Consul Report


Consul Report

Woot woot. Welcome to another fabulous edition of the Sithie hour! ...err, the Clan report, that is. :) I know, you were allw aiting with great anticipation for this. There's some interesting news, along with some cool stuff happening, so let's get down to it!

First off, the Sith War is still going strong. I'm working on about 4-6 ACC battles for the Sith War right now, and I know there's other people who are working on some. We've also had excellent participation by Daryus, Oberst, Lenzar and Spears within the XWA bracket tournament. Congrats to all of them. We've also had people flying the SP missions, and I'd encourage everyone who has the games to fly those, and submit them if you haven't already. We're going strong, and Tarentum continues to show the entire DB that we ARE one of the most dominant Clans here, and we are a force to be reckoned with.

At this time, I'd like to recognize three items of honorable mention.

Dranik, you have shown Tarentum exceptional loyalty. Your efforts have shown improvement of both your skills, and dedication, as well as the excellent tutelage of your master, Epis Anshar Kahn. You have progressed through your trials with skill, class and finesse, and as Rekio has stated previously, you were found worthy, and your Trials announced as a success. I congratulate you on joining your brothers in the rank of Knighthood, and becoming a future teacher and master. We do you honor this day, and look forward to seeing your good deeds continue.

Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae is known as the Aedile of Tridens, a warrior of Tarentum since the days of it being one of the first Houses of the Brotherhood, and the master of the expanse known as the Sea of Darkness. He has earned the title, and honors of Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum, and has shown dedication to our Clan, and to us all. Most recently, the Lord Chamberlain, Telaris "Mav" Cantor, and the Deputy Grand Master, Lord Jac Cotelin, received a request, penned by myself, and found it worthy of approval. By their hand, and words from both Mav and myself, Oberst was recently promoted to the honored and esteemed rank of Warlord within the Sith Order. We do you honor this day, and look forward to the good deeds which you will continue on with.

Cannabisia, Quaestor of Cestus. You have been with the Brotherhood a long time, and have had an interesting history. You have opinions on everything, a comeback for anything, and a dedication that cannot find many to match. You have driven yourself to become the leader that Cestus needs, and deserves. You continue to work on projects, like the webpage, and recruiting efforts, that will benefit Cestus for quite some time, and impress me with your willingness to see Cestus stand at the front of the Obelisk Order. Your actions within the Obelisk RoS, although still waiting on results, were valuable in helping push Cestus to within the top three, at last count. Your works reward you, and you have been elevated to the rank fo Templar as a visible representation of your actions. We do honor you honor this day, and look forward to the good deeds you will accomplish, as well.

The run-on at the Gladius board continues to move onward, and is becoming an amazing read. I would suggest anyone who feels the urge, go read it, and post on it if you have the desire. As it unfolds, it is also dealing with Tarentum's past, strangely enough, so you too can have a hand in manipulating various bits of Tarentum history! Anyone curious enough, or interested enough, we'd love to see your activity on the run-on. You can find it at:

For those interested in increasing their skills, or helping to increase the skills of others, we've been working on keeping new members active and interested through a master-student program, as do many Clans in the DB. It's a productive grouping, and also allows for fictional additions, particularly for those interested in roleplaying aspects, and in fiction/writing. For gamers, if you need help learning a new game, or even just picking up fine-tuning skills, having someone as a master can help you get more activity time, and work on your techniques for future games and competition. If you're looking for a master, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses], or the masters email addy, [Log in to view e-mail addresses], and just let me know your ID line, what sort of master you would like (someone to help you play Jedi Outcast, X-Wing Alliance, writing poetry, etc.), and what some of your likes are. We'll help you find someone to act as your master, and help keep you motivated, and increasing your skills. Anyone above the rank of D

JK can be a potential master, and anyone in the Clan, no matter what your rank, can request someone to help you learn greater skills, or fine-tune the ones you have. We want to keep you all active, and enjoying yourselves; after all, fun is what this is about. :)

For the gamers in Tarentum, and there are many, the ICTE is a great time to represent your skills in the various games you play. It's sometimes hard for people ot make it out, because of the various time differences, but the ICTE is every Saturday, at 4PM EST (Eastern US timezone), which is 9PM GMT. On Tuesdays, the Tuesday Night Showdown happens in #gmrg from about 2-10PM EST, which would be 7PM-5AM GMT, if I'm converting right. On Thursday, the Thursday Bash happens in #gmrg, and I still haven't found the exact time for that, but I believe it's about the same time as the Tuesday Night Showdown.

For anyone ever looking for a good time converter, the one I use is found here:

Some of you may remember that, a couple of weeks ago, Oberst earned the title of Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum, and the expanse of ocean on Yridia II known as the Sea of Darkness; this is only the beginning of another system for reward, and honor for activity and dedication. Those who prove themselves to be of exceptional dedication, and consistant activity have the potential to be awarded with one of these honors; anyone can earn them, no matter what rank you are, or how long you've been in the Clan. I'm going to be working out the full details of this system, and then release it all to you within the next two weeks. I believe it may prove interesting, and I think you'll all like it.

I think I'll end there; this is a lot to read already. You all continue to prove immensely active, and I appreciate the loyalty and dedication you show. I encourage everyone to continue the activity, and strive for greatness. Tarentum is the greatest Clan of the DB; this is something I believe with all that I am. We can reach out and grab everything the DB has to offer; we just have to extend our hands, and take hold of it. You're all great, and I'm proud to be able to serve as your CON. Keep up the great job all. Let's rock this joint, Tarentum.


-SO Sith Bloodfyre (Sith)/LHoJ-P:DGM-CON/Clan Tarentum

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