Consul Report


Consul Report

I swear this won't be that long, mainly because I hate formatting reports. There's no fiction this time because in the near future I plan to have a topic where I put fiction updates and just link there. That topic doesn't exist yet, but it will by the time of my next report. That way it doesn't take up valuable space, or appear out of context and confuse the heck out of you. You're welcome.

Now I'm going to answer some of your questions, drop a few names, and talk about the Dark Crusade in case you don't read my peers' reports.

You may have noticed that we ran a survey about the post-Horizons feud, Chasing Horizons. This was designed to allow you (the membership) to give us feedback, so in the future we could create something you like more than last time. Provided it is within our means, there is no reason we should not give you a better product to adapt to your demand. (I hope Raken likes that part.)

This was a simple survey, and we asked two questions.

We asked:

"Did you enjoy the competitions available? If not, please tell us what kinds of competitions you would like to see."

You said:

_"no. As usual, the competitions were very fiction centric. I'd like to see more for those that don't write fiction."

"Yes they seemed okay. however, the timing was not so good right around the holidays."

"The competitions felt very standard, and nothing really jumped out which seemed interesting."_

I have to admit, this is totally true. We went with a standard set of competitions that we thought were reliable and that people would like. It looks like we were wrong, but we would have never known without this feedback form, so thanks for telling us!

What we're going to do about it:

Atra and I have already been brainstorming more unique competition ideas. Whether they're humorous or serious, we expect to have something much more interesting in store for you next time we run a feud. Expect to see a lot more unique competitions that we have not run before, and a lot less fiction, poetry, and graphics events, though those will still be present for the people that like them. We would have liked to have started earlier, but that was bad planning on our part and we learned a lot from this feud and feel that the next one will go much more smoothly.

See, this is why all of you people who didn't answer the survey should answer them in the future!

The other question we asked was:

"Outside of competitions, what would you like to see in future feuds?"

You said:

_"Fiction written by summit only. "

"A storyline that involves regular Clan members"

"Better organization between the units involved. It seemed like HSP was doing everything involved in the entire event, and CNS existed more as a backdrop to it all. "

"More communcation bewteen members"_

Ouch, well, we deserved that.

I have to admit, the way we handled fiction for this event was pretty poor. After receiving an offer from someone we thought "hey, cool, this person can do the fiction, we can focus on everything else, and they'll get a nice reward for it."

Unfortunately, things didn't go that way. The holidays got in the way. We were overtaken by events beyond our control. Not really an excuse, but that's what happened. I would also like to take a moment to address the concern about HSP doing everything involved: This is not the case. While the fiction was left up to a HSP member, and Xen created a kick ass website, which we used, we collectively determined the fiction. Furthermore, there was a lot of behind the scenes work that we did that you don't see. For example, Atra created at least half the competitions from scratch. Regardless, we'll try to be more visible in the future so it's apparent that we're doing stuff, but sometimes it's tough.

In general, what we're going to do about this:

Next time, the fiction will be cooperatively written by the Summits involved. Personally, I love to include regular members. If you've seen my writing in, say, the Dark Crusade prologue, I would rather glorify my member's characters at the expense of my own, and this is a philosophy that the CNS Summit shares. In the future, we will write a large part of the fiction ourselves, and it will heavily involve you guys, our membership.

Now, as for the last response about better communication, I'm not entirely sure what is meant by that. Better communication between the Summit members? I think we've gotten that, and we'll have better deadlines and milestones on our future feuds to ensure that things are finished in a timely manner and everyone is in the know of what's happening.

If I didn't answer your question to your satisfaction, or there's something else you would like to ask, then look no further! I noticed that Wun and Wally made a suggestion box for their members and thought "hey, that's a great idea!" so I'm totally stealing it. Except Atra made it, because I don't understand basic forms.

Here you go: Suggestion Box

Keep in mind, this is completely anonymous. I won't even include my response in reports like this if you specify that you don't want me to. It's totally up to you, the members.

Woo, that felt productive. Next!

As I told you recently, we finally finished getting our new fleet (and medics) up on the wiki, including the Clan Naga Sadow OOB section and the Military Possessions Record. I'd like to thank a few people who really helped with this. Without them, all I'd have is a spreadsheet to stare at!

First of all, Shirai Ryu Dupar created many of the ship pages himself. He also organized the categories on the wiki.

Setsuna Sakurazaki, better known as Jack, or Balthier, or whatever his latest IRC nick is added vessel information to each page. He also fixed as few errors on existing pages.

Last, but not least, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart used his wiki magic and added the finishing touches. He also double-checked the rest and updated the Military Possessions Record for our fleet.

I really appreciate the help guys! Rest assured that, while it's not out yet, proper compensation is on the way. ;)

Are you not on this list, and you would like to help build something for Naga Sadow? Or maybe you're just attracted to shiny metal? Maybe that next big promotion is juuust out of reach? Contact me, Atra, or any of your Summit members and we'll hook you up!

The last part of my report is about the Dark Crusade. Did you know it starts at the beginning of February? Yep, it's right around the corner. So if you're in the Dark Crusade Runon, get ready for action right after that, and good luck with that GM!

To reiterate what others have said, there will be some new stuff in the Dark Crusade, these include:

  • Campaign ribbons: These ribbons will be a new thing to go on your dossier, and they'll show the world that you were present for the action on that world. They may never be available again, so now is the time to participate and get them. Who doesn't want more stuff on their dossier?

  • Planetary holdings: Do you think the Orian System is boring? If you do, don't tell Tron! Instead, help us take new territory! This is territory on worlds that exist in real Star Wars canon. These are places where we can establish bases, claim dominion over key sites of lore, and have access to new resources.

  • Fiction Cameos: Have you ever felt like the Brotherhood fiction is all about the big, bad, ugly Dark Council? Do you wish it was about you instead? Well, in the Dark Crusade, Muz has committed to including regular members, but they (you) have to show that they (you) are worthy by participating a lot!

You may have noticed a theme here, and that theme is that none of the above requires winning a competition. It's all about participation. Now, of course, winning competitions will still get you Novae and prestige and what not. However, a whole heck of a lot of the glory of the Dark Crusade is based on participation alone. So regardless of whether your writing looks like a published author's or a fifth grader's, that fiction entry you made still gets you something. Or if you're like certain people and think stick figures should be the next big art style, you can still benefit from participating in graphics competitions.

In addition to these, the usual awards of fleet points (ooh, new ships!), exclusive new robes and lightsabers (ooh, new gear!), and field promotions will be up for the taking. So if you're, like, a DJK who wants a promo, or a Guardian looking to advance quickly, participation may be your key. As someone else's report mentioned, they had a member who was double promoted to Jedi Hunter and then Dark Jedi Knight from a field promotion. Wow, huh? That could be you.

Oh, and bragging rights. Give me a reason to brag!

That's it this time. I could summarize the recent news updates, but if you're reading this, then I bet you can scroll down. That was easy, right? Right?!

You guys should congratulate Socorra on being the first Forum Tribune, though. I can't wait to see what she does with the place. It's like inheriting an ancient, moldy Inn. Good luck with that!

As always, disciples, go forth and spread Naga Sadow's legacy across the worlds of the former SIth Empire, for Sadow!

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