Clan Odan-Urr

Clan of the Brotherhood
A Light Amidst The Darkness
About Clan Odan-Urr

Clan Odan-Urr is the first Light Side Clan of the Dark Brotherhood, spreading our light to not only the Brotherhood but to the rest of the galaxy as well. Odan-Urr is on mission to fix problems in the galaxy regardless of borders. It's motley crew consists of underdogs, rebels, Jedi, Force Users of many walks of life, and a good smattering of the oddballs. No matter how you fight for good, join us in our brave fight against the galaxy's oppressors and for survival itself.

Gui Sol
High Councillor
Proconsul Wulfram Armis
Magistrate to the Consul
Doku Rivendare
Magistrate to the Consul
Reaper Ryuu Suoh
Showing all 44 members
Name Rank
Gunther Starchaser Novitiate 2
Sloth Novitiate 3
Deadite Ninja Novitiate 3
Calto Novitiate 3
Asthrou Novitiate 3
Cryovix Poleris Novitiate 4
Brakus Okami Novitiate 4
Mei'Ka Journeyman 1
Kurs'ika Journeyman 1
Zyrethi Armis Journeyman 2
Erin Journeyman 3
Syido Journeyman 3
Courier Eechee Journeyman 4
Wenet C Bannog Journeyman 4
Wedge Journeyman 4
Bexa Nalrella Equite 1
Zeon Blacktooth Equite 1
randyrumrnr Equite 1
Kriegen VanWyck Equite 1
Doku Rivendare Equite 2
Lieutenant Creon Neverse Equite 2
Templar Cor-Hatha Vow Equite 2
Ryan Hawkins Equite 2
Proconsul Wulfram Armis Equite 2
Major Jon Silvon Equite 2
High Inquisitor Tisto Kingang Equite 3
Elyon de Neverse Equite 3
Benn Nevis Equite 3
Battlelord Waza Sunrider Equite 3
Tomora Nay'ek Equite 3
Reaper Ryuu Suoh Equite 3
Sala Fe Equite 3
Jafits Skrumm Equite 4
Gui Sol Equite 4
Warden Lontra Boglach Equite 4
Primarch Yuki Suoh Equite 4
Augur Windos Equite 4
Edgar Drachen Equite 4
Essik Lyccane Equite 4
Colonel Len Iode Equite 4
Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Elder 1
Seer A'lora Kituri Elder 1
Grand Inquisitor Lizuni Heraga Elder 1
Boss Morgan B. Sorenn Elder 2