Consul Report


Consul Report

Aloha and good evening, Tarentum. There's some important things going

on right now, or things that will be going on within the next couple

of weeks that are going to have an impact on the face of Tarentum now,

and the shape of the Clan in the future. In short order, which I'll

elaborate on later, Gladius will be getting a new House Summit, and

this entire Clan will be getting a new Consul. Yes, before Christmas,

I will be resigning as Consul. I'll get more into that after the

business with Gladius.

Due to time constraints, Kromtal and Frosty have had difficulties with

giving Gladius the time and attention that they wanted to give, and

that they know the House needs. The two of them are experienced

leaders, and have tried their best, and I appreciate their efforts.

For the time being, Telona Murrage is in charge. She is working as

the House Rollmaster and Envoy, but Telona has also had a wealth of

leadership experience. If you are in Gladius, get in touch with her.

If you need help, drop her an email. If you're looking for ways to

get active in the House, hit her up. She'll be glad to help you out.

This presents an opportunity for leadership, however. If you're

interested in the job of Quaestor, leading House Gladius and its

members, write up an email and drop me an application. I'll be

honest, I usually dislike telling people "what I want in an

application." Part of the application process is really knowing (or

learning) how to sell yourself. However, some of you may not have as

much experience with this, so I'll help you out a bit.

House Gladius has a long and impressive history within the Clan.

Gladius and Tridens were the first Houses of the Clan when House

Tarentum itself became a Clan. House Tridens (fictionally) stayed at

the Castle on Yridia II, while House Gladius went in search of their

new home, which became the base we now know as the Sword's Sheath, a

large asteroid somewhere within the Itaana asteroid belt near the

edges of the system. House Gladius has had a run of leaders who have

been some of the best Sith, Obelisk, and Krath within the Clan and

Brotherhood as a whole. Telona Murrage has been Quaestor of the

House, I have been Quaestor of that House (as well as House Tridens),

and a great many others have left their own mark on the history of the

House, and the members who have come from within it.

Your job as Quaestor will be to guide the House, direct the efforts of

the members, make sure that their training within the Clan and

Brotherhood is progressing, helping them to have and find

opportunities for fun and advancement, and more. Your job will also

be to help direct and manipulate the history of the House and Clan.

You're going to be a focal point for creativity and fictional

evolution of the House as a whole, and of individual members. You are

going to be the one who really motivates everyone else. This means

you have to be active. You need to be creative. You need to be

insightful. You need to be able to work with pretty much anyone and


As you apply for the position, express yourself however you choose in

a way that helps myself and Armus to see that you meet and exceed

these qualities, that you understand what it will take to lead the

House, and that you especially have the willingness and dedication to

see it through for an extended period of time. Show that you want to

put activity and effort into the House, and that will make a great

application. Make sure to email your applications and ideas to Armus

and myself. We'll have a decision as soon as we can. And, again, in

the meantime, Telona Murrage is in charge of the House, and she can

help you however she can.

Just briefly. I wanted to thank those people who did participate in

the History Month competition events. There wasn't near as many as

I'd hoped, but those who did participate will receive their rewards.

I've been backed up a bit on results, but I will have those within the

coming week. And I'll explain more about what has had me backed up

here, too.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a student in college and at the

fire academy. I'm going for my bachelor's degree in Public Emergency

Services Management, and my certifications as a firefighter paramedic.

This last week, I had to complete the application process for

entrance into paramedic school with an oral interview and a skills

test. I passed. As of January 3, I'll be attending paramedic school

full time, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, and studying pretty much every free

moment I have both now, and when school starts. It's going to be a

lot of work, but it's going to be fun, exciting, and I definitely love


And, because it's going to take up pretty much all of my time, this is

forcing me to make the choice to resign as Consul. I'm not resigning

just yet, but within the next couple of weeks, I will be stepping

down. In the meantime, I am going to try and speed up some work I'm

doing for Clan things, but I'm also going to begin the application

process for the position, and try to help out potential applicants.

And let me explain the process.

If you have any desire to become the next Consul of Tarentum, you will

have an opportunity to apply to Grand Master Sarin. Your application

should include pretty much everything I mentioned in reference to

applications for Quaestor of Gladius, but on a Clan-wide scale. You

need to express your experience in and with the Clan, your ideas for

the future of the Clan, and also what you want to do now to help keep

the Clan progressing and evolving.

But since it's a couple of weeks off, this is where I come in and

start accepting applications. Nope, I'm not the one who's making the

decision, though I probably will give my own input and thoughts on

candidates to Sarin. What I am offering, though, is help with

applications. As a potential Consul, you need to know what I'm, doing

now, what I've been doing, you need to know who you'll be working with

as House leadership, what your responsibilities are, what your

authority is, what your privileges are as Consul of this great Clan.

For those of you who are interested, send me an email. I will be

having a group conversation with every potential candidate, discussing

what I've been doing, what I've wanted to do, what you'll want to

include in your application, and whatever else we talk about. I want

to help give you the boost you need to get into this position, help

you find the insight you need for it, and get you started interacting

with and working with the people who make up this Clan's great

leadership so you can find your place in it and get started as quickly

and as smoothly as possible if you are selected as the next Consul of

Tarentum. Please understand, you have no obligation to "apply" to me.

When I announce my official resignation, Sarin will likely make a

news post mentioning that he's accepting applications. At that point,

you can send in an application to him. But, if you'd like help, or if

you'd like the head start and benefit of knowing more intimately

what's been going on, what you'll be in charge of and so on, be a part

of this group and let me help you work out your application.

Applications will not be written as a group. You will be on your own

to actually write it. I'll be glad to help edit and give you thoughts

on how to express yourself and such, but it'll be entirely your own

work. If you're interested in the help, and if you're interested in

learning more and working with other potential Consuls on this, toss

me an email. Write an application, and I'll help you fine tune it.

I'll let you all know the info you need to be successful, and so on.

There's competitions going on, two in particular that I am running.

"Dark Brotherhood: Infinities" pits your creativity to an extreme and

lets you run wild with your favorite super heroes and/or villains.

There's also the opportunity to create "Dark Brotherhood Trading

Cards" of your friends, and yourself, within the Dark Brotherhood.

I'll send out another email later this week with more information

about those two competitions.

There's a lot going on, and though I apologize for the long email,

just be aware, there's always a lot going on, and you need to be a

part of it, you need to be involved, and you need to be active and

social with the rest of the Clan. We are a group, we are a team, and

we definitely need to act like it. And, as an aside for those in

Cestus. When I do resign, I've already been in Gladius and Tridens,

and this time, I'll be coming to spend some time with you all in

Cestus. I thrive on teamwork. I hope you're getting ready for me to

be a part of your group.

Have a great week, Tarentum. More from me later this week. Take care.


-DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae (Sith)/CON/Clan Tarentum

Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum

The Ghost Dragon

Bearer of the infinite kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you

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