Department of Lore

The courses in this department will focus on the lore and history of not only the Dark Brotherhood but also the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Professor: Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar

In this course, students will find an in-depth study of Force Alchemy, the process of using Mechu-deru, Sith swords, Jedi Alchemy, and everything inbetween. This course is designed to be a companion to the Official Alchemy Guide of the Dark Brotherhood (also known as the Codex of Zhesos), and the exam at its conclusion will require the use of both documents.

canon and philosophy and alchemy

This course has been created in order to give you an opportunity to learn the details of astronomy, including galactic distances, types of stars, planets, and other galactic phenomena.

canon and ships and astronomy

An introduction to the history of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood from the discovery of the Antei System and creation of the Shroud to its development and eventual exodus from the Emperor’s Hammer.

basics and history

A continued look at the history of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood from its exodus from the Emperor’s Hammer through the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, defeat and return to the Antei System, incursions against the Jedi of Odan-Urr, until present day developments.

Prerequisites: Dark Brotherhood History 101

history, lore, and basics

There are a multitude of languages used by countless species across the Galaxy. This course teaches you about a few of the most prominent ones, as well as teaching about their use in the Galaxy at large.

canon and lore

This course helps you to study the history and traditions of the famous warriors known as the Mandalorians.

This course will provide you with some basic knowledge on the predominant views on the Force, with supporting material to explain their relevance in the galaxy at large.

There are various sects which use the Force and each takes a subtly different view of the Force as a whole. This course has been designed to give students valuable insight into the history, location, and characteristics of a few of the most notable sects and traditions.

There are countless species throughout the known galaxy. A few have even been influential within the Brotherhood itself. Over this course you will learn about a number of the species that have taken so great a part in the formation of our history and that of the galaxy as a whole.

This course covers all current material available concerning the early known galactic history during the Era of the Old Republic, including the creation of the Jedi and the Sith and the death of Darth Bane.

canon and history

This course covers the history of the galaxy from the formation to the dissolution of the Galactic Republic.

Prerequisites: Galactic History 101 - The Era of the Old Republic

canon and history

The final course of the series covers the end of the Galactic Civil War, the trials of the New Republic, and the rise of the First Order to power and conflict.

Prerequisites: Galactic History 101 - The Era of the Old Republic, Galactic History 102 - Twilight of the Galactic Republic, and Galactic History 103 - Rise and Fall of the Galactic Empire

This course provides you with more detailed information about important planets and moons in the Galaxy.

canon and ships and astronomy

canon and ships and astronomy