Consul Report


Consul Report

(Just another reminder, for the course of the Great Jedi War, all of my Addresses will be done in character. Other necessary info will be passed on later tonight or tomorrow separately.)

VSD Corsair, Flagship of Tarentum

Inside the Shroud of Antei

Day Three

As the holonet receivers came into life, the members of Clan Tarentum were greeted by the sight of the Clan's Proconsul, the Dark Side Adept known as Korras. The human warrior was an impressive sight, and all knew that Korras was a true leader, and had gained several new scars in the course of the Vong attack, exhibiting his preference for leading directly from the battlefield. Behind Korras a step or two was an unmistakable hooded figure that could only be the Clan's Consul, Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae. The Consul stood silent while the Proconsul addressed the Clan.

"Greetings, warriors of Tarentum," Korras began. "It is my pleasure to inform you that, as this fight against these vile invaders continues, Tarentum fares well against the forces of both the Yuuzhan Vong and the other Clans. Recently, the Clan assaulted the treacherous Palpatines, and we gained a major victory against them, and reminded them that, if they will not keep their weapons focused on the Vong, we will turn ours against them. The Palpatines retaliated, but we were able to turn away their attacks, and have suffered no harm because of their assault. We have shown them that they cannot stand against us, and we hope that they have learned their lesson. No one will stand against Tarentum, when Tarentum stands united and ready. The Palpatines attacked Arcona without cause, and we would not stand for it. Though we are not allied with Arcona, we believe that, at this time, the Brotherhood needs to focus their attention on the Vong, and not old rivalries. We are here for victory, and we will not be victorious unless we make a cohesive stand against the Vong. If Tarentum must lead the way for this cohesive victory to be won, so be it. We are ready to lead the Brotherhood to victory.

"Stand with us, warriors of Tarentum," Korras continued. "It is through your efforts, your blood, sweat and pain that we gain dominance over all of our foes. Each of you has fought hard thus far, but we ask you to continue the fight throughout the course of this conflict. The Vong are at our backs, and as we choose the course we will follow, whether it be to return to Yridia or make a run for Antei and re-arm ourselves there, you will be the implements of Tarentum's ultimate victory. We need the support of every member of this Clan. Do not let yourselves down. Do not let your Clan mates down. Each of you is a key to Tarentum's success, and without working together, we cannot hope to gain the final victory that we all know to be ours. If you have any strength left in you, put it forward to assist Tarentum's war efforts. I call upon each warrior of Tarentum to make a stand, and to help us win this War. We will defeat these Yuuzhan Vong, and we will claim dominance for Tarentum. For our Clan, and for each other, we will be victorious."

The Proconsul stepped back, and in short seconds, the Consul moved forward to take his place. The hooded visage of Sith Bloodfyre came into view.

"Tarentum, your Proconsul speaks the truth," Bloodfyre said. "We have the strength and to courage to claim victory for Tarentum over the Yuuzhan Vong, and over the pathetic efforts of our rival Clans. We will not fight the other Clans unless they act as traitors. We would prefer to turn our weapons and our powers on the Vong. Those of you who have put up a valiant fight thus far, I commend you. You are heroes of this conflict, and your struggles and your successes will never be forgotten. You are becoming the legends of Tarentum of tomorrow, and I can assure you that, throughout the ages, your names will be said will as great respect and reverence as is spoken for the names such as Magnus Kaerner, Master Zero, Erich von Reinthaler, Maxamillian von Oberst, Sirrus, Doni Tzu, Kumba, Shadow, Bull, Grand Master Kane, and more. Each of you who helps us to claim victory in this conflict is worthy of the respect and accolades that Tarentum has to offer. I call on you to continue this fight, stand against our enemies, and act to win this War together.

"Tarentum must stand united, or we defeat ourselves," Bloodfyre continued. "We are an unimaginable power when we fight together, so let no words come between us, and let no enemy stand against us. Unite your strengths and your goals, and remember that we have been victorious, we continue to be victorious, and we will dominate the enemy. The Dark Side beckons to our call, and assists us within our fights, and helps us to gain victory. The powers available to me cannot begin to compare to the great powers of Master Zero, and of Grand Master Kane. They call great strength into each of us, and direct the powers of the Dark Side to destroy our enemies. Never doubt that they help you gain power and strength, and never doubt that your powers and their will help us achieve final victory.

"There is still much to be done, Tarentum. Stand now, and help us achieve dominance against the Yuuzhan Vong, and any who would stand against us," the Consul continued. "Help this Clan lead the others to victory, and help remind the other Clans why Tarentum has always been the most powerful of all Clans. Let us claim this victory together, Tarentum. Who will stand with me?"

The holonet display remained active for a moment longer, and then faded out of view. The fleet of Tarentum continued on through the Shroud, evading enemies and setting them up to be ambushed and destroyed, or pushed into the path of another fleet to capture the Yuuzhan Vong between the hammer of Tarentum, and the anvil of whatever other Clan lay in their path. Tarentum's war council had thus far led the Clan to great achievements, and the heroes of Tarentum continued to provide an example of the strength and courage that only the dark warriors of Tarentum could hope to possess.


-DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae (Sith)/CON/Clan Tarentum

Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum

The Ghost Dragon

Bearer of the infinite kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you

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