Celebrating The Mandalorian!


Celebrating The Mandalorian!

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Greetings all,

We hope you all have been able to enjoy the launch of The Mandalorian television show as much as those of us on the Dark Council! In celebration of the launch, we wanted to run a small, fun event that celebrates b ounty hunters and the Mandalorians that have captivated so many Star Wars fans. And so, we bring you Celebration: Mandalorians! In addition to possible crescent rewards, and of course, credits for participation... Any member that participates in all six competitions available in this event will gain access to the Celebration Store for a brief period following the conclusion of the event! This special store is available only for a limited time and has some of the rarest items available to Brotherhood members... and word is, its inventory could be growing...

As a reminder, we have defined the rules regarding our spoiler ban previously. We also have a spoiler-free review up for those interested in one Dark Councilor's take on the first episode! And if you want to jump in to discussions on the TV show right away, ask for an invitation to the DB Spoiler Zone on Telegram!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Grand Master

Celebration Store, here I come!

Looking forward to see all the new goodies, better save those credits ^^

good first episode so far

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