Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Research Center Undisclosed Location

On the video feed, Councilor Nine watched Subject 12-08 attack the Dark Jedi, tearing his lightsaber from his grip and pinning him to the floor. The Councilor's smile only grew as a turbolaser blast blew away 1208 shortly before he would have killed the Dark Jedi. His new subjects were working out well. He was happy to see an opponent resort to such extreme measures to kill one.

"That Dark Jedi was the one named Locke Sonjie, the current second in command of their little group, correct?" Councilor Nine asked.

An attendant standing next to him studied a computer terminal nearby. "Indeed Sir, we nearly had him."

"Yes, he is weak, " Councilor Nine mused. "It is a testament to the foolishness of these Dark Jedi that they follow him!"

"Yes Sir, " the aid replied.

"List this test as a success and begin evacuating Gamma Base. Its location is now compromised, " Councilor Nine continued. As the aid replied, the Councilor was already deep in thought. The new augmented subjects were much cheaper to produce than previous ones. The weaknesses associated with their changes seemed to be minimal. Their plans were going well.

Medical Bay VT-49 Decimator Transport Enroute to Aeotheran

Locke lay on the transport's small medical cot, his legs hanging off the far end at an angle. He waved Methyas away with his bandaged right arm, wincing at the pain he felt upon doing so. "I'm fine, go make sure Atra is alright or something." Methyas paused for a moment, deciding it wasn't worth pursuing, before nodding and moving across the chamber to Atra, leaving Locke alone to his thoughts.

He reviewed the enemy they had fought today: Two seemingly ordinary soldiers had nearly killed two Dark Jedi and three of Dlarit's elite special forces operatives. Their speed and strength had been almost unbelievable. In his mind, Locke likened them to droids with human minds: clever and brutally efficient.

Had it not been for the timely arrival of Methyas and their transport, Locke doubted he or Atra would be alive right now. Regardless, there were more pressing issues at hand then his own encounter. What Locke had read about the so-called 'Organization' in Dlarit's files was extensive, and these new enemies had all the hallmarks of the group's experiments. Locke could almost sense the gathering storm. It seemed the Organization had returned in force.

Now more than ever, the forces of Clan Naga Sadow needed to be united, or they would surely fall fighting each other.

Hey guys, it's time for another report. As you can see, we're still developing our fiction, leading into another encounter with the Organization, this time with a new enemy. It's still in the developmental stages, but look for competitions that include this in the near future. Also, if you want to get involved in the more detailed story unfolding behind the fiction above, contact myself, Methyas, or Atra. We would love to help you get involved in the Runon and develop your character and the Clan's plot-lines with us.

Atra Ventus, the new Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan, has introduced a bi-weekly TOR newsletter for the Clan. If you play TOR, and want to be involved in something cool, contact him about it!

Aside from this, there isn't much being planned at the moment - nothing I can tell you, anyway. ;)

Since my last report was only two weeks ago, there isn't a massive amount of news. Applications for Consul are closed, and the Dark Council is deliberating on who will fill the position. Expect to hear about that soon.

We're still going strong in TOR. It's amazing what the Dark Brotherhood has done, especially with the help of many of our own members of Naga Sadow. I'd like to give a shout out to you guys, keep up the awesome work!

Finally, don't forget about the AWOL check coming up. Again, Summit will remind you when it's here. If you're an active member of the 'Brotherhood or intend to be, answer the MAA's email you will receive.


Oh my gosh, here is the real reason I'm reporting only two weeks after my previous report. You guys are highly active and it is awesome. Revel in your glory below!

Amagon 72x Cluster of Fire Dark Brotherhood Basics Passed Training Saber Course Passed GMRG History Passed Promotion to Acolyte

Araxis Pepoi Farron 153x Cluster of Fire 2x Pendant of Blood

Atra Ventus 56x Cluster of Fire 2x Crescent with Emerald Star Crescent with Quartz Star

Coop Ter-An Crescent with Emerald Star

Jeric Cyrin Crescent with Emerald Star Crescent with Amethyst Star Chamber of Justice I Passed Dark Savant: Leadership and Communications Passed

Kairus Crescent with Emerald Star Crescent with Quartz Star 14x Cluster of Fire

Kalia 200x Cluster of FIre 2x Pendant of Blood Combat Tactics I Passed

Kooorwemiensta Combat Tactics II Passed

Korswyn Vhel'sar IRC Basics Passed Planets and Stars Passed 18x Cluster of Fire

Locke Sonjie Crescent with Sapphire Star Crescent with a Ruby Star 2x Crescent with Topaz Star

Malik Races and Species Passed Planets and Stars Passed Chamber of Justice I Passed Pendant of Blood

Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart Chamber of Justice I Passed Dark Savant: Leadership and Communications Passed

Robert Sadow Crescent with Sapphire Star Crescent with Emerald Star

Solus Gar 74x Cluster of Fire

Teu Pepoi 4x Cluster of Fire

Teylas Ramar 55x Cluster of Fire

Tiberius Di Cloud Crescent with a Topaz Star

Tranik Promotion to Novice

Valdrane SaDiablo 192x Cluster of Fire 2x Pendant of Blood

Vexis 14x Cluster of Fire

Waldron Ravenblade Crescent with Sapphire Star

Many of those awards came from competitions. Some competitions just ended, but I will list what is currently active here for you anyway. Keep an eye out for new messages from the Summit when new competitions are released. As usual, remember the Rites of Combat for all gaming competitions.

As before, competitions will be listed from closest end date to furthest. You'll also want to keep an eye out for reports and messages from your Quaestors that refer to House competitions. The list is a little light for the moment, because a whole bunch of competitions just ended. More will be put out soon, from myself, the Quaestors, and the Dark Council. We'll keep you informed. :)

[CNS] Doom Train 5: As with past months, Doom Train tracks all member activity and at the end of the month the three most active members are awarded for their activity. Remember to cc our Rollmaster, Teu Pepoi, on every competition you enter, to ensure that she can give you credit for it toward this competition.

[CNS] Worldwreckers - March: The only somewhat new addition to the list for now, in this competition you get Clusters of Ice for every two posts of 250 words or more you make in the Worldwreckers topic. Click for details!

Jedi Knight Ladder #1: The first round of a gaming ladder. All JA/JO matches played this month will count toward round 1. The top three get Crescents, in addition to the usual Clusters of Fire. Even though this competition and the next one are almost over, you still have a chance to place if you start playing now!

Republic Commando Shoot'em up: A simple gaming competition: Play Republic Commando. Earn Clusters of Fires. Win games. The top three with the most wins receive Crescents for the month.

[TOR Speed Run] - Black Talon HM: The title of this competition is self-explanatory, but read the details because there are important instructions there.

[TOR Warzone] - Overkill: This competition and the one that procedes it both involving winning Warzones. As if this server needed more reminders that we're the best!

[TOR Warzone] - Unbreakable: Same as above, but for a different warzone.

These last three are miscellaneous competitions running throughout the year:

Find My Lyrics!: Read Tra'an Reith's reports. Find lyrics, submit to comp. He's the Plagueis Quaestor, so keep an eye out for 'Plagueis Quaestor Report' on the main page.

[FIST] End of the year gaming 2: Win a lot of games, and if you're at the top of the standings at the end of the year, you'll get a merit award.

#db trivia: Andrelious will be doing Saturday night trivia sometimes this year. This is more to raise awareness about that than anything.

Don't forget that this list did not include House-specific competitions. Those will show up for you under the "Stuff that matters to me" tab, when there are some actively running. Keep an eye on your Quaestor's messages and reports for those.

That wraps up another report. I just want to say how happy I am to work for you guys. We're constantly improving, and it's definitely a team effort. Keep it up!

TL;DR: - Fiction Developing - Atra's TOR Newsletter, ask him how to help! - Tons of awards and accomplishments! - DC choosing a Consul soon - AWOL check coming

Until next time,

For Sadow!

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