Brotherhood Rising, and Fist Open for Applications


Brotherhood Rising, and Fist Open for Applications

Greetings all,

A quick update here from the Dark Council.

Brotherhood Rising

There are still two days left in the Brotherhood Rising - Severian Principate competition series!

The Collective has been quiet since the battle of Meridian Prime. Their frequent attacks on Dark Brotherhood systems have almost completely stopped, leaving only guerilla cells and small flotillas threatening with terrorism and sabotage. Intelligence gathered across the Brotherhood shows that the enemy is regrouping and changing tactics as they set their eye on a potential source of strength near to the Dark Brotherhood's borders - the Severian Principate stands unaware of the war being waged just beyond their borders...or do they?

This is your chance to shape a new part of the Brotherhood's fictional universe! The Severian Principate is an all-new faction that will allow members, Clans, and the Brotherhood as a whole new opportunities for fictional development and engagement. The Collective may be unyielding in their crusade against our Brotherhood, but the Principate is more neutral - for now. This new faction will also feature prominently in the next Great Jedi War, so head on over to the competition and help your fellow members develop the Severian Principate!

Fist open for Applications

As many of you have read, our Fist is stepping down to make way for new leadership and to give himself a much needed break. As Fist for nearly 3 years, Drac has touched every aspect of gaming and much of the Brotherhood. He has had a tremendous positive impact on our club, and his objective approach to one of our pillars has enabled us to revamp and expand the GMRG and many platforms and improved gaming for many members. To say he will be missed is an understatement... Drac has been an excellent advisor and a close friend to many of us on the Dark Council.

As such, Evant and I are opening applications for a new Fist. Drac offers some good advise in his last report, but importantly:

And finally, don’t recommend Single Player clusters in your application. It isn’t going to happen. :-)

Also, do not propose that we give clusters to everyone playing any game at any time. That also is not going to happen. Beyond that, though, we are open to new ideas! If you are interested in applying for Fist, please send an application via email to the DGM and me. Please submit all applications by June 7th, so that we can review applications that weekend and announce shortly thereafter.

  • For a broad overview of the Fist, please see the wiki, and of course, applicants should know the RoCs well.
  • There are no rank or position requirements, but we expect to hire someone with a decent familiarity with the office. This likely means time on staff, but that is not a requirement - however, familiarity with our gaming systems absolutely is.
  • Although Evant and I are largely happy with gaming, we are open to big changes or ideas if justified... but anything that requires any coding or changes to the bot must be passed by James first.
  • As with all Dark Council positions, we are looking for a member that can work well as part of the Dark Council team.
  • This position requires a very high level of time commitment and a thick skin given the nature of gaming in the club.

Please feel free to reach out to Evant, myself, or Drac if you have any questions regarding the position. And don't forget, we also have Regent open for applications!

With that, I hope everyone that is celebrating the holiday has an excellent Memorial Day!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Good luck to those who apply.

If you have questions, feel free to PM me or send me an email. I will gladly answer any question I am asked.

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