[CNS] Encounter at Citadel


[CNS] Encounter at Citadel

The activities of the Houses have garnered the notice of more than just Clan Naga Sadow...and a new event kicks off for the Clan in the Telos system! Our story kicks off aboard the CNS Flagship, Perdition, as the Consul and Proconsul meet to discuss matters.

Ashia gave the slightest of smiles in response,her eyes flashing in the pale blue light of the hologram.. “We have received an invitation from a local system. We have a potential new platform of attack.”


Bentre lifted a mechanical hand in the air before making a fist.. “We only have to reach out and grab it. The locals are willing to have us over for a bit of meet and greet, a bit of a chat, to see what kind of support they might be able to give us.” He dropped his hand to his side, not unclenching the fist. “After the efforts of either House it got us thinking. I mean, look at how much Sanguinius, Locke and Morax contributed to the capture of their House’s new Acclamator. As a mere Hunter Jinius Griffin, along with Vosiri, his Quaestor, and the rest of the House fought so hard to bring the Summit the spoils of their latest action on Ambria. If we can bring that kind of energy, that kind of drive back to the Collective on Orian,”

Want to know more? If so, you can read the rest of the brief opening fiction here!

So while the Clan's houses have been hard at work, the Upper Summit have been at work as well. Our battlefield has been one of logistics, diplomacy and obfuscation. This is a relatively silent battle that has the potential to bring us home that much sooner.

But that is our battle to fight. After the work the Houses have done, there is a well deserved respite. To this end, I would like to announce Clan Naga Sadow's Encounter at Citadel. Aboard a station with a well-stocked bar and pleasant facilities for your leisure time, the Consul and Proconsul will be meeting with the system authorities while the rest of the Clan gets to relax!

Prove Your Drinking Prowess!

Sing Jolly Drinking Songs!

Give us an idea of what shenanigans go down on the station!

Participate in a little bar-side trivia!

Or try your hand at a puzzle while you wait for your next drink!

And watch your comm channels. There may be more to this than what first meets the eye. Or it could just be an excuse to prove your status as members of Clan Never Sober!

The first round of events start now. Keep an eye on your comm channels for more to come. Or you could just keep tabs on the parent comp if you like. I hope that I will see you all take part, and that you all take some time to enjoy some well-deserved revelry.

Your Servant in Darkness,

Consul Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes

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