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[Great Hunt VI] Torn-A-Sunda
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[Great Hunt VI] Flood The Station - Phase 2
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[Pro Bowl VI: Week Two] Poetry
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Clearing of the Mind
The Opening of Your Heart
May Peace Be With You

Clan Vizsla Scuttle the Starhawk I
The Great Hunt Begins
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::Present time::

Long bronze hair. That’s actually what I noticed first. For a second, I thought I was just admiring another woman from afar while up on stage. I’ve had a tendency to make some eye contact here and there with fans and just random people. I had to be careful in this instance though. I’m not just here to play, I’m here to kill.

::One Week Prior:: (don’t you love flashbacks?!)

“Listen, Dom, I need in on that gig.” Dom was my contact, if you could call it that, on Daemunn Moon. A sleezy Bothan that somehow has roots in the music scene on Daemunn. I figured he’d blackmailed his way into it. No need to ask at this point considering I needed a favor and I saved him from the wrath of a Twi’Lek that wanted to rip his big goofy ears off in a bar brawl.

“What’s the big deal? It’s just some crap cantina with some nobodies playing,” Dom replied, annoyed.

Word is, Captain Mar’vel Wonder is having a gathering of some sorts at this dive place. She’d likely spot me the second I walked in the door, but perhaps on stage, my cover would keep intact long enough to do the deed.

I went with a lie, of course. “My cousin lives near there these days. I wanted to play her favorite song in person.” I’m not sure if I even have a cousin, let alone what song she’s going to like at a crappy cantina on some moon. After some more back and forth banter, I did finally get him to come around.

“You owe me,” I reminded him.
“Still with the Twi’Lek thing? Geez that was YEARS ago!”
I sighed…..knowing full well he was right. “You know I’ll make it worth your while…..”
“How much?” Dom asked.
I started low, figuring he’d settle for 3 or 4k, “One thousand credits….and a song dedicated to you”.
“What? You’re crazy, go find the Twi’Lek”.
“Look, I’ll go two thousand but you’re not getting a single song request.”
“Five thousand,” he countered.
“Three, that’s it, or forget the Twi’Lek, I’ll find you myself.”
“Talk to Osir’in when you get there. He’s the band leader and owes me a favor. Don’t even try that half now half after the gig poodoo either. I want the three up front.”
I replied, “yeah yeah, you’ll get it.”

The hunt is on!

::Back to Present:: (You saw that coming right?)

I had a few ideas for getting the job done. A dart shooting from my mandoviol. Finding a way to get something in her drink. Maybe just wing it? Yeah….wing it. A powerful looking woman at her height. I’d almost say she could put up a good fight but then I’d be putting myself down and I’m not a big fan of that….get it, big?

Anyways, I kept my eye on her as she had numerous visitors come in and sit down. Some for just a few minutes, some for more than 20. I swear she eyed me a few times and I just put on a sly smile basically saying yeah, I know you’re a fan and I’ll see you after the show.

During our 2nd break, I saw the chance. She was alone at the table and I needed a drink anyway - why not get an extra and go sit down next to my fan.

It did not go as planned.

“So, looks like you need a refill,” I said to her…wow, what a stupid line. We’ll just say it was on purpose so I look like some idiot in a bar hitting on woman. I’m totally not though….

“That’s the line you want to go with?” Mar’vel replied.

I set the drink on the table anyway. “I’m just a plain musician, not the lyricist.”
“Actually you’re quite the established musician. I’ve seen you before.”
Hmmm, she was a fan!
“I get around,” I said. The cocky smile getting worse…or better? Wider? Whatever.
“You do indeed. Your reputation as a Mercenary precedes you,” her own cocky smile, now looking more cocky than mine.


Without notice, her hand flips up from under the table holding a small blaster. Before I could recognize it as a stun blaster and not a full blown oh no I’m gonna die kinda blaster….she shot me.

In hindsight, I’m thinking I should have put more planning into killing her and less into my set list. Why did she only have a stun blaster? Maybe I’ll ask her next time I see her.

Let's Haiku #2: Darkness
Textual submission

Cold and without light
Eternity presses on
Subject to evil

[Survivors] The Philosopher
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