ACC Holiday Update - 12/30/2015


ACC Holiday Update - 12/30/2015

Quick Update

Hey guys. After talking it over with the combatants, I'm going to be holding off on starting the semi-finals of the Grand Master's Invitational Tournament until Monday, 1/4/2016. This gives everyone time to enjoy their New Years.

Look for another update with the Fiction and Match details then.

ACC Operations

I gave the ACC Staff a bit of a break this past Holiday weekend. As such, recreational (Non-Tournament/Vendetta) Matches and Exams have been on a delay from the typical turnaround time I like to maintain. Thank you everyone for your continued patience. I’ll have an actual Combat Master Report out sometime in the next few weeks. I’m currently on my first “vacation” in a year where I get to simply not go to work for 5 days. On Monday, it’s back to the grind. I’m going to try and hammer out a bunch of projects over the next few days that have been pending.

New Things

But enough about that, did you see the THING that the GUY did in The Force Awakens!???

Yes. I saw the things. All of them. I’ve now seen Episode VII - The Force Awakens three times in theaters, am reading the novelization, and have been leafing through the Visual Dictionary that came in the mail the other day.


I’ll be combing through it (Sarin and Mav also have a copy) and we will be pulling information from it to better shape the Character Sheet system to fit the world created by the new Lucas Story Group and Disney. Thanks for your patience on this.

I’ve ranted a bit on Telegram about the different formats the movie is available, and have offered my insights as a Film major who got a BFA in Film/Video for some reason. In short, I absolutely loved the movies. Go see it while it is in theaters if you have a chance, and if you HAVE to do 3D, make sure it’s IMAX, and make sure you’re not sitting too close. My preference was AMC Prime (with Dolby Atmos sound) which you should check if your local theater supports. I enjoyed the Standard screening on opening night probably the most, however, and it is something that will probably stay in my memory for the rest of my life. (nerddddd).

Also, BB-8.



ACC Exams

As usual, if you have any questions about Realism in the ACC, or questions on Character Sheet mechanics, please email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Grats to the final four!

Now, I'll have to procure one of these books.

Awesome update!

For Taldyran! Congrats to the final four and Taldyrans very own Halycon Taldrya!

Woo, get 'em Timmy

It's countdown!

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