PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #10


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #10

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Dark Council
Dark Shadows and Questionable Crystals

The Brotherhood breathes deep, rebuilding from too many losses, giving the Clans a chance to focus inward. The secret machinations of the Grand Master and Headmistress continue as their secret Shadow Academy continues construction, a safe fortress for the Brotherhood’s collective knowledge. All the while researchers, some in secret and others openly, continue to research the crystals that unleashed such horror on Dandoran. Pieces of this forbidden knowledge drip slowly, finding their way into the ears of each Clan.

All the while the Inquistorius searches galaxy-wide. Every mention of crystals, abominations, and the Seer is hunted down, yet nothing is found, not even whispers. Every so often an operative goes silent, never to be heard from again. The Seer is watching, and her people are readying for their chains to be unshackled.

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Change of Seasons

After welcoming a new pair of Proconsuls to be champions of the people while Consul Rhylance and Emeritus Lucine focused on studies to combat the problem of the so-called gods still lurking somewhere to oppose them, Arcona has undergone its own changes. Tightening regulation and decorum saw to the loss of one Aedile while another was hired, while faces new, newly reawoken or rescued, and old alike made their way to Dajorra to join the Clan ranks. Now, amidst social efforts at building camaraderie and training specifically for the many mysterious threats against the Brotherhood at large and at home, visions of blood and ice loom on the horizon for the strengthening Shadow Clan to face.

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Naga Sadow
Overlord in Shadow

The Orian system has been abuzz with activity. Over the last few months, the system has seen the construction of a new city on the surface of Tarthos and several projects have been launched to strengthen the Outer Rim system's position in the greater galaxy. It seems, for a time, that order is reigning in the Orian system. Meanwhile, Overlord Stahoes has retreated of late from the public eye. As the Sadow has devoted himself to a relentless search for certain antiquities of value, Takagari Darkhawk Sadow has been overseeing operations. One project tasked to him by the distracted Consul was the major renovation of the Dentavii Prime asteroid. Under Darkhawk's leadership and steady hand, the Dentavii Prime Repair Facility is now in full operational status.

In interests more esoteric, Adept Sadow has been painstakingly categorizing his findings. Seeking a source of power to both subjugate and protect the Sadowan system, he has dove deeper into the history and secrets of a multitude of subjects, including Sith Alchemy and magics. His experiments have become more bold, yet secretive in his explorations and rituals. Now, the Proconsul has provided an intel report regarding the possible locale of another item of interest. House Marka Ragnos has strengthened its holdings and assets, while House Shar Dakhan has cracked down to act as a dark champion of order.

How far is the Summit willing to go, and to what new dangers and opportunities will Clan Naga Sadow be brought?

Read more about Naga Sadow's ongoing events here.


The newly formed Consular Conclave and Guardian Corps barely have time to settle in before being called into action to respond to a brewing crisis at home. A Sentinel Network surveillance station near Sorilis in the Kiast system is raided by mercenaries seeking access to its sensitive data. Odanite strike teams succeed in thwarting the raid but not before information on Kiast’s defenses is transmitted off-site. The race is on to find out who ordered the raid and why before those who lurk in the shadows strike.

Read more about Odan-Urr's ongoing events here.

Echoes of Jusadih

The Houses of Clan Plagueis have spent the last few months consolidating their power bases, building themselves up for whatever lies ahead. The leadership of the Clan, however, has been quiet of late. The Dread Lord has been spending much of her time within her chambers within the Pinnacle. The Houses and Battleteams have been mostly left to fend for themselves.

The Dread Lord's Wrath Alaris Jinn, however, has recently reappeared in Aliso City following several weeks of absence, both he and his ship having been seen nowhere within the system or Plagueis allied space. Certain whispers of where his travels took him have begun to filter out of the Clan citadel, with talk that his travels took him deep into the Core Worlds to the former capital system of Clan Plagueis: Jusadih. What he was doing there is anyone's guess, but the rumors have begun to spread out from the Pinnacle with breathtaking speed about what his goal could have been.

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Scholae Palatinae
To His Imperial Majesty it May Concern

We have continued our intelligence operations targeting the Republic of the Force and the Wards of the Force following the assault on Tokare City. The forces are in disarray but newly decrypted comm chatter indicates they are beginning to consolidate what remains of their task force. While their naval forces remain at large we believe their leadership have set up a base on either Korgollo Major or Minor.

While most threats are quickly identified as idle protesters spreading their opinions through the holonet we have a credible threat emerging that they are targeting high priority Scholae Palatinae persons of interest. Intelligence is continuing to work to decrypt the latest comm package we’ve received.

It is our analysis that within the next month a kidnapping or assassination attempt will be made with the intention of sparking an open rebellion against Scholae Palatinae’s attempts to control the Caperion System.

Read more about Scholae Palatinae's ongoing events here.

Wretched Hives of Scum and Villainy

Kasiya has been won! Clan Taldryan has secured victory in the Port Kasiya Invasion. With victory came the takeover of the Kasiya Tower, which is now the base of operations for House Ektrosis.

However, victory has come at a cost. Tensions in the Caelus System have risen further with Chancellor Ky'Lian blaming Clan Taldryan for the prison break on Orth that happened towards the end of the Kasiya Invasion. With high profile criminals scattered across the Caelus System, and evidence against Taldryan damning, the Clan has ventured forth to the prison to investigate what really happened. In the meantime, the Ember Swarm, led by the newly promoted Jorm, is investigating the leads into who was able to recently hack into Taldryan's communication and security systems.

What will they find? What deep horrors await those investigating the prison? Only time will tell...

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The Hunt Begins

The last few months have been filled with activity as the clan prepared for their new base on Daemunn. Thousands of tons of material poured into the system. With anything of this nature it did not go unnoticed. Pirates have harassed the supply lines destroying ships and stealing valuable cargo.

The final straw was a direct attack on 2 of Vizsla's corvettes operated by House Wren. The ever talented Shooter McGavin was dispatched to locate the pirates and their leader. Having located them on Daemunn, Korvis has declared a bounty on the leader and tasked the clan to destroy the pirates base. Not only will this end the pirate attacks in the system but clear the way for the construction on Daemunn

This wasn't just a hunt, it was war.

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