[GJWXIII - Discord] Finale


[GJWXIII - Discord] Finale




Prisoner Hold
Severian Principate Diplomatic Ship: Ninox
Lyra-3K-a System
37 ABY

Evant Taelyan seethed. Buried beneath the Raider-I class corvette’s main deck, the Deputy Grand Master and the seven clan diplomats had been detained for longer than he cared to think about, lest he only become more frustrated. The holding cells could have been worse. They were clean and spartan and had enough room to stretch out or walk from one end to the other. They had been given cooked meals, access to a refresher, and all told were being treated fairly. They would not, however, grant him access to any kind of datapad or communication relay.

To make things worse, Varryn Antillus occupied the cell directly across from the Brotherhood representatives. The Chancellor of Capital Enterprises sat patiently with his legs crossed and looked completely composed and unperturbed. Evant stared daggers at the Collective leader, but did not give Antillus the satisfaction of seeing his true anger. Avitus Oligard, on the other hand, never seemed to take his attention off the Dark Jedi Master. Which explained why the Sith Marauder could not simply bust down the cell door with the Force. No, that would have been too easy. Somehow, this was Telaris’ fault.

“...Hey, so did I ever tell you about the time I took down a full-grown Rancor with just a hold out blaster, a strip of denonite tape, an old pair of boots, and a skinned womp rat?”

Darren “Shooter” McGavin leaned his armored shoulder against the gated cell door, waving his hand in the direction of the lone stormtrooper that had been assigned to keep an eye on the captives. The guard gave no indication of interest in Shooter’s story, or the three others he had already launched into with regaling, graphic detail. None of which, shockingly, seemed to help Shooter’s petition to have his weapon and helmet returned, no matter how grisly the threats he leveled the guards way were.

Behind the talkative Mandalorian, Araic Simonette had elected to stand with his hands clasped behind his back, stoically studying the game of Dejarik being played out between the Zadosa and Amari Ana. The female Chiss and Zeltron made a good show of taking the game seriously, but it was mostly a front so that Qaanlung Vlux could loudly give commentary and judge each move the players made. Under the veil of the commotion, Violet D’slan continued to work on slicing together an improvised comlink with help from Damien Blackadder’s notes.

Evant had given up hope of that working hours ago, but hadn’t told the representatives that. Just as he started to devise a different approach he could take with the Principate leaders, the outer blast-door to the prisoner hold slid open. A stormtrooper with a colored shoulder pad entered and made their way towards the Collective duo’s cell. Taelyan narrowed his eyes as the guard opened the cell door.

“Come with us, Lord Antillus. The Captain has cleared your release.”

“Hey, what about us!?” Shooter shouted at what ultimately amounted to deaf ears.

The Captain? That doesn’t make any sense. Evant thought back to the message he had read just before his datapad had been confiscated. Even without the Force, he had a very bad feeling forming in the pit of his stomach.

Antillus offered Taelyan one last, smug smirk over his shoulder as he followed the stormtrooper out of the block, Avitus Oligard tight on his heels. A moment later, the guard that had stood with them since they first arrived shouldered his rifle and exited the hold as well, leaving the Brotherhood representatives alone.

A sudden crackle drew Evant’s attention away from the door as it closed once again as an improvised comlink finally came to life for the first time.

Lord Taelyan...my lord!?” a voice crackled. “W-we’ve been trying to raise you for hours.

“Clearly, I was playing hard to get. Status update. Now,” Evant replied tersely.

Understood, my lord!” the voice replied. “The Council has presented the combined intelligence gathered from both the Clans and the Inquisitorius. In light of this evidence, The Triumvirate have agreed to a preliminary alliance with the Brotherhood on the premise of open exchange of information regarding all operations in and out of the Lyra-3k-a system”.

“Great news,” Evant answered slowly, preparing himself for the inevitable not so great news.

“Unfortunately, my Lord, it seems that the Collective has—crrkss-crkss—taken control of the Ninox—crkssssss— ”

The communication cut out into a fit of static as the door to the prisoner held opened yet again. This time, several metallic canisters rolled into the room and came to a stop in front of the cells. A sinister hiss echoed as the canisters began to spew out streams of foggy gas.

Evant reached out to the Force with everything he could muster, but his connection was still faint and distant. The bars of the cell door started to tremble as the Elder Marauder strained to pry them apart. It was no use.

Curse you Oligard, you hypocrite!

If only he had his lightsaber. Evant slammed a fist against the cell wall and drew blood across his knuckles. The Clan representatives began to cough around him, with Violet’s small frame the first to drop to the floor from what he could only assume was knockout gas. One by one they fell, with Shooter being the last to reluctantly drop to a knee first before slumping sideways. Terrific. Evant’s vision began to blur as he slumped down against the cell wall. Then everything went dark for the Deputy Grand Master.


For all their attempts at a peaceful resolution, three galactic powers had become entwined in a war for the truth behind the seeds of discord. The blurred line between truth and fiction had caught the loyal supporters of the Severian Principate in the crossfire of the Collective’s feud with the Dark Brotherhood. Across the Lyra-3K-a system, three theaters of war entered the final chapters of their respective battles and conflicts.

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Finale: Summary

The following summary contains hyperlinks and additional explanations for the Finale fiction. It clocks in at 18 Pages and features mentions or depictions of each of the 41 members that went above and beyond by completing 100% of GJWXIII’s bins. It also wraps up the overarching storyline for the war itself and sets up what could come in the next arc. Each Clan's respective section was previewed by their respective Consul's to cover uses of members characters in context.

Note: If you are just interested in your Clan’s section, you can use the Table of Contents to navigate to the respective section listed under - Clan Name -.

Please read and support the official release.

Location 1: Ninox — Severian Principate Diplomatic Ship

  • The Dark Council takes the data gathered from the Clans + Inquisitorius and presents it to the Severian Principate’s leadership. The Triumvirate accepts that this information and agrees to ally with the Brotherhood, and recognize the Collective as a threat.
  • Despite the best efforts of Evant, Violet D’slan, and Darren “Shooter” McGavin, the Collective capture the 7 diplomats from each Clan and the Deputy Grand Master.

Location 2: Lyra Colony — Center City and Ordu Aspectu temple

  • Clan Vizsla handles the Iron Navy false flag ships, then has a showdown with Amara Cirrus in the City Center.
  • Vizsla captures valuable intel on “Project Indigo”, the brainwashing of captured Brotherhood prisoners of war into soldiers for the Collective, and secures a double pay day for helping the Brotherhood and the Principate.
  • The Collective’s attempts to secure the ruins beneath Lyra Colony have failed, largely in part to Clan Naga Sadow’s efforts.
  • Clan Naga Sadow secures the knowledge and lore protected by the ancient Jedi temple for their Clan and the Brotherhood.

Location 4:Thuvis Imperial Shipyards

  • Clan Plagueis thwarts mutineers and Collective alike as they clear the shipyards of threats to the Brotherhood.
  • Ultimately the Collective mutineers step down after suffering tremendous losses.

Location 5:Moon of Thillion, Kyber Mines

  • The Collective bomber sets charges up all along the mines on the Moon of Thillion.
  • Clan Arcona secures supply caches of kyber crystals from the mines while kicking butts and taking names. They prevent the Collective from getting away with extra kyber resources to fuel their war on the Brotherhood. Arcona Consul is assumed killed in action by a cave-in (allegedlies), but wakes up in the care of a Severian Principate medic that agrees to get him back home to Dajorra.
  • Clan Odan-Urr leads the rescue operation outside the mines. They save and evacuate civilian families and link up with an Arconan shuttle.

Location 6:Collective Space — Secret Moon Base

  • On the Collective’s SecretMoonBase, exposition covers the “aftermath” of the Lyra-3K-a events from the perspective of the Collective “losers”.
  • Clan Scholae Palatinae's Consul is dead. The Collective knows the truth, and believes they can use that against the DB/CSP in the future.
  • Clan Taldryan's Proconsul, a big player in the intelligence operations during the conflict, has gone missing as Taldryan retreats back to their new home system.
  • The Collective does not get the crystal shard they were hoping for. They do have valuable hostages now from both the Brotherhood and the Severian Princiapte. They also have gathered enough data (machine learning) on fighting Force Users and the Brotherhood’s personnel in general. The next time they face off against the Brotherhood, they will not be easily repelled.
  • Evant is captured and being tortured used as a test subject.

Finale: Aftermath

For those that don’t keep up with the fictions and just want a quick overview, here is a simplified breakdown of the events of Great Jedi War XIII - Discord.

  1. Grand Master Cantor dispatched his Deputy, Evant Taelyan, to meet in secret with envoys from an Imperial remnant faction, the Severian Principate. Evant was accompanied by representatives of the Seven Clans and hoped to forge a mutually beneficial alliance.
  2. The Collective, seeking to prevent any alliance between the Brotherhood and the Principate, surprised Evant and the Clan delegates by appearing at their meeting. As negotiations commenced, the Collective launched a shocking false flag attack on the Severian Principate using brainwashed prisoners to frame the Brotherhood.
  3. In the ensuing chaos, Evant and the delegates were detained by Principate forces but not before Evant managed to send an emergency signal to the Clans, alerting them of the attack and requesting immediate aid.
  4. Brotherhood forces from all Seven Clans arrived in the Lyra-3K-a system. Most engaged in an effort to uncover evidence revealing the Collective’s deception, though some sought to settle old grudges or gain advantages for themselves or their Clans.
  5. The Brotherhood ultimately managed to convince Principate leadership that it was not responsible for the attacks, though some in the Principate’s 5th Fleet continued to blame the Brotherhood. An element of the 5th Fleet defected to the Collective and engaged Brotherhood forces. Meanwhile, Collective agents initiated a bold plan to decapitate the Brotherhood by eliminating the leaders of its Clans.
  6. In the end, the combined forces of the Brotherhood and Principate drove the Collective out of the Lyra-3K-a system, though two Consuls are thought to have died in the effort. A tentative alliance was formed between the two powers. However, the Collective won a key victory by successfully capturing Evant and the Clan delegates.

Thank You

I just wanted to take a second to personally thank everyone that was patient and bared with me as I did the research and work that I feel is important to undertake when tackling a fiction of this scale. We were able to include all 41 player characters as well as include NPC’s with story arcs that were used to carry the worldbuilding and development of Lyra-3K-a system.

What Now?

In the next week, expect to see my final report as Voice. Mav and Evant will be posting separately the details for what they are looking for with the position and have more information on that. In the interim, I will continue to hold the role until the next Voice is selected. My staff is remaining as is, currently, so your Character Sheets and Competitions will be reviewed in the usual timely manner we’ve maintained the last three years. My biggest focus is to ensure a smooth transition to whoever is selected.




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