News for 11/2015

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11/13/2015 Combat Master Report #7: All The Things Master Marick Tyris Combat Master (Society Leaders)
11/13/2015 Clan Arcona Consul Report #8: Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November... Eminent Satsi Tameike Arconae Consul (Arcona)
11/13/2015 Nekros Syndicate Report #1 Battlemaster Wrathus Battleteam Leader (Nekros Coven)
11/13/2015 MAA Report: The Clock is Ticking Moff Zanet Xox Master At Arms (Dark Council)
11/13/2015 Voice of the Brotherhood: Report 9 Master Evant Taelyan Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
11/12/2015 Wiki Tribune Report #5: Prospectus? We don't need no stinkin' prospectus! Adept Selika Roh Wiki Tribune (Tribunes)
11/12/2015 Odan-Urr Consul/Proconsul #1 Reaver Kasula Daegella Consul (Odan-Urr)
11/12/2015 Taldryan Proconsul Report #12 – Become More Powerful Prophet Howlader Taldrya Proconsul (Taldryan)
11/11/2015 Quaestor Applicants: Extension Warlord Teylas Ramar Consul (Plagueis)
11/11/2015 SA Update #10: Novitiate Hall Addition = Gaming 102: Fist-o-matic and other news Warlord Ood Bnar Praetor to the Headmaster (Assistants)
11/11/2015 Shadow Gate Report #6 Battlelord K'tana Battleteam Leader (Shadow Gate)
11/11/2015 Star Wars Base Command and Battlefront Companion App Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae Praetor to the Fist (Assistants)
11/10/2015 Day of the Fox: Herald Giveaway - Reminder! Master V'yr Vorsa Herald (Dark Council)
11/10/2015 House Hoth: Aedile Report #111015 Savant Revak Kur Aedile (Hoth)
11/10/2015 Star Wars Uprising: Free Bespin Moff Zanet Xox Master At Arms (Dark Council)
11/10/2015 Ektrosis QUA Report 6: Desolation Row Augur Raistline Taldrya Majere Quaestor (Ektrosis)
11/09/2015 House Ajunta Pall November Quaestor Report Eminent Kalan Amak Quaestor (Ajunta Pall)
11/09/2015 OoT Report #4: Ranarr Out... Battlelord Ranarr Kul-Tarentae Battleteam Leader (Order of the Trident)
11/07/2015 Forgotten Campaign - Monstrosity - Week 2 Eminent Idris Adenn Consul (Scholae Palatinae)
11/07/2015 Tarentum Consul Report #4: Hooray, Promotions! Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae Consul (Tarentum)