Consul Report


Consul Report

There had been a lull within the Brotherhood since the High Warrior had called for the end of the

hostilities. The warriors of Tarentum, and indeed, the entire Brotherhood, was anxious for news

from Antei, or from any of the Dark Council, as to the current state of things. Some of the Clans

were intent on going back to war, and finishing each other off in a series of quick conflicts.

Others, however, felt something greater than all of the warring, and knew it was time to be

vigilant, and prepare for darker happenings.

The Consul of Tarentum stood silently, though the communications system had been active for many

minutes. The warriors of Tarentum continued listening over their comlinks, awaiting the words of

their leader, to inform them of the current state of the Clan, and if or when they would be

returning to war. At last, the Consul lifted his hooded head, and spoke into the comlink.

"Warriors of Tarentum, I come to you at this time to call for patience. True, we are not often

desirous, or able to hold out for word, but no word has yet come. I take this as a portent of the

coming doom, almost as if this is the silence, and calm before the fury of the storm. We await the

true nature of the current happenings, but I believe they will turn up ill for the Brotherhood.

Tarentum has always supported the Brotherhood, and the Dark Council in earnest, and I ask you to

continue to do so.

"We are honored by several young Apprentices joining our ranks lately, and I bid welcome to

everyone in Tarentum. I also bid my words of honor, to those who have fought so aggressively,

towards garnering the final victory in this conflict. With your strength, we cannot falter. Rekio

and I have discussed rewards for all those who have taken part, and given of themselves; just this

afternoon, Rekio has dispatched those requests for awards, and they will be given upon word of

approval. I congratulate those of you for your activity, and issue a word of advice; do not back

down. We must continue to fight these battles, and prove our dominance. And in so doing, we must

preserve the sovereign power of the Brotherhood above us.

"Word is bound to come quickly, I can feel it. We will hear of the coming events, and watch as

battles unfold, and we will bring doom, and destruction to the Clans who oppose us. Maintain

vigilance, and we will conquer all. In Tridens, this remain quiet, but our brothers of the Sith are

most eager, I am certain, to continue battling our foes. Obelisk of Cestus, do not let down your

vigilance, and prepare to do battle with our enemies who will take up the lightsaber, and the

rifle. It is with regret that I must announce that your Quaestor, the Primarch Ziguarath, will be

forced to depart for a short time for other duties, but we wish him well, and wish him a safe

return to us. During these times, I will assist within the House leadership, bu we have many strong

warriors within our Obelisk, and I ask you all to continue maintaining your activity amongst us.

"Within Gladius, Anshar has announced that he seeks a new Tetrarch to lead the Mystics of the Black

Arts. Anyone interested may contact him to express your qualifications, and your interest in the

position. Email him, and his Aedile Spears, at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Anshar) and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

om (Spears) with the subject line of 'Mystic TET.'

"Several projects continue to unfold within the Brotherhood, and within Tarentum. As Rekio and I

pore through the ancient texts, and consult with Master Zero, and others of our great past, we will

continue to unfold our works unto you, and allow you to reap the benefits they bring. Remember,

Tarentum, we are strong, and cannot be defeated when we remain united. Our honor is everything, and

the examples we set show our true destiny for rulership, and dominance within the Brotherhood.

"Let us continue our work towards the end, and rise above all, when the flames of war have gone

out. Others will eat the ashes that rise from our boots, treading over our fallen enemies. Be

prepared for the end, Tarentum, for it comes quickly. But, until that day, we are at war!"

The communication ended, and the comlinks of every member ended with a bit of radio static. For but

a few moments, the Consul, Sith Bloodfyre, remained where he stood, and then turned and headed

quickly away. It was very possible that he would be heading to Antei. Tarentum wanted answers, and

he was determined to find them.

-DA Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae (Sith)/LHoJ-P:DGM-CON/Clan Tarentum

Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum

Gui Long, Apprentice of Lord Chi Long

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