PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #5


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #5

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Dark Council
Tricky Transfers

The Brotherhood, under the guidance of Councillors Atra Ventus and Dacien Victae, facilitated the transfer of prisoners captured during the Lyra encounter from the Severian Principate. This transfer provided the Collective with an opportunity, one they took hold of gladly. On Tenixir, within the Varton system, a spark gave way to the flame of conflict once more.

But not all was as it appeared on the surface. Opportunities often cut both ways. While many prisoners embraced the mayhem, others sought another path. After all, they may all be prisoners in name but they weren't all zealots of the Collective's cause. The supermax prison had existed long before the events around Lyra and so, too, had its residents. With that knowledge in hand, thanks to a desperate transmission from the inside, the Brotherhood called on the members of its Clans to take arms once more. The focus of the operation would be quelling the breakout, while another hand moved in the shadows to bring the Deputy Grand Master back home—though in what condition remains to be seen.

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Advances, Delays and Unexpected Surprises
Trade negotiations between Arcona and the Severian Principate continue apace, despite a rocky start. Much to the Principate’s embarrassment, one of their delegates, a Collective sympathizer, tried to end the talks early by wearing a suicide bomb to the welcome gala. Fortunately, only the would-be terrorist was killed, thanks to the efforts of the healers and medics who were in attendance at the party. Since then, the members of the Arcona delegation have been using the incident to extract concessions from the Principate.

The members of House Qel-Droma have completed the construction of their new headquarters and have succeeded in driving the Dawn Conclave out of Port Ol’val. However, recently uncovered evidence indicates that the Dawn Conclave might have greater reach than originally thought.

The reconstruction of Eldar continues, though it is slowed by lack of manpower. The call has gone out to any settlers willing to come and make the planet their home. Meanwhile, the members of House Galeres have turned their attention to stemming the flow of drugs onto Selen. Though they have recently conducted a raid on a warehouse, they were unable to find any clues regarding the source of the drugs.

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Naga Sadow
Unrest in Orian
It is a time of change for the Orian System. The return of the Sadowans, thought to serve as the catalyst to a brief, newfound peace, did little to curb hostilities. In the interim time between the exile and return of the Sadowans, Collective ideology has become prominent among many who call the system home. Rumors and murmurings of revolution have already reached the leadership of the Sadowan Summit.

As elements of the Warhost and Orian Authority have moved to secure trade routes leading into Orian, a series of recovery efforts have begun. Beyond the restoration of damaged buildings in urban areas, plans have been drafted for the future: the construction of new factories, an increased job market and the strengthening of a new Orian Security Force are among the objectives of the Orian Authority. Meanwhile, the construction of a new temple on Sepros has begun. Houses Shar Dakhan and Marka Ragnos have begun operations to weed out discontent upon their respective planets as Naga Sadow fights to put out the last fires of dissent set by the retreating Collective.

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Peacekeepers and Explorers

Odan-Urr, like its spiritual forebears the Jedi Knights, has taken on the mantle of guardians of peace and justice. Since officially joining the Vatali Empire, pleas for help have been sent from its denizens and those near enough to hear of the Jedi of Kiast. Recently, unsanctioned slaving operations by local pirates and their Zygerrian allies have led Odan-Urr to Felucia, where they hope to save not only the missing Vatali citizens but the many others with them. Meanwhile, Odan-Urr is using their newfound goodwill to further explore the mysteries of the Force, investigating Force-sensitive locations across the Kiast system such as the Velastari Temple.

On the home front, the independent Quorahi Tribes that inhabit the lower portions of Kaist have banded together under the ideology of a strong nation that can rival the Vatali. The Vatali, still weakened after their war against the Dominion are uneager to dive into another war, however they keep a close watch on this new Quorahi Nation. House Sunrider is keeping close tabs on the mounting pressure the Quorahi Nation is putting on the region, but making sure not to directly be involved. That is until the Quorahi Nation started attacking Vatali military outposts. May the Force be with us.

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A Botched Victory

After unilaterally declaring war on Clan Vizsla due to a targeted bounty on a di Plagia, the Dread Lord of Plagueis sent the Ascendant Fleet and Ascendant Legion to assault and invade the mercenary clan's home planet Zsoldos. With the seizure of Saga Hall, the Ascendant Clan appeared to gain the upper hand, until the Grand Master called upon all clans to assist with the prison riots on Tenixir and rescue the Deputy Grand Master. Reluctantly, the Dread Lord has withdrawn all Plagueian forces from Zsoldos and agreed to a ceasefire with Declan Roark, though the antagonism between the two clans has only just begun.

Meanwhile, the initiator of the bounty on the di Plagia has been identified, and a thirst for vengeance seizes the ranks of Plagueis. The Dread Lord continues to consolidate power, especially after accusing her subordinates of undermining her decree and the war effort against Vizsla. Only time will tell if the Ascendant Clan must deal with a Mad King.

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Scholae Palatinae
A Disturbance on the Horizon

The Meraxis Empire's capital has been besieged and its denizens given a chance to dethrone the vile man which has made them suffer and fear. That invitation has changed the future for eternity. Emperor Adoniram has fallen. His own people rebelled, dragging the vile tyrant from his palace to be subsequently executed in the engulfing blaze of Sith Lightning. His reign of cruelty and ignorance is finished, replaced by the remnants of Meraxis and Scholae Palatinae. A phoenix rises from the ashes. Together, both factions have come to rebuild and establish order.

Even still, Empress Shadow Nighthunter has announced dissatisfaction with the performances of both House Imperium and House Excidium. She has declared a new House, the "Empire's Chosen" will be organized in their reconstruction. Now fully unbridled, free of the restraints of the enemy, the clan has vital time to refocus its attention on recovery and will prepare reforms for a new imperial era.

However, Scholae Palatinae has not gone unnoticed by outside forces. A dark, insidious menace stirs in the shadows, paving its inexorable path to the Caperion system. While most patriots turn their attention toward a new era of growth and revitalizing the stability of the fledgling empire, there are seeds of discontent on the wind which may spell the return of discord. Malice lurks like a patient hungry predator in unexpected places as a new mighty threat stands poised to make its first critical strike, ushering in a new period of sweeping dissention, brutal violence, and irrevocable change.

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From An Unsteady Ground Onto New Pursuits

The power of the dark side of the Force and its corruption has returned to the Caelus System…

Clan Taldryan has seen exponential growth in recent times, successfully rising above its most recent crisis. As unrest grew between Taldryan and the people of Chyron, an attempt on the Caelus System Chancellor’s life had been foiled and the capture of Caelus Council President Eriston as the culprit behind the plot and Collective sympathizing had taken place. Although tensions have simmered slightly, there is much work to be done - a new pro-Caelus but anti-Taldryan group has taken root and must be dealt with accordingly.

The Office of Secret Intelligence has been busy countering espionage efforts by the Arconan Dajorra Intelligence Agency, while simultaneously prying into the secrets of both Clans Arcona and Scholae Palatinae. Since the team was first forged months ago, Independent Battle Team Tavros continues to conduct and execute clandestine missions for Taldryan - having recently discovered and captured a Dark Jedi hiding on an uncharted planet. An unknown power has been sensed on the moon of Ostara, leading the Clan’s Force Mystics to investigate the source of the disturbance.

The Summit of Taldryan has sought to expand the Clan’s outside influence through the manufacturing front TEAD Technologies, seeking a license deal with industry leading BlasTech. Now commanded directly by the Taldryan’s military assets, the SRI has received valuable information regarding a planet close to the Caelus system and has sent a strike force to investigate whether there is anything afoot.

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The Trials of Ullr

The fires of combat have cooled across Zsoldos following the Plagueis incursion known as the "Tragedy of Annoyance." The Mandalorian Clan and its allies have since returned to the supporting commerce of the galaxy by offering their services to the Dark Brotherhood in its latest endeavors on Tenixir. Small teams of Mercenaries responded to the Brotherhood's call in an effort to secure additional riches for the Clan and their personal credit accounts.

On Zsoldos, preparations are underway for the Trials of Ullr. These annual trials see members of Clan Vizsla journey through the forests of Ullr in an effort to earn their armor's signet. Historically, the terrors within the forest have produced more deaths than signets, but the members of Clan Vizsla have yet to be deterred from seeking the honor of a personalized signet.

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