Department of Gaming & Combat

Department Info

The courses in this department will focus on the various gaming aspects of the Dark Brotherhood.

Professor: Lieutenant Crysenia Orainn

Combat Tactics 101: Land Vehicles

This course deals with combat tactics including the role of military vehicles like transport vehicles, tanks, walkers, and speeders. You will learn how to utilize such vehicles in assuring that the victory over the enemies shall be yours.

canon, vehicles, weapons, and tactics

Combat Tactics 102: Armor

This course has been created in order to provide you basic knowledge about historical and modern armors which may be utilized during the combat.

Prerequisites: Combat Tactics 101: Land Vehicles

canon and tactics

Capital Starship Studies

This course provides you with knowledge about the largest starships and superweapons that are in use with various governments and criminal groups in the Galaxy.

canon and ships and astronomy

General Warfare

This course is designed to explain, in general terms, how gaming works and get awarded in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Learn where to find people to play supported games and how to team up with or compete against other DJB members to earn Clusters of Fire, Clusters of Earth and Pendants of Blood.

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Freighters/Transports Studies

This course has been designed to teach you basic knowledge about the most common freighters and transports which are utilized by various groups and companies.

canon and ships and astronomy

Lightsaber Studies

The lightsaber is the weapon of the Jedi and the Sith. It is iconic all across the galaxy, and throughout history, as one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons ever created. Here you will learn about its usage and application throughout the Dark Brotherhood and how it works on a basic level.

canon and weaponry

Starfighter Studies

This course have been created to help you familiarize yourself with the most popular starfighters that are utilized by various militaristic groups in the Galaxy.

canon and ships and astronomy

Advanced Warfare

The Advanced Warfare course seeks to build upon your knowledge of history, various weaponry throughout the galaxy, and to explore the more subtle aspects of warfare throughout the universe.

combat, tactics, and canon

Ranged Weaponry Studies

Some of us wield lightsabers, others wield blasters, some wield both. This course will familiarize you with the basics and the various types of ranged weaponry within the Brotherhood.

canon and weaponry