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Warlord Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow
Grand Cross
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Warlord Bentre Sadow
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It is always good to see when a person really presses their nose to the grindstone. Seriously, it is sweet when you see how much a person is willing to prove their dedication in their Clan's time of need. Kojiro is one of six Sadowans who stepped up during the recently finished Great Jedi War by participating in all the bins of the War. More than that, Kojiro participated in the full 27 competitions that he was elligible to participate in during this period. Which, though I suppose this goes without saying, means he earned 27 Seals he can earn to his trophy case. Adding to this excellence, in taking part in the Run-on portion of the War, he earned himself a Bronze Nova alongside his RO team. This not an unimpressive feat.

Even his recent large-scale event activity, Koji has remained busy. He has led House Marka Ragnos in two seperate capacities over eight months since his last promotion- spending two months as the Aedile of his House and acting as Quaestor over the last six months. In this time he has organized 16 comps for the Clan and remained active in his own competitive corner, taking part in 48 competitions on his own- bagging a Crescent with Sapphire Star for his work. Despite his own busy real life, he has tried to keep the House informed and entertained as he was able. It is notable that in addition to his successful Below Zero event, he also run a smattering of other little competitions. He has also visited the Shadow Academy on a few occasions over the last few months, passing 4 degrees and adding 2 degrees to his record.

Koji has continued to game, draw and write since his last promotion, having earned 12 Clusters of Fire, 402 Clusters of Earth, 7 Pendants of Blood (over Star Conflict, Battlefront and Destiny), 25 Clusters of Ice, 16 Clusters of Graphire and a single Legion of the Scholar. I do want to stress, that gaming is not all that he does, it just seems to be a rather focused little bit with 5 PVP matches and 29 PVE activities. He has taken to written combat with 5 battles in the ACC and toward crafting narratives and stories. He has spun out 3129 words over 5 fiction activities. Though, his true excellence could be seen as he helped create 3 posts in the GJW XII RO thread, contributing 1689 words to help his team take third place. I could continue to gas on about his accomplishments, but the man's actions speak for themselves.Kojiro has also kept his House informed and motivated through the medium of 5 reports.

I could continue to gas on, but looking over the records, it seems that Kojiro's accomplishments and efforts speak for themselves. Koji came to the Clan's aid and we wish to thank him for his hard work. It is my hope that Koji will take this Grand Cross as a small token of our thanks.

Bentre Stahoes

Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Warlord Bentre Sadow, 2017-12-09 19:36:05 UTC
Additional reasons

Koji's gotten to that point in leadership where he's come to realise that he's not interested in rewards. He has quickly realised that the true reward is seeing one's members succeed and boy, have his members succeeded.

Under his stewardship, House Marka Ragnos earned 1,655.9 points. This was enough to put them in 5th place if they had competed as a Clan, beating off Plagueis and Tarentum. His House also had 13 unique participants out of 15 members, which is an 87% participation rate!!!!

While Naga Sadow came a close 4th, it was hard fought and well earned. Our members put forth a massive effort when I and my fellow Summit asked them. Kojiro led from the front, completing 27 out of 28 competitions. The sole competition he failed to complete being the ACC Phase II event and thus out of his reach. Kojiro encouraged the members, sent out emails and has come up with constant ideas on how to move the Clan storyline forward into 2018. Which I can guarantee we'll be using some of them, despite Kojiro being an Iron Throne loving traitor!!!

I ask a lot of my Quaestors, but I also leave them to their own devices in order to let them have some sense of individuality and let them thrive. Kojiro has paid that back to me.

Despite him asking me not to reward him, I've decided to ignore the request, simply because I can't ignore the work he's done. Kojiro continues to show the drive and contribution to Naga Sadow that will see him hit the upper tier of the Equites in the future.

Congratulations on your Grand Cross, Koji-poo, even if you'll shout at me in pm after you get it.

Consul of Naga Sadow

Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, 2017-12-09 18:58:57 UTC