PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #4


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #4

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Missing in Action

The Severian Principate welcomed representatives of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and, to the surprise of those in attendance, the Collective as well. During this diplomatic excursion, the Collective played their hand: a false-flag surprise attack on the Principate itself designed to frame the Brotherhood.

The many clans put on a show of force within the Lyra-3K-a System, completing many individual objectives along the way. In the end, the Principate received the evidence necessary to clear the Brotherhood's name and its standing with them. But it was not to be a complete victory. During the chaos, Evant Taelyan—the Deputy Grand Master—and representatives from each of the clans were taken captive by the Collective.

Now, their location and condition is unknown, though likely to become all the worse as time passes.

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From Lord to Lady
Having survived a recent attempt on his life during the final days of the war, Kordath Bleu retired from the consulship to focus on the things that truly mattered to him. Celebrations were held on Selen to commemorate Kordath’s marriage to the former Rollmaster, Zujenia. After the ceremony, Lucine Vasano ascended to the Serpentine Throne to serve as Arcona’s new Shadow Lady.

The slavers on Eldar are in a far less celebratory mood as House Galares attacked them in a bid to reclaim the planet. Meanwhile, House Qel-Droma is focusing more on defense. They have recently bought a few flights of A and B wings, and are hoping to get a bit of payback on the Dawn Conclave pirates who have been preying on ships near Port Ol’val.

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Naga Sadow
The final march to Orian quickly approaches for Clan Naga Sadow. Most recently, the Overlord called for a war simulation to test the battle preparedness of the Clan, and with the results in hand the final preparations are being made to launch the first attacks. The fleet of Sadow has been kept in position at an undisclosed location. The Collective have kept a steady hold on the Orian system, and thus the Quaestors of Houses Marka Ragnos and Shar Dakhan are currently mobilizing their respective forces to ensure victory. Given the history of system attack or occupation, orders are being circulated to minimize collateral damage. The Clan's Summit hopes to seize not only the planets of the system, but also the hearts of the people of the system. In the calm before the storm, rumors abound, and only time will tell how the coming days will shape those who affiliate with Clan Naga Sadow.

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Broken Defenses, Mysteries Abound

Odan-Urr has returned successfully home from the Lyra-3k-A system having learned more about the Severian Principate as well as carried out their mission given to them by Empress Kaltani, that of attacking the Collective directly for its acts of terrorism in the Kiast system. Home victorious, the Odanite Expeditionary Forces and the House Sunrider return to their homes as citizens of the Vatali Empire. It's mostly peaceful for once, the execution of the Vauzem Dominion removing the Empress's biggest headache. But strife is not gone yet.

Before the war, mysterious agents—thought to be part of the Collective—broke their way into the Kiast system by blowing a hole in its defenses. The weakness has been resolved for now but unknown agents got in nonetheless and we can assume it's only a matter of time before they acquire charts to get in and out of the system. Moreover, pirates in the system have already attacked and raided a mining outpost thought to be safe. No one was left alive but one coded message got through to the Vatali Fleet telling the Empress that the pirates had not only acquired more ships but newer models as well. Have the Quorahi tribes finally decided to unite? Who's behind these attacks? Where did the outsiders come from and what do they want?

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Mission Accomplished

A successful strike against active Collective splinter cells was completed in Aliso Space, with members of the Ascendent Fleet forcing remnants of Plagueis's enemy out of the system. Meanwhile, a deep purge of spies and insurrectionists has been decreed by the Dread Lord, as citizens and travelers within Aliso have been detained, questioned, and even executed.

An air of authoritarianism, as a result, pervades Aliso from the Pinnacle down, and it seems that the campaign has only just begun. Rumors are spreading of an even larger assault on Collective bases in the Unknown Regions, with the Ascendant Clan acting offensively rather than defensively in the aftermath of the Discord campaign.

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Scholae Palatinae
The End of an Empire

With the battle against the Collective in the Lyra-3K-a system fresh on the minds of Scholae Palatinae members, news of former Empress Elincia Rei's defection to the Collective and her subsequent death has been spreading. Citizens have been left reeling, wondering what could have sparked such a drastic turn of events. Various conspiracy theories have been brought forth, including one which proposes that the upper leadership of the clan was involved, the coup attempt leading to former Empress Rei's defection. The office of the Empress has declined to comment on any and all allegations.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, the Scholae Empire has gained the upper hand against the Meraxis Empire since their most recent conflict. Warships loyal to the new Empress Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter have set up a blockade in the skies over Seguk on the planet Seraph. Various forms of media around the nation were reported to have passed on the Empress’ message encouraging its citizens to revolt against their oppressive government or face death by bombardment.

Scholae Palatinae made an impressive show of force when they marched on the Meraxis capital of Nardash. Some members of the army were noted to support and encourage insurrection against Emperor Adoniram among Meraxis citizens. Meanwhile, Empress Nighthunter remained in orbit aboard the newly acquired Retribution, ready to carry out her threat if needed. The most recent update found the insurrection and sabotage efforts to be fruitful, and the fate of the fallen empire and that of Emperor Adoniram remains to be determined.

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Rising Tensions

The period of calm that Taldryan embraced earlier this year turned out to be short- lived. A wave of optimism followed the return of the Orthanc, the clan’s Interdictor Cruiser, but was quickly overshadowed by turmoil within the Clan and House Summits. By the end the Lyra-3K-a conflict, Taldryan’s Proconsul was missing, House Ektrosis had a new Quaestor, and House Archanis was in shambles, with its membership merged into Ektrosis.

Taldryan’s recovery following the Lyra Colony incident saw the appointment of a new Proconsul and a dramatic reorganisation of the Clan’s auxiliary divisions. Before they could reach a semblance of normality, Taldryan quickly discovered that their enemies had already smelled blood in the water. The first sign of trouble came when the Clan Summit discovered Collective cells covertly operating in the Caelus System.

Much to their chagrin, Taldryan was forced to accept aid from the other Clans to investigate the disturbance, only for an anti-Taldryan faction in the Caelus government to begin agitating for the current Chancellor, Ceyra Ky’Lian, to be removed from her position. The faction’s leader, Council President Kain Eriston, claims that the Lyra-3K-a hostilities—during which, as Eriston describes it, the Severian Principate was unwillingly dragged into the middle of a war due to the Brotherhood’s presence—foreshadow the future of the Caelus System under Taldryan’s continued influence. Eriston’s claims have begun to undermine the relationship between Taldryan and the people of Caelus, leaving the Clan on increasingly unsteady ground.

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New House on the Hunt

On the planet of Zsoldos, the population has tightened their purse belts in response to the announcement of House Wren. The leaders of Wren established their credit thirsty ways by triumphing in the Clan's first Great Hunt by finishing First and Second. A celebration was held at the great drinking hall Saga in honor of the House's opening and their leaders winning the Great Hunt. Warlord Rulvak Qurroc and Augur Amira Lux were quoted at the celebration party by stating "hide yo kids, hide yo wife. You don't have to come to us, we going to find you." Knight Appius Wight, the newly appointed Leader of Battleteam Deathwatch nodded in nervous and somewhat confused agreement with his House leaders.

In other Clan News, Vizsla accepted multiple contracts to provide protective services to the Dark Council. Five members of Clan Vizsla accepted secondary employment on the Grand Master's Royal Guard to include positions of prominence within the Guard. Clan Proconsul Val Cole weighed in by saying, "The Dark Brotherhood is good business. We slay, they pay."

Lastly, Clan Vizsla saw two key personnel movements within the last thirty days. The clan welcomed the former Fist and Emergency Fist Kalan Amak back to Zsoldos. Kalan was an emergency hire by the Grand Master and performed exceptionally and earned a pay raise. Meanwhile, Idris Adenn accepted a long term assignment as Voice of the Brotherhood. Adenn was heard lamenting the fact that he was transitioning from Mandalorians to Actors, but would do his best.

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