DJB Episode VII Celebration!


DJB Episode VII Celebration!

Greetings One and All!

Grand Master Pravus' illustrious December celebration of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now live:

This month of celebration brings nine competitions, each hosted by a member of the Dark Council. There is trivia, graphics, fiction, run-on, character sheets, debate, scavenger hunt, and more! Check out each competition and submit to as many as you can!

A Note: Valhavoc's competition is centered around the Battle of Jakku, the newest DLC for EA's Battlefront. As such, it will start on 5 December to allow the Fist staff time to test the gameplay and determine cluster values.

Have fun and GET PUMPED for Episode VII!!!

Master at Arms

Awesome win all the things

Ugh, Battlefront bias. I don't have this game, so can't compete.

It's cellphone discrimination i tell ya

Same situation Brim, but at least it's not a GJW/Vendetta.

That said, where's the Galaxy of Heroes comp?!

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