Character Creation & Development

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The courses in this department will focus on the creation and development of your character(s) in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. You'll learn how to create a character sheet and equip your character and even how to build your own character wiki page. These courses will also introduce you to the fictional orders and societies to which you may decide to align and advance your character.

Professor: dbb0t

Character Sheets 101: Introduction

Ready to start building your character? Start here to learn how character sheets are created and where to find the information you need to make the right choices for your character - from species and physical descriptions to disciplines, skills, Force powers, combat styles and more.

acc, character sheets, and voice

Character Sheets 102: Possessions & Loadouts

Once you've worked through creating your character sheet, the next step is to create a character loadout through the possessions system so that you may compete in the various competitions that require them. This course will aim to walk you through that process, exploring both how to earn credits and purchase possessions and how to create various loadouts using those items.

Course written by Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae on 4 April 2020.

Creatures & You

If you've built a character and outfitted them with the best gear you can afford but still feel like something is missing, it might be because they need a furry, scaled, slimy or otherwise beastly friend – or at least a very ferocious bodyguard. This course will introduce you to the fauna of the galaxy and teach you how to purchase and interact with creatures in our system.

Course written by Eleceos Araave on 13 July 2021.

Wiki Basics: Character Creation

This course is designed to support Novitiate and Journeyman members in the creation of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Character Page.

Docent: Adept Bentre Stahoes


Mercenary Order Core

Mercenaries are a varied bunch, with an even more varied philosophy. Some will fight for credits, others will work for honor or glory. This course will explore what it is to be a mercenary, as well as notable figures from in- and outside the Brotherhood.

basics, orders, and history

Loyalist Order Core

Learn about those who make up the Brotherhood's armed forces, the Loyalists. In this course, you'll learn about notable Loyalists, both inside and outside the Brotherhood, as well as what makes a Loyalist tick.

basics, orders, and history

Jedi Order Core

This course provides a basic, fundamental knowledge of the Jedi Order from its inception to its current form.

basics, orders, and history

Force Disciple Order Core

This course provides a basic, fundamental knowledge of the Order of the Force Disciple, exploring examples from history and their existence within the Brotherhood.

Sith Order Core

Learn the fundamental history and philosophy of the Sith Order and the role these powerful Force wielders play in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

basics, orders, and history

Societies: Aurora Collegium

The Aurora Collegium is a society for members to gain fictional rank, knowledge and rewards by earning degrees and Academic Credits (ACs) within the Shadow Academy. In addition to exploring how to obtain these ranks and rewards, this course will introduce you to the operations and research facilities of the Collegium's three scientific societies.

Societies: GMRG

This course describes the history and basics of the functioning of the Grand Master’s Royal Guard, a gaming-centric society where members compete to earn glory, ranks (and the rewards that come with them!) and the distinction of protecting members of the Dark Council. To join this society and have your gaming count toward these rewards, all you have to do is pass this course. To excel, you’ll have to test your skills against the Brotherhood’s best.

Societies: Inquisitorius

This course provides the basic information for entry into the Inquisitorius, the fiction and writing society of the Dark Brotherhood.

writing, dbbasics, societies, and grammarandmisc

Societies: Shroud Syndicate

This course provides the basic information for entry into the Shroud Syndicate, the graphics Society of the Dark Brotherhood.

art and dbbasics