safe to conclude that the Sentinel Order was well established close to founding of the Jedi Order itself, when they once again stepped into their roles as true Sentinels instead of first-line fighters. However, they failed in their primary mission to fully eradicate the Sith, who survived for 1,000 years in hiding under the Rule of Two created by Darth Bane. When the Jedi Order realized this failure, it was too late to stop the Sith as they crushed the Republic and turned it into an Empire with the rise of Darth Sidious as Emperor.

The Emperor, after issuing the infamous Order 66, exterminated most of the Jedi — the majority of the victims being Guardians and Consulars. The Sentinels, accustomed to hiding, were able to escape and hide throughout the Galaxy, aiding various worlds against Imperial oppression as they could.

2.2 History of the Sentinel Order Inside the Brotherhood

Years after the Jedi Purge, the Sentinels were the most numerous members of the Jedi, hidden in the shadows out of the Empire's reach. A group of these Sentinels, infiltrated within different human groups, managed to turn their attention towards a distant planet, safe from the Imperial government. In 3 ABY, these collectives united and traveled to the distant planet of Harakoa, guided by the hidden hand of the Sentinels.

New Tython

Immediately, the Sentinels started moving across the planet, ensuring that the native species, the Harakoans, did not see the colonists as a threat. This worked until 7 ABY, when the expansionist policy of the colonists entered into conflict with the natives' territories. This was when the other Orders appeared to fulfill their roles, with the Sentinels remaining in the shadows, blending in with the native and human populations. By 10 ABY, the Sentinels contacted their fellow Consulars and Guardians, urging them to take action in the emerging conflicts. Surprised to see the Sentinels but relieved to know that they had agents within the population, the Jedi started working on resolving the conflicts.

The Sentinels acted swiftly, reaching to the highest spheres of the colonial government and influencing them to create a solution to help the overburdened Jedi. The government came up with a solution after several years, creating the Colonial Guaranteed Protection Committee in 20 ABY. This treaty was unfair, however, giving more rights to the humans than to the Harakoans.

Having failed in their mission, many Sentinels on the human side left the planet to ensure that the space around the planet, already known at that time as New Tython, was safe. They would not be heard from until years later.

Those who remained kept working in disguise towards a more favorable resolution while the other Orders pursued their own goals. It would take seven years for the rest of the Jedi to intervene again with the help of the always hidden Sentinels, forcing the creation of a new treaty that ensured the fair treatment of the native species and balanced rights between Harakoans and humans.

The Sentinels on New Tython worked to make both sides see the advantages of these new laws and a new legislative body, but how vital they would prove to the survival of the Jedi was yet to be seen.

In 28 ABY, an organization known as the Dark Brotherhood appeared in New Tython space, taking the planet's Jedi by surprise. Assessing the forces of the Dark Brotherhood, the Jedi understood that their only chance of survival was the use of diplomacy. As the Consulars started their communications with this new enemy, encoded transmissions were received at New Tython's capital, Menat Ombo. Those who had left New Tython before had infiltrated the lines of the Brotherhood and, though incapable of stopping the organization from finding New Tython, they had managed to stop the Dark Jedi from deciding to destroy the Jedi. Unaware of these events, the Consulars were surprised when they managed to strike a deal with the Dark Brotherhood which ostensibly guaranteed their survival, though they were forced to change the name of Acolytes of Odan-Urr to House Odan-Urr in order to become part of the Brotherhood and acknowledge the organization's dominion over the planet.

Menat Ombo

The Sentinels knew that this peace would not last, and they soon started looking in secret for new allies against the invasion that was inevitable. In 29 ABY, when the Brotherhood's forces were arrayed against New Tython, the Consulars were able to find allies who had been brought closer to their orbit thanks to the Sentinels' hidden efforts. The coalition between Jedi, the Mandalorian Clan Ordo and Jedi Master Halcyon succeeded in defending New Tython for long enough to force the Brotherhood to leave; however, this was not without consequence, as the Brotherhood nearly destroyed all life on the planet.

Even at this moment in time, there are many undercover Sentinels spread throughout the Brotherhood’s ranks. They are masked as loyal soldiers, pilots, and servants, remaining ever vigilant about the possibility of a new attack, regularly sending reports of activity to the Odan-Urr leadership through encrypted messages.

3. Notable Jedi Sentinels

These Jedi have made names for themselves within the Jedi Order or later within the fledgling unit Odan-Urr. While not all their achievements have been brought to light, we will touch on some of their most visible moments.

Bastila Shan Bastila was a member of the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War era. She played a key role in the capture of Darth Revan aboard his flagship due to her affinity for Battle Meditation. As a result of the capture, she formed a bond with Revan and later helped him overthrow Darth Malak and destroy the Star Forge.

Quinlan Vos Quinlan Vos was a Jedi Master during the final days of the Galactic Republic and fought during the Clone Wars. During the war, he was brought to the Dark Side and briefly fought for Count Dooku and the Separatists before being redeemed by his former padawan Aayla Secura. Quinlan had a strong connection to the Psychometry Force power. This allowed him to utilize the Sith holocron of Darth Andeddu more efficiently. Note this pertains to the Legends material on Quinlan Vos, not Canon material.

4. Sentinel Branches

As with the other Orders, when a Jedi chooses to follow the path of the Sentinel, many options are open to them. These paths are sometimes dangerous, sometimes monotonous, but all of them are key to the survival of the Order and the Jedi as a whole.

A few of these paths are outlined in this course. Though other, more exotic paths do exist, we chose not to include them as there are not enough practitioners of these paths to call them Sentinel branches. As always, the roles of the Sentinel are clouded by a shroud of mystery that only those in the highest ranks of the Order comprehend completely.

4.1 Jedi Investigator

The role of investigator is by far the most common path in the order. Sentinels who follow this path work undercover most of the time, looking for dangerous criminals. When the situation requires external help, they reveal themselves to law organizations to obtain assistance in tracking down these criminals.

The Investigators are the entry path for those who want to fill this dangerous but needed role within the Sentinel Order. Of these Sentinels, only the best of the best are offered the opportunity to join the ranks of the Shadows.

4.2 Jedi Recruiter

This is a rewarding path for those Sentinels who wish to lead a less dangerous life. The Recruiters work closely with the Watchmen, tracking potential future candidates for the Jedi Order. They are always traveling across the Galaxy looking for gifted children, studying and examining them. When a child is considered capable enough to undergo Jedi training, the child’s parents are approached by the Recruiter and informed of their child’s gifts and offered the opportunity of receiving Jedi training.

Though many would consider this a minor job, the Recruiters are some of the most important Jedi in the order, since it is due to their efforts that the Jedi Order can keep their numbers and grow over time.

4.3 Jedi Shadow

Only those Sentinels who display a great array of skills to an excellent degree and demonstrate strong self-control are able to follow this path. The Shadows are highly respected within the Sentinel Order, and it is easy to see why. A Jedi Shadow travels across the Galaxy looking for traces of the Dark Side and eradicating them wherever they find them. They also infiltrate enemy organizations and act as spies for the Jedi Order.

Needless to say, the Shadows are the most casualty-prone group within the Sentinel Order. Though excellent spies and experts in the arts of subterfuge, they are at times caught or, even worse, seduced by the Dark Side. In both cases, their end is the same. They disappear from the records of the Jedi Order as if they never existed.

4.4 Jedi Watchman

These lonely Sentinels are the vigilant eyes of the Sentinel Order. They reside permanently in a designated place, keeping the peace and gathering information for Recruiters, Investigators and Shadows. Usually they live undercover, leading normal lives as if they were not Jedi at all. Only rarely do they break their cover to quickly and quietly solve any issue that disturbs their designated area's peace.

5. Conclusion

Being a Sentinel is not an easy path, and those who have read this course carefully will be aware that no Jedi is closer to the Dark Side than a Sentinel. Even more than the Guardians, a Sentinel must always keep the Jedi Code in mind in order to remain balanced and not be seduced by the powers of those they pursue.

The life of a Sentinel is lonely but rewarding. They will not be officially recognized for their work, but the only reward they require is seeing that their work has saved lives or benefited others.

These covert agents of the Jedi have always been the watchful eye that the other Orders rely upon. Without them, the Jedi as a whole would likely soon fall to the overwhelming forces of the Dark Side. This course, unlike the other Jedi Core courses, will not end with a quote, but will end as a Sentinel would, brief and precise, with just a word of caution:


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