[GJW XIII - Discord] - Corrected Results


[GJW XIII - Discord] - Corrected Results

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Greetings all,

As many of you are aware, this has been a tumultuous and unexpected twenty four hours. We were alerted early Tuesday morning to a scoring discrepancy in one of the Great Jedi War XIII competitions, where a Gold Nova entry was unintentionally excluded from placement. Once adjusted, this entry significantly altered placement between the Clans. Then, after we made this known to the Consuls, and then to the club, a second entry that had been excluded from a different competition was brought to our attention. Following this second discovery, the Dark Council began a full audit of every entry to every gaming competition (and most other competitions, if they had not already been triple-checked).

The final results ultimately matched the initial announcement. Thus, Naga Sadow is the Second Clan of the Brotherhood and Vizsla is the Third Clan of the Brotherhood. Arcona remains the First Clan of the Brotherhood. Neither scoring change altered the War Heroes at all.

Because of the confusion that has been caused, and the disappointment that has now spread to multiple units, we wanted to make a general statement regarding credits earned for units: The bonus credits Clans earn for the Great Jedi War will be partly based on total points earned. As such, the results discrepancy between last night and tonight will not influence Clan credits very much.

Below, you will find the original post, with some modifications to reflect the errors being corrected.

Two weeks ago, the battle for the Lyra System in Great Jedi War XIII: Discord came to a close. In that time, the Dark Council has been hard at work on grading to bring you the results you've all been waiting for. Our first results post from last week covered the incredible activity our members generated, and left us with a thin margin in the Great Jedi War. Now, we reveal the placement values of our Clans and declare the winners of our War. It was not until the final competitions were graded that we knew the outcome of this incredibly close event!

While this post will summarize the war’s results, in the coming days, we will also announce the spoils of war, both for our units and for some of our leaders, as well as wrap up additional details of the Great Jedi War and publish the final fiction. But this post will focus on the results themselves!


War Heroes

Before we name our First, Second, and Third Clans, I wanted to highlight the exceptional members that propelled their Clans. And so, we begin with our War Heroes. These are members that have completed at the highest level for their Clans, and to acknowledge their contributions, we name three War Heroes, who are granted permanent titles in honor of their accomplishments. In addition, we will highlight each Clan’s champion, the member that earned the most points in the Great Jedi War for their unit!

Below are the top ten scoring members for the War:


Thus, we name Ciara Tearnan Rathwell Tarantae our First Hero, Alaisy Tir’eivra our Second Hero, and Declan Roark our Third Hero! Congratulations to all three on your incredible efforts!

In addition, we wanted to highlight the contributions of each Clan’s highest scoring members, who we unofficially refer to as champions. These individuals excelled across multiple events and made their Clans proud.

In the coming days, the parent competition of GJW XIII: Discord will be updated with every member’s total points earned. All competitions will be closed soon, and appropriate Novae awarded.


GJW XIII Clan Results.

The system used by this Great Jedi War bases the total points in the event off of the total participation points, with a modifier for the fact this is a skill-focused event. As such, there are three times more points available for Placement as there was for Participation - and every last one of them mattered! To give some perspective on what this meant, first place finishes in fiction can be worth four hundred points, and even many Miscellaneous competitions have placements that are worth more than a hundred points.

And now, the final and updated results per Clan:


  • Congratulations to our First Clan, Arcona!
  • Congratulations to our Second Clan, Naga Sadow!
  • Congratulations to our Third Clan, Vizsla!

In addition to the honor of victory and the title of First, Second, and Third Clan, these units will each be granted a special dossier selector item, as well. To our First Clan, they will receive a custom robe/weapon , while our Second Clan will receive a custom robe, and our Third Clan will have a custom weapon. The Herald will be in touch with our Consuls with more details.

This Great Jedi War was extremely close. Even a single participant could have tipped the difference between our Second and Third place units, and outcome of the event came down to the final graded competitions. It was an excellent effort by all our Clans. Ultimately, Clan Arcona took the most points in Phases I and II, Clan Naga Sadow took the most points in Event Long competitions, and Clan Vizsla took the most points in Participation, as their excellent effort netted them an enormous 70% of their members participating on average across phases. It should be no surprise, then, that these are our top three Clans.


Theater Victors

An extra incentive to involve members in the story surrounding the War, and as a part of our Clan Run-Ons, we introduced the concept of Theaters to the War. These locales were the sight of the major action in the Great Jedi War. As part of this system, we will be granting a special bonus to the Clan that had the highest points in each Theater. I strongly suggest members read over their Clan’s Run Ons if they didn’t get a chance to participate, as they were all excellently done, and feature these Theaters extensively!

  • On Lyra Colony, Vizsla was victorious!
  • On the Moon of Thillon, Arcona was victorious!
  • On the Thuvis Shipyards, Plagueis was victorious!


Spoils of War, the Survey, and the Fiction

Later this week, we will release the spoils each Clan has earned in terms of credits. The Herald will reach out to Consuls regarding special selector items the winning Clans will have access to, as well.

The fiction is on the way - due to the tremendous number of members completing all bins, it is taking a bit longer to craft the story, but we’re hoping to have it done as soon as possible!

And because we want to know your thoughts on the war, we are putting the finishing touches on a War Survey that we will release later this week, as well. Along with this survey, we will reveal our approximate plans over the next six months, so that Clans can immediately start making their own plans.

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Grand Master

Good on you guys for fixing the error that was made.

It is unfortunate to have scoring changed after the fact, but I am glad to see Warp awarded the GN that he earned. Congrats to him and everyone else that competed exceptionally hard during the war.

Take the time needed to ensure fairness across the board, that is all I ask.

However things panned out, a well fought War from all combatants.

Mistakes happen. We are only mortal after all.

Thank you for fixing them.

Results don't get much closer than this. Well done to everyone.

Excellent job, all!!! And congratulations to all who placed, the heroes, and the clans.

dang, I knew we should had paid more for our slaves to fill those ballot boxes.

thx for updating us all

Mad props to the DC for taking on these challenges and fixing everything up. This is what workin' overtime's like, folks!

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