News for 2/2005

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Date Title Author Context
02/20/2005 Quaestor Report Warden Son'El Quaestor (Ludo Kressh)
02/20/2005 Consul Report Prophet Kir Taldrya Katarn Consul (Taldryan)
02/20/2005 New City Ragnos Stronghold outside of Coronet, Corelia. Unknown Unknown
02/20/2005 Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope Master Astronicus "Tron" Aurelius Sadow Unknown
02/20/2005 Medals out and Tournament Qualifiers list... Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae Unknown
02/20/2005 Krath High Priestess Report Master Alanna Taldrya Krath High Priest (Dark Council)
02/20/2005 Consul Report Unknown Consul (Exar Kun)
02/20/2005 Quaestor Report Savant Adeodatus Quaestor (Acclivis Draco)
02/19/2005 Aedile Report Adept Braecen Kaeth Aedile (Byss)
02/19/2005 Emissary's Royal Guard Master Astronicus "Tron" Aurelius Sadow Unknown
02/19/2005 Obelisk Sergeant Report Hunter Anikal Battleteam Leader (Midnight Blade)
02/19/2005 Master At Arms Report Adept Khan "Imperius" Kunar Master At Arms (Dark Council)
02/19/2005 Quaestor Report Colonel Mikhail Avarik Quaestor (Byss)
02/19/2005 Quaestor Report Unknown Quaestor (Kirleta)
02/19/2005 Krath Tetrarch Report Warlord Chaosrain Taldrya Battleteam Leader (Phoenix)
02/19/2005 Sith Commander Report Unknown Battleteam Leader
02/19/2005 Herald Report Prophet Kaine Mandaala Herald (Dark Council)
02/19/2005 Sith High Warrior Report Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae Sith High Warrior (Dark Council)
02/19/2005 The end is nigh.... Master Alanna Taldrya Unknown
02/19/2005 Combat Master Report Master Dalthid Combat Master (Society Leaders)