Great Jedi War XV: Ascension - Phase 2 Starts This Weekend!


Great Jedi War XV: Ascension - Phase 2 Starts This Weekend!

Mother button

I hope your button-pressing fingers have recovered.

The second phase of Great Jedi War XV: Ascension begins this weekend at site time on June 19, which is 8pm EDT Saturday. Phase 2 will bring with it a new fiction from the Voice and a slate of new competitions! Phase 2 and the Event Long comps will conclude on July 6, so you'll have almost two-and-a-half weeks to do all the things.

We've already begun grading Phase 1 competitions and will try to get everything graded and scores calculated as soon after July 6 as we can, hopefully within a couple of weeks. We may release some preliminary participation numbers before then, but placements and scoring won't be announced until everything is finalized.

Also, please be sure that you carefully read the rules for every comp you're participating in. We have had to disqualify some entries for submitting files in the wrong format.

Phase Two- the opportunity for us all to hit the War hard again and to finish strong!

Phase 2 sounds pretty exciting. I can't wait for it to start!

My button-pressing finger is ready.

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