ACC Combat Studies

The ACC Combat Studies Exam aims to both heighten and test your ability to read an existing ACC match and break down how the Character Sheets are used to create the story of a conflict between two characters. The fight is staged between a Sorcerer-Discipline Force User and a Weapons Specialist Mercenary/Non-Force User. The battle will highlight key changes in CS 2.0 and the the way that Force Powers, Feats, Aspects, and Skills all play a part in writing the characters realistically.

Your answers will come from the context of the fight between Krin Murphy and Harry West as well as from their respective Character Sheets. The resources below can also aide in providing you with potential answers and understanding of how Character Sheets are used in the ACC.

Combat Master Note

Tool Tips on the Character Sheets are meant to provide snapshot information of a Skill or Force Power. To make sure you have a full and complete understanding of the Skills and Force Powers used by the Character Sheets in the ACC, please check out the Wiki Pages here.

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