Competition: A New Era of Monsters

A New Era of Monsters

In the days of old, ancient Sith Lords would often create slaves, warriors, and monsters through the dark and powerful practice of Sith Alchemy. This malevolent form of science and force experimentation has brought about some of the greatest, and most horrifying, achievements in the field of Biological science. While the Brotherhood is not made up of just Sith or even followers of the Dark Side, its knowledge and possession of Dark Side relics is unmatched. Now you, a rising power in the world of Dark Side science, have been commissioned by the

Brotherhood to create an experiment of your own, but what will it be?


This competition is purely creative, you have a limit to what you can do with your creation, but for the most part it’s all up to you. Some requirements for your monster will have to be met however, which should include:

*Complete Originality (That is, no Godzilla in Space. But feel free to make giant lizards or a mutant Krayt Dragon if that’s what you want).

*Must be completely biological (Unfortunately, no giant robots. And especially no cyborgs, that would just be too confusing).

*Must have a viable Weakness (such as a supremely strong body, but a weak mind).

*Must be Balanced, i.e., big monsters will be slow, small monsters will be fast, medium sized monsters will be in-between.

*A background story for the monster about how it was made, what it was made from, and what it can do. (You can also make a current venture section if you would like. The monster doesn’t have to be alive at this moment either, it can be from wherever in the current Brotherhood time line, so long as you were a part of that time period as well).


*Cannot exceed 50 Meters in Height or 70 Meters in length.

*Cannot exceed 150 Kg in weight.

*No unbelievable superpowers. Anything previously canon Sith monsters have had, you’re monster can have. You’re monster can’t have, for example, nuclear blasts like Godzilla and you certainly can’t have telepathy or other mind controlling powers. It can have, however, potent and powerful poison spikes and spines that you’re monster can shoot from its body.

*Cannot be beyond semi sentient. (This isn’t the Inheritance Cycle, no talking dragons/monsters).

Other than these rules and restrictions, you’re all set, please feel free to contact me with any questions and have fun with the creativity, which is what you’re being judged on. Have fun with this, that’s the ultimate goal of this competition.

Competition Information
Organized by
Warlord Teylas Ramar, Knight Marduss, Grand Master Darth Pravus
Running time
2014-05-29 until 2014-06-21 (24 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
20 subscribers, of which 11 have participated.
Professional Soren Leonis
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1st place
Knight Ondur Lkaetur
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[Attached: the original blue hair parasite. It is now evolved to camouflage it's color, setting only when finalized into a host.]

It is a bundle of microscopic worms that form a "body" that appears to be a dense clump of hair. Typically this "hair" is colored brown, but can be any color. It tends towards colors that are natural to sentient race's hair as this is important for it's life-cycle. It evolved as parasites of the Squib race, almost always appearing as blue tiny worms. With junk and transport being widespread this eventually spread them throughout the galaxy, evolving as such. It's weight is minimal individually but is essentially a "hive-body" with millions or billions living as one body until colonizing a host, or splitting to be hosted to several bodies.

Its locomotion consists of each individual worm-hair doing a crawling "leap-frog" of sorts, normally in environment where it can go relatively slow and unseen. It's lifecycle is parasitic, involving a slow process of locomotion until it is able to take over a human, or near human, host. It prefers Force sensitive hosts as this gives them a more thorough enmeshing withing the host's brain. What it does is spreads microscopically across a sleeping potential host, and adapts color to match the hosts hair, wherever this may be.

It most commonly colonises the beard and hair area of a humanoid. It cannot safely or reliably take a host without human or near human hair. As it meshes with the selected [haireas]. It rejects the natural hair, causing the real hair to fall out. It does this naturally through evolutionary adaption, not as an act of will. The worm-hairs then, while keeping the length or growing as expected of real hair, burrows and grows into the body. It's goal is to mesh with the brain of the host. Followed by a branch of two possible outcomes.

If the host is Force sensitive, no matter how weak or strong, after taking full mesh with the brain, it attempts to live in harmony with the host. In return for Force sustenance, it has no need to feed off the host in any harmful way. It's needs will be minimal.

If the host is NOT, then it will slowly grow worm-hairs throughout it's body and organs/etc until fully taken over. It will then go on a rampage and kill to spread it's hair through strange attacks, leaving a few hairs to colonize a new host quickly rather than the slow process given above.

Force sensitive hosts are known to be beard connoisseurs, along with general facial hair. It is thought that Beards are an evolutionary trait to trick the hair-worms. Hair worms eventually evolved to recognize such a con. It is thought that one Dark Jedi Master within the Brotherhood is colonized willingly. who would be beardless otherwise. It is best not to make any suggestions or speculation. The worms gain sustenance by Force sensitives/beyond, while the host looks fashionable.

Please help it's Ya--- nobody is colonized by bearded wonders. This report fails and is last place.

[Sentience note: it is not sentient at all on it's own, it is a parasite evolved like you would expect any Earth parasite. There are examples of parasites changing host behavior to the point of causing its own hosts death or similar by effecting it's brain chemistry [spider wasps, cordyceps fungus in tarantulas, and others.] I am simply using this understanding, mixed with the Force being understood as it is in Star Wars]

2nd place
Mystic Kor Vaal
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Anticipation tingled through Kor Vaal. He stood before a great door of black iron, the symbol of the Brotherhood adorning it in shimmering silver. He glanced back at the hoversled and its precious cargo, the black cloth covered cylinder looming tall, fully a head taller than himself. A large screen and a holo-projector took up the remaining space. Days of study, planning and toil had gone into this, and he was eager to finally show his creation to the assembled masters of the Brotherhood. There was a hiss of pressurized gas escaping, and the doors slowly opened. Kor Vaal inhaled deeply through his breathing mask and strode through the gaping portal.

The room was a circular amphitheatre, dimly lit from lights hidden in the vaulted ceiling. Above the central pit was a single tier of seating, in which sat several hooded figures. Kor Vaal felt their gaze upon him as he stepped into the centre of the room, the hoversled coming to rest just behind him, it's droid pilot becoming a silent sentinel. The Kel Dor gathered his thoughts. This was it. Show time.
“Lord Councillors, I come before you with the fruits of a great alchemical labour. I present to you, the Cyclopean Bone Wyrm.”
He tugged at the black cloth and it slid from the cylinder fluid tank, it's contents gently illuminated from within. Suspended in the fluid was a single, lifeless creature. It was a roughly a metre long from fanged maw to pointed tail, its long, thin, limbless form resembling a spinal column, like a snake that had been skinned. Its body was all segmented sections of vertebrae like bone, the spaces between appearing to be raw red flesh. It's head was an elongated skull which resembled some form of eel, with a single milky eye in the centre. It's jaws held long serrated teeth, with strands of sinewy red muscle creeping up from its neck. The thing was, on the whole, repulsive. It had the impression of a creature which had somehow been turned inside out.
“This creature has been created through careful study of various eel's and reptiles, and their amalgamation with exo-skeletal insects.” Kor Vaal flicked the holo projector into life and a three dimensional bone worm came floating into existence. He zoomed in on one of the exposed vertebrae like sections.
“These segments are formed from chitin and are extremely durable. On the underside,” the image on the projector chained to a close up of the creatures underbelly, “we can see there are rows of tiny protuberances. These act as legs and move in a similar way to species of millipedes, but they also contain glands from which the creature produces a sticky substance which allows it to climb most surfaces. By accident rather than design, the creature no longer produces scales or skin, and the exposed sections which are not chitinous are in fact its musculature.”
Kor Vaal now turned on the screen he had brought with him. “These recordings were taken in our laboratory,” the picture focussed, looking down into a dingy cell containing a horned bovine creature. “The bone wyrm is a carnivore with a hyper-metabolic rate, giving it a voracious appetite, but reducing its life expectancy dramatically.”
The sound of a door sliding open came from the screen, and a bone wyrm darted into view. It writhed along the floor like a serpent at great speed, and crawled up the terrified creature which had started to buck and kick around the cage in a panic. The wyrm wrapped itself around the creature's neck and squeezed, the massive physical force almost crushing the bovines neck. The wyrms head snapped forward and back lighting quick, biting and ripping flesh from the creature anywhere it could. Blood sprayed in all directions and the bovine collapsed into a heap. The wyrm uncoiled itself and gorged on the creature, its ravenous appetite abundantly apparent.
“As you can see speed is the creatures main advantage, once it has spotted its prey it will attempt to wrap itself around a limb or throat. Its powerful musculature ensures that the creature can very rarely be shaken off or be unwrapped, even deceased specimens remain latched to their prey. If the throat isn't crushed, it's victim will soon suffer a quick but agonizing death as the wyrm attempts to devour its prey.” Kor Vaal turned the screen off, and contemplated the creature floating in the jar as he continued.
“The creature's metabolic rate means that it suffers a very short life, averaging around only twelve hours from hatching to death. It grows to full size and maximum capability in around two hours, and the rest of its short agonizing life is spent trying to satiate its ravenous hunger. Due to these factors its reproductive cycle is defunct, and new specimens can only be created artificially in laboratory conditions. Although the chitinous sections are strong, its exposed musculature can be pierced with relative ease and the creature will bleed to death in seconds. What, then, is the purpose of this creature?” Kor Vaal paused and cast his gaze around the assembled councillors before continuing.
“Terror, my lords. Terror, panic and death. Put a hundred eggs in stasis, then smuggle them into a fortification or starship we wish to take or eliminate. Once the stasis effects wear off, the eggs will hatch within the hour. The young wyrms will attempt to remain hidden while they grow to full size, but once this happens their need to consume will take over, and as one they will go in search of prey. A small group of wyrms can strip a carcass clean in minutes before moving on to find more prey, and the speed and ferocity of the attack will leave most defenders unable to react quick enough. After twelve hours, the wyrms will be dead, the defenders reduced and the survivors more than likely panicked by the onslaught and the physical appearance of the creature's they have faced. And that is when we strike. This is our initial weapon, designed only to sow panic and discord in the ranks of our enemy's, softening them up and giving us a great tactical advantage.” Kor Vaal ended his speech, the reaction of the council impossible to gauge. He had done all he could.
“Terror, my lords, is what I offer you. I leave you to deliberate on my efforts. It is my hope that you find them pleasing.”
With that, he gave a bow, and started towards the huge iron doors, which swung open at his approach. He glanced back one last time at his creation, floating in its jar, it's single lifeless eye regarding him with what almost looked like malice.

3rd place
Adept Braecen Kaeth
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5th place
Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae
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Enjoy Barnious the purple people eater.

No placement
Raider Jon Silvon
Textual submission

The Sangan
Appearance: Like a large spider with fangled crocodile jaws. A large Beatle airspace and wings allowing for limited flying for short distances up to 80 metres. Dark silver Exo-skeleton which is resistant to blunt force trauma and vitro blades. Highly venomous saliva and protrusions on the legs. Approximately 3 metres long and 1 metre tall. Weighing typically 30 kilograms.

Purpose: Infestation. One of these creatures can reproduce rapidly and asexual. They become fully grown and matured after a 1-week period and then begin laying their own eggs. Can have 4 generations after a one month period. They are born blind but have a superior sense of hearing, and can be controlled through a unique super sonic Soundwave.

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Commander Vosiri Lightscrest
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FILE NAME: Dark Jedi Brotherhood Project 9981C (Mutated Ewok)
COMPILED BY: Kaayn Salis, Project Head for Project 9981C.

Standard Height: 1 meter
Standard Weight: 40 kg

Strengths: Sharp claws, and teeth Infected with a modified Imperial bioweapons Project I71A. The virus was successfully modified to slow the effects of Project 171A. The subject will not immediately exhibit signs of Project 171A, but will infect others it comes into contact with.

The sharp claws and teeth help to transmit the virus to its victim.

The mind of our subject has been altered to eliminate sentience and increase aggression. Once released, Project 9981C will attack any and all biological life forms.

Weaknesses: The mind of the subject has been altered to eliminate sentience to the point that it resembles a savage beast. It is considerable less intelligent than it's non-mutated cousin. It does not have the ability to communicate, reason, or tell the difference between it's handlers or it's intended victims.

Additionally the effects of Project 171A are not completely eliminated in the subject. Over time, the subjects will experience cellular decay leading to death. This has been observed to be as quick as 3 standard days and as long as 4 standard months.

The subject does not experience any additional strength or added projection than that of a standard Ewok.


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Project 9981C is the brain child of Kaayn Salis. It is based loosely on the philosophy of the Doctrine of Fear implemented by Grand Moff Tarkin of the Galactic Empire. "Fear will keep the star systems in line." On a hunting expedition to the forest moon of Endor, Kaayn successfully befriended a tribe of Ewoks. While a small group came with him as a guide, Kaayn utilized a stun grenade incapacitating the group. They were immediately restrained and brought to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood research station in the Antei system. Utilizing research records obtained in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood research database, Kaayn was able to successfully replicate and modify Imperial bioweapons Project I71A otherwise known as "the Sickness" which would turn the infected into a being with a desire for blood. The being would exhibit increased strength and would be appear to have a lack or regard for personal well-being. The first four experiments ended in failure, with the test subject dying with in a matter of months, a fifth subject is currently being prepared for testing. As research is more and more successful, plans are being made to test on humanoid mundanes in an effort to create an army of savage warriors that may eventually be controlled and unleashed in the galaxy so the Brotherhood will rule.


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Battlelord Tisto Kingang
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Professional Brandon Tarsus
Textual submission

My monster is without a name. It's simply a monster. I've yet to make a successful, living specimen yet. I just have a dead body. He or she was to be 20 meters tall, and weighed in at 110 kilos. It was all muscles, and no brains. It stood on four legs, but the front two paws were more like hands, but without a thumb. It had thick scales, all having a gland that had venom that would drip down. The down side that it was slow, dumb, and it's knees could be damaged easier. It's throat isn't protected, nor is its eyes. The main draw back is that I can't seem to find away to make it live! How it came to be? It was a genetic mutation of a simple lizard. I started out with a clone of the lizard. When it was just a simple embryo, I'll give it hormones, and other things to change its genetic material. Problem is, none ever lived... as of now.

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Seer Lexiconus Qor
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