Clan Arcona

Clan of the Brotherhood
Arcona Invicta!
About Clan Arcona

As with all shadows, the Shadow Clan itself is neither Dark nor Light. Predominantly Gray, Arcona rules its home territory benevolently and focuses on maintaining a strong military and strict control of the system's underworld. The current First Clan of the Brotherhood, Arcona has won four Great Jedi Wars

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10/08/2023 Arcona: Post-War and Posting Jobs Qyreia Arronen Consul
07/09/2023 Arcona: I Wanted To Make a July Pun But I Already Did That Qyreia Arronen Consul
05/29/2023 Arcona: A Godhunt Gone (& Results) Qyreia Arronen Consul
03/19/2023 Arcona: Let the Godhunt Begin Qyreia Arronen Consul
02/23/2023 A Twin Tale of Arconae Shadow Scion Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir Proconsul
02/12/2023 Arcona: Alliances, Awards, and AVD Qyreia Arronen Consul
12/14/2022 [ARC-COU] Holiday Special Shadow Scion Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir Proconsul
11/20/2022 Arcona: November Forget It Qyreia Arronen Consul
10/12/2022 Arcona October Report: Let the Raid Begin! Qyreia Arronen Consul
09/15/2022 Arcona September Report: I'm Back, Schuttas! Qyreia Arronen Consul
07/10/2022 Arcona: Julyin' in the Sun Qyreia Arronen Consul
05/28/2022 Arcona: The Fifteenth Great War Intro Qyreia Arronen Consul
05/17/2022 Arcona May Report: Tunca Closeout & A New Consul Qyreia Arronen Consul
04/06/2022 Clan Arcona April Report Shadow Scion Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir Proconsul
01/10/2022 January 2022 Report: Darkest Hours Magistrate Eleceos Araave Consul
12/20/2021 Rollmaster Applications Open Magistrate Eleceos Araave Consul
12/05/2021 Clan Arcowona December Report Shadow Scion Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir Proconsul
09/28/2021 Clan Arcona September Report Shadow Scion Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir Proconsul
09/03/2021 PCON Selected, and Discord News Magistrate Eleceos Araave Consul
08/12/2021 A new Shadow Lord Emerges Magistrate Eleceos Araave Consul