Consul Report


Consul Report

Aloha and good morning.

I was going to send this quick report out last night, but I got in late, I was tired, and I figured I'd hold off until this morning. My apologies for the lateness, but I am going to make this quick. Following this report momentarily will be the information you all need to begin History Month. Let's get to it.

1) Clan-wide AWOL Check. Korras sent out an email to everyone, as well as a reminder or two, about the Clan-wide AWOL check he is running. This is an important AWOL check, and I'll tell you why. We're trying to figure out who is still around, what you are doing, and what you can commit yourself to in this Clan. The reason? I have spoken with Sarin about a plan I have concerning House-size, how it affects members, and leadership opportunities. Long story made short? We're going to be re-opening House Cestus in just about 30-60 days. We need to know who is around, what you want to do, and so on. I am of the opinion that House size affects people. If you're in a House with 50-some-odd people, it really does look like your activity might not be that important, since 49 other people can "cover for you." The fact is, Houses with more than about 25-30 people are bloated, and incapable of matching what smaller Houses can do. Smaller Houses offer closer units, tighter social circles, and having a third House can help alleviate Clan weight, and offer leadership opportunities. I know there are several of you out there who would like some opportunities for leadership and advancement, and I'm intending to offer you everything I can give. So please, make sure to respond to the AWOL check.

2) Clan History Month. October is Clan History Month in Tarentum, and after you all have the information for the events, you can get to it. Some events will be "get to it" type of events, others will have sign-ups. There is going to be required input and participation, so it really is something to do, and something you need to be a part of. In Tarentum, our history has always been important to us. Where some Clans are ok with focusing on the present and the future, we also incorporate the past, because so many people have made this Clan what it is, that it would be a dishonor and a disservice to forget them and what they did. In Clan History Month, we try to impress upon the newer members some of the valuable history we have. We also try to impress upon you that, your actions make Clan history. You are now a part of Clan history, and what you do this month can and will be remembered by future members of this Clan. There's a lot of activities, and a lot of opportunities for medals and more.

3) The Murder Mystery League. Some of you asked about this. I spoke with Anshar, the Headmaster, about this, and I told him I would not be encouraging a team for this, mainly because of History Month. Anshar is a former Consul and Proconsul, as well as Quaestor of Gladius. He knows just how important this month and its competition is to the Clan, and he's ok with us focusing on our month. For those of you who were wondering about this SA-offered competition, the MMLs come around every now and then, so there will be other opportunities to be a part of it.

4) Apprentices. For those Apprentice who are looking for paths to promotions, the first promotion to Novice is pretty easy to get. If you do your character history on the DB site, we'll get you promoted. If you do some Shadow Academy Tests, we'll get you promoted. If you start getting on #tarentum on the IRC Undernet, we can get you promoted. If you've already done some of those things, please, toss me an email and let me know. When you email me, let me know what your DB name is, and I'll get on it. Your House Summits can also help you out with that. Also, the Clan Promotion Guidelines can help give you ideas about what to do to get towards that next rank. The Guidelines can be found on the Clan website at

Clan History Month info coming shortly. Have a good time this month, ladies and gents!


-DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae (Sith)/CON/Clan Tarentum

Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum

The Ghost Dragon

Bearer of the infinite kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you

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