Great Jedi War XIV Phase I Ending Soon


Great Jedi War XIV Phase I Ending Soon


There are less than 24 hours to go until the end of Phase I competitions of the Great Jedi War come to a close. There will be a brief gap, and then Phase II will kick off with a mid-war fiction and new set of competitions to close the war. As usual, all Event Long events will continue running the entire time, but some events will see updates in theaters or further objectives like the run-on and battle plan.

As a reminder, please check the news page or individual comps for the latest updates as clarifications and adjustments have been made to a few to eliminate confusion for members or in some cases adjust timelines on competitions to align with in-game schedules for events.

I hope everyone is having fun with the war and looking forward to exciting mid-war updates and additional opportunities for rewards and points.

Major Links:

I hope everyone finished Phase 1 strong. Holding breath for Phase 2!

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