Great Jedi War XIV Homefront Continues


Great Jedi War XIV Homefront Continues


The Collective has taken down Arx’s planetary shield and is on its way to the surface in full force. The Grand Master has ordered the Clans and allies of the Brotherhood into defensive positions as the battle grows closer to his doorstep guided by his own Deputy Grand Master. The final outcome of this war will surely have a lasting impact in the long conflict between the Brotherhood and Collective forces no matter what happens. Your own actions will help determine the fate of the Brotherhood and its allies.

Major Links:

Clan Scoring

See the opening in major links above for more specifics, but in the end a First Clan, Second Clan and Third Clan of the Brotherhood will be named following the war. Earn more points for your Clan by participating in all the bins, and placing in competitions. All specific details on points for participating in each bin and placing in each competition are on the competitions themselves, and participating in at least one competition per bin will earn an additional 3 points for your Clan.

Also, in addition to points towards victory, each Clan will earn a number of credits to strengthen their forces after the war based on their member’s participation and placement points. This will be done in a manner similar to past Great Jedi Wars.

Theaters and Theater Combatants

Theaters are key locations where the most intense fighting in the Arx System is occurring. The two Phase II Theaters are Eos City and the Iron Legion Headquarters. More detailed information on theaters are available on the wiki, in fiction updates, and in the prompt for the Event Long run-on competition.

For the Event Long battle plan competition the second phase will shift along with the theater to the Iron Legion Headquarters. Note specific details and understand that both Phase I and Phase II prompts must be addressed in the final entries with plans to address both.

In addition to usage in the run-on, we have started a voluntary program called Theater Combatants. As described previously, members may volunteer one of their characters to be present at a specific Theater for the use of other writers. This is not binding to the volunteer (that is, they can write the character anywhere), and they are not bound by what is done to the character by other authors. However, writers are free to use any Theater Combatants in any encounter within a Theater they write.

  • To sign up to be a Theater Combatant, follow this link here.
  • To view Theater Combatants, follow this link here.


We all hope everyone is still enjoying the story, and the competition prompts, as much as we all did creating them. As with the first part of the war, we will make sure to update the membership with any relevant important information as news posts during the final duration of the war as quickly as possible. Phase II has officially begun, and at the conclusion of it, along with Event Long, we will close out the war. Good luck to all and enjoy your own creations within the Star Wars Universe.


Kill the collective scum

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