Consul Report


Consul Report

(Just a reminder note, these reports are going to be in-character for the duration of the GJW. :) Hope you're all having fun and submitting.)


Most of the Clan had gathered aboard the Corsair, the mighty flagship of Clan Tarentum, to hear the words of their Consul. They had left the Yridia system, and had come to the Antei system at the behest of the Dark Council to assist in the efforts against the wars the beseiged the Brotherhood once more. It had not been a great deal of time since they had returned to Antei, since just after the Sith War, and once again, the might of this great Clan had been called out to defend the Brotherhood once more. If nothing else, Tarentum was always loyal, and ever vigilant to the Brotherhood she had pledged her eternal support to.

Some of the Clan had gathered in the massive hangar bay, to hear the words of the Consul from his mouth, while others would hear it from the comm system, either on other parts of the Corsair, or the other ships that fleet alongside it. Outside the portholes, fighters could be seen darting by, flying patrol, or training; it could be assured that they would hear the words of the Clan leader, as well.

Sith stood in front of the gathered might of Tarentum, glancing out at his comrades, his brothers. Sith glanced at each in turn, and felt feelings of kinship with each. All knew that no one could stand against them; no Clan could ever defeat the strength that was Tarentum.

"My brothers, my kin in Tarentum... We stand before a great conflagration. This fore that I see burning before us, it is the swift arm of our Clan. It strikes with a fury unheard of, and moves before our warriors, protecting them from all enemies. Nothing can survive when we rain our might down upon them. I stand before you this day, not as one who would direct you, but one who will fight with you. I will place my strength alongside your own, and together, we will gain victory over our enemies, over the Clans, over the Brotherhood itself!"

Cheers and shouts of victory and triumph rang out through the hangar bay of the great Victory-class flagship, and were surely echoed throughout the rest of the fleet. For long moments, the praise and cries rang out within the hangar, and went unimpeded. It felt good for every warrior to hear the shouts of their comrades. After a few more moments, Rekio Corsair strode up to the front, taking the Consul's place; Sith stepped back, allowing the Clan a full view of their Proconsul.

"We have received word, my brothers, that the time alotted for completion of these first objectives has been extended. We have until the 11th day of June to complete this first Chapter of the War that is upon us. More details can be found for each task within the files stored at These files are those sent to us directly from the Dark Council itself, and contains all the information we have been given to complete these tasks. We must all give effort and strength to complete these goals. Know this--all of you make up the strength that is Tarentum. In our Ritae, we bind ourselves to one another, and make ourselves stronger, faster, and more dealy. Truly, as a strong unit, we can overcome any force that opposes us."

Sith Bloodfyre stepped forward once again, and glanced out slowly over the assembled body of Dark Jedi before him.

"Warriors of Tridens, I call upon you to give your strength, and leadership. You are descended of the Sith, and as such, your fury is your greatest weapon. Unleash it upon our enemies, and show them fear, before you show them death. I now stand numbered among you, as a member of the Sith, even as Rekio Corsair once stood at your head. We fight with you, and marvel in your perseverance. Let us end this with extreme prejudice, and have the warriors who fall before us scream in horror at the might of Tarentum.

"Warriors of Cestus, I call upon your sword arms, and your speed. Led by the great warrior Ziguarath, you have the ability to rain down terror and doom upon those who would battle us. Since the time of the great Obelisk, Blazer, who stood as a beacon to your Order, the Obelisk have been the forces who swept across the surface of planet after planet, gaining victory for us. I call upon you now to help us defeat those opposing forces who do not yet know defeat.

"Warriors of Gladius, I call upon your strength in the Force to aid us in our charge. In times past, I stood at your head, and watched as you rode to victory under extreme challenges. You have within you the strength to aid the Clan with your powers, and your dedication. You brothers of Tridens and Cestus know, as you know, that no one House can rise to victory, without the aid of the rest. Be a binding force with all of us, and we will stand at the head when this conflict is over."

Warriors of all three Houses began chanting the mottos of their Houses, which seemed to blend together; one voice, one chant, just different words from each mouth. They all spoke the same meaning--death to our enemies, victory to Tarentum.

"We are at war, Tarentum; let victory come swift, and death be tortured to those who seek to sway us from our goals. We are at war, and there will be no end until Tarentum stands supreme. We are at WAR!"

-DA Sith Bloodfyre (Sith)/LHoJ-P:DGM-CON/Clan Tarentum

Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum

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