Consul Report


Consul Report

High Orbit Inos Moon 27 Orian System

"Covenant reports landing operation successful, offloading supplies now"

Lieutenant Tygh sighed. "Thank you for the update, now we wait." With the VSD Covenant _on the surface of Inos 27, the Marauder Corvette _Inquisitor was left patrolling the space above, with only the Assassin Corvette Exile for support, hanging in the void of space out to port.

There wasn't much to do. The Dlarit leadership had sent the three ships out here to one of the furthest-flung planetoids in the Orian System in order to establish a base to monitor incoming traffic and watch for pirate activity.

"Sensor sweeps?" The Lieutenant asked.

One of her officers nodded. "Nothing new."

"Run them again, might as well, " she said, sitting back in her command chair. She stared out at the cold rock they orbited, wondering why their superiors were putting an outpost here and what she could do to get promoted.

"Ma'am! We've found something. There's a ship! They're pinging us!"

"What? Helm, bring us about, get us in tractor beam range!"

Finally, something interesting. The Marauders were known for their high-speed and accurate tractor beams. Even before knowing what the new contact was, the Lieutenant wanted to be in a position to use those abilities.

"Target is turning, ma'am! Registering power signatures."

They were trying to escape, without making contact. They must have been pirates. "They're trying to jump to hyperspace, can we get in range?"

"We'll try."

The Inquisitor's engines hummed as it reached it's maximum sublight speed. Lieutenant Tygh could see the other craft through the forward viewport now. It looked like a standard corvette. Then it stretched and disappeared as it escaped.

"Damn, did we get any reading on its identity?"

An officer looked up from her terminal. "We didn't have time for a proper scan, but our cameras caught a strange symbol on it's hull. Our database doesn't recognize it."

"Great, that's something. Send it to Fleet Ops."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Pirates, " Lieutenant Tygh muttered."We'll space em' sooner or later."

Hey guys, remember last month when I said there's something new coming up, but I couldn't tell you about it? Well, now I can! As you may have noticed if you read Xen's report below mine, we have been hard at work planning a major event with Houses Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis. Their Summits have been awesome to work with, and everything has come together quite nicely. This event will have a little something for everyone. This event will start on July 29th. Yup, that's this month. Get your fiction set from SvC and get ready for another event. We've got a little over a week to go until launch!

As to the details of the event, let's leave it at this: who wants to beat up someone outside the Clan for a change? ;)

Speaking of SvC, or more formally, Children of Revolution, that event was a blast. The events were pretty cool, and the Runon was really interesting. We had a lot of activity. and interesting submissions (those captions really made me laugh!). Check out the Runon topic for the conclusion; Tron, Sildrin, and Goat wrapped up their parts quite nicely, and I took care of mine and Macron's. The direction you take your character is your story. :) I'd like to give a shoutout to Atra for coming up with the idea and getting it out there, as well as creating and running the competitions for the event. He did a phenomenal job setting the whole thing up and seeing it through to the end, despite net trouble.

I'd also like to thank Macron, Goat, Sildrin, Malisane, Methyas, and Tsainetomo for their work to help make the event a reality and keep it moving. We couldn't have done it without you; your knowledge and application of Clan lore, among other skills, really helped out. Thanks again for your hard work guys!

I'd also like to note that Necronomicon got an Anteian Cross for basically being a helpful badass in TOR. I don't want to steal her thunder, so I'll let Kalia elaborate on that in her report.

Speaking of Mirado, he's recently been made Praetor to the Voice. Nice job dude, seems like I'm talking about you a lot lately. :P

In other news, Fremoc was kind enough to let us know about the Steam Summer Sale. There's honestly a ton of great deals here, so even though this isn't specifically all Star Wars, it's still really awesome.

There's a new Magistrate in the Shadow Academy. His name is Scelestus. He has a tough job; auditing exams. Send him a bottle of something-or-the-other to ease the pain for mercy's sake, will ya? Thanks.

Last, but not least, Kalia updated the wiki article that sets the foundation for Master-Student Programs across the Dark Brotherhood. She received an Anteian Cross for it. Nice job Kalia, it's great when we can do something that benefits the 'Brotherhood as a whole.

Once again, it's not a long report, but there's a lot of stuff there.


Read the !@#$ing report! Nah, just kidding:

  • Upcoming feud with HSP/PLA
  • SvC concluded, was a blast
  • Mirado = P: Voice
  • Necronomicon & Kalia get ACs

For Naga Sadow!

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