PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #6


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #6

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Dark Council
An Empire in Repair

The war has ended, but the scars remain. As the Collective has retreated to their holes to hide and lick their wounds, the Dark Council turns their attention to the rebuilding of Arx, Eos City, and the Iron Navy. There are many bodies to burn, and much knowledge lost as a result of the destruction of the Nesolat Platform and subsequent sacking of the Shadow Academy, though Eos City was spared the worst. Grand Master Telaris continues the pursuit of his promised Sith Empire with Evant nowhere to be found and no replacement for the Deputy, while thanking the Clans for their rescue of the Brotherhood home planet with bounties of credits and the gift of powerful artifacts. As recovery progresses, the Council looks to repair what they can not only of the Brotherhood's own resources, but also of the delicate alliances between the Brotherhood and the various factions they have interacted with, both the powerful Severian Principate and the unpredictable Tenixir Revenants, hoping for ever more power...

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Worst Vacation Ever

Upon returning to the Dajorra system after the war, the leaders of the Arconan houses had planned to return to their pet projects. For House Galeres, that meant returning to Eldar and helping to rebuild the Kaedean society. For House Qel-Droma, that meant bringing the Voidbreaker II to full operational capacity, so that they could resume the hunt for the Dawn Conclave.

However, the Shadow Lady had different plans. She insisted that the clan as a whole go on vacation at an exclusive resort on Selen. The fact that the clan was paying made the ‘forced’ vacation slightly more palatable.

Unfortunately, that vacation is turning out to be anything but relaxing. The Arconans now find themselves having to defend themselves from a pack of bloodthirsty creatures that were inadvertently freed from a centuries-old temple nearby. Worst. Vacation. Ever.

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Naga Sadow
Stability in Orian Threatened

Securing the Orian System had matured into a full-fledged and forbiddingly contentious operation. Splinter cells of insurgents have risen in number, increasing a footprint of resistance against the Clan. Though Clan Naga Sadow liberated the system from the bloody grip of the Collective, the people remain divided and unsure of Sadowan intentions. Their return has been marked with obstacles at every turn. Even when faced with peaceful political negotiations, the populace has met clan machinations with bitter accusation and suspicion.

The Overlord of the Clan has depleted his reserve of patience catering to the needs of the Orian system. The outliers and the Collective-loyalists among them see this as a slight. This perceived slight has resulted in isolated incidents of violence against the general populace and security officers furnished by the Warhost. With these acts, the Warhost has struggled to peacefully continue the infrastructure rebuild throughout the system.

In response, the Summit has thrown into motion a new operation that will change the dynamics and outlook of the Orian system.

Read more about Naga Sadow's ongoing events here.

Cartel Woes and Spelunking on Jedha

Odan-Urr has kept itself busy as peacekeepers, this time traveling to the far reaches of the galaxy all to the moon or Dorumaa, where our intrepid heroes successfully took out the sole manufacturing plant of a deadly drug ravaging the galaxies' biggest cities. In the process, the Perlemian Cartel is quite pissed off at Odan-Urr but doesn't yet know where to find us or how best to strike back. They are digging though. SeNet is keeping an eye on things but so far our enemies outside DB space are still grasping in the dark. Who will win the game of cat and mouse?

Meanwhile, Odan-Urr is continuing its investigations into the Force on Jedha, more specifically focusing on ancient Jedi sights and the light side of the Force. So far, we've found a 'Cave of Light' that appears to be a map of sorts to other archeological caves of interest that might hold important artifacts. Jedha has the potential to hold many secrets, particularly in a site known as the 'Cradle of the Wanderer', after a ruined ancient Jedi statue guarding the spot. What secrets lie underneath?

On the home front, the Quorahi people have come together as one united nation of states, fighting for more power in the Vatali Empire. Unknown to the Quorahi though, it's been infiltrated by those seeking personal gain and have manipulated events away from a peaceful solution. The seat of the Vatali Empire is threatened. Will Sunrider get there in time to help their fellow citizens find peace once more?

Read more about Odan-Urr's ongoing events here.

It is Inevitable

Following the defense of Arx, Plagueis has been developing a wide array of new facilities to assist with "asset" collection and conditioning, as well as forging new trade deals and economic goals in order to become the modern Sith Empire it claims to be.

Meanwhile, a cluster of dartships filled with Killiks from the Oetteo hive are descending upon Aliso. Their target: The Valneikian Spire, where the Valneikian Hive resides. Unbeknownst to even the Dread Throne, their Geonosian allies are in danger, while phantoms lurk among asteroids, and a familiar face returns to the system...

Read more about Plagueis' ongoing events here.

Scholae Palatinae
Imperial Rebuild Ongoing

The forces of Scholae Palatinae return from the war on Arx a battered, bruised, and weary husk of a once proud Clan. The Empress has taken the initiative to appoint a host of new leaders to replenish the losses and steer Scholae Palatinae forward towards a glorious rebirth. While a new Proconsul for CSP and an Aedile for Empire’s Chosen have been forged in fire and taken up their mantle of leadership the hunt for a Roll-Master continues.

The first needed reform conducted has been the complete overhaul of the Imperial Scholae Navy and the Imperial Scholae Army. A once bloated and incoherent military apparatus has been modernized and standardized with the most cutting edge ground forces and a small cadre of elite capital ships to defend the Caperion System. The crown jewel of this initiative has been the christening of the ISD-II Palpatine and the establishment of the Imperial Throne on the Golan-I Judecca Station.

Beyond the military might and the continued development of the Caperion System the members of CSP themselves have begun a needed training program to prepare for the coming trials and tribulations that the cessation of an active war can bring as storm clouds appear on the horizons. Project Phoenix was launched – a massive exercise that coincided with the Clan taking ownership and moving their headquarters to Judecca Station that re-established the active membership base and gave rise to the new Director of Imperial Scholae Intelligence – Mune!

Taking up this new mantle, Mune proposed an additional training exercise to the Empress that was approved – taking place upon the Nethal Archipelago. Teams of operatives sought to secure a powerful object as old allies became adversaries in a high stakes game to assert dominance in the new hierarchy of the Clan.

Read more about Scholae Palatinae's ongoing events here.

Victory at Arx, but Disaster at Home

Having heeded the call to assist in the Dark Council's defense during the Siege of Arx - even at the loss of their flagship and the sole Secutor-class Star Destroyer in service to the clans, the Resurgent - Taldryan has proved themselves a worthy adversary among the clans once more. The only clan to assist in the aid of ACE's shipyard and business hub Mattock Station has been rewarded with a specialized Star Destroyer built by the engineers at Arx Capital Exchange, with plans to use it on their next flagship. Yet all is not rosey back home. An unknown enemy force with military vessels has begun to move it's way into the Caelus System, with their first strike on Taldryan assets Refinery Alpha, the largest Clouzon-36 refinery on the planet and a major source of revenue for the Clan's coffers.

As the Clan returns home to this inner-system disaster, their community outreach program begins contacting those affected while the Force Mystics begins scouring the future for any further attacks. Though the deal with TEAD Technologies and BlasTech fell through, the corporation looks for new avenues with galactic leaders. Vornskr Battalion has continued to take various contracts in the pursuit of credits, absorbing Tavros as an elite operations team.

Though the Collective have been pushed into recluse, Taldryan must confront a new enemy - already proven to be ruthless with no regard for civilian life - on their home turf, without the power of a true flagship to project their might.

Read more about Taldryan's ongoing events here.

The Echoes after War

Profit. That's what war is to Vizsla. Having engaged the Collective forces assaulting Arx—not without contracts in hand—that's just what Vizsla has gained. Yet there will always be another battle to be fought, and Vizsla stands ready. "Credits, not words", as they so often say. From those profits the coalition of mercantile forces have designed and constructed their newly minted Sundari Station. Just one more expansion for a Clan making its name known throughout the Brotherhood, ready to take on ever increasing challenges. Even if that challenge might be the very Clans that came before them.

Read more about Vizsla's ongoing events here.





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