The Inos Incursion


The Inos Incursion

The Inos Incursion


The Clan Naga Sadow Inos Incursion competition is now live and runs until the 24th January. I hope you enjoy this it's something I've gradually been building up to since the the GJW ended. I'd like to thank a few people for their help like Bentre for general guidance, Sanguinius for helping me with the some of the competitions and ideas, and last but not least to Locke for being a general ideas sounding board including coming up with the name Xenotype Sigma, and taking the time to proof read the ludicrously long fictions I sent out.


The Prompt

The year 38 ABY was a busy time for Clan Naga Sadow, with their forces active during the Collective’s assault on Arx, and reasserting their authority in the Orian System. Unknown to them a new threat quietly began to grow on the moon of Inos Thirteen. The Shar Dakhan Quaestor claimed to have been given a warning, but this was dismissed by the rest of the Summit.

However following attacks by strange creatures that seemingly appear from thin air against Naga Sadow settlements and facilities, the Clan leaders began to take the situation seriously. When a corvette is found abandoned over Inos Thirteen, and a gravitational field emanating from the moon nearly takes the corvette and a rescuing cruiser to a fiery death on its surface, the source of the threats is confirmed.

The parent comp can be found here

As a recap, the three fictions can be found here, here, and here


The Events

Unscramble The Image - Puzzle Comp

Your job is to unscramble this image, the last image sent to us by investigative teams before they vanished.


Quickshot Alley - Flash Game

Classic flash game. Highest Score wins.


Scouting The Enemy - Co Op Fiction

You and one or two fellow Clan members descend ahead of the assault on Inos Thirteen to scout out the target. What happens is up to you.


The Wrong Member In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time - Solo Fiction

When you find yourself in the middle of a Sigma attack what do you do? Run, fight or lead the defence?


Warning From the Past - Poetry

Searching the fissure, you find a carved warning about the Sigmas. In haiku or quatrain format, what does it say?


Artist's Impression - Graphics

You have witnessed the enemy attacking and have been asked to draw an image for the files.


Getting Some Time In the Simulator - Multiplayer Gaming

To hone your battle skills and build teamwork, compete in simulated combat with your fellow members.


Once More Into The Breach - The Runon

Following a hazardous descent to Inos Thirteen, you and your fellow Clan members will take the fight to the enemy and stop the attacks once and for all.

The Runon can be found here

And the comp is here


And Finally

So I hope you enjoy this and we get some good entries. As a general note the four Xenotype Sigma variants I came up with, or five if you include the massive Queenspawn waiting on the other side of the portal, are just the ones witnessed on Tarthos during the Cathedral attack. There is no reason to believe these are the only variants, so for your fictons or the graphics comp if you think up something bigger, stronger, faster, stealthier or weirder, this is highly encouraged and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Have Fun!

Malisane Sadow

Quaestor of Shar Dakhan

Wow a lot of meat here. Nice work!!

You have put a good hunk of work into making this event a reality, and I am very much excited to take part in it. I have already got in two of the competitions, got a first post up in the RO and I am already making plans on how to flesh out what I hope to be some very neat entries.

Even putting my Consul hat down, I think there is a lot of fun potential to be found in this event, and I hope that many more of you will join myself and others in participating.

Very cool Sir! You Rock! Lets go CNS!

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