PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #7


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #7

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Dark Council
Silence and Whispers

The rebuilding of Arx continues as the scars created during the war have slowly vanished. The Grand Master’s ambitions for his new Sith Empire remain unabated as the Brotherhood’s resources are pushed to their limits in building and supplying armaments for the Dark Council and the Clans. Rumors spread that Telaris’ former Deputy, Evant Taelyan, is not dead but in recovery. With no replacement appointed, greater pressure has been placed upon the Dark Council than ever before.

Skirmishes fought in the shadows have begun to occur between the Shroud Syndicate, the Tenixir Revenants, and the Hutt Cartels. The fragile territorial agreements between the criminal groups appear to be nearing the breaking point, as the Severian Principate continues to pressure the Brotherhood to fully extinguish their former prisoners.

The months of silence from spies embedded within the Collective continue, the hushed whispers that Rath Oligard may have survived being the only word from the Brotherhood’s most formidable enemy. The silence from the Collective is only further amplified by whispers of a powerful Force User making his way through the Outer Rim…

Read more at the Fiction Center.

Holiday Chaos

Even as the Arconans were starting to recover from their disastrous vacation, a new threat has appeared. With the kidnapping of a few Clan members and the Citadel under attack, the holiday season is proving to be anything but quiet.

Despite the chaos, the bureaucratic machine rolls on, as Qyreia Arronen and Sera Kaern step forward to take the reins of leadership of House Galeres. They and their opposite number in House Qel-Droma will surely have their hands full pursuing their respective goals, even as whispers start to rise of a monstrous and familiar creature prowling the streets of Celeste.

Read more about Arcona's ongoing events here.

Naga Sadow
No Peace for Orian

While Clan Naga Sadow has made its rule public, it has not brought about the peace the Summit had hoped for. The announcement of peace for the obedient was transmitted to the populace, which prompted a violent response which disturbed public utilities throughout the Orian system.. Splinter cells of unrest forced the Overlord to commit further resources to establish internal peace within the system. A price of blood was paid by those who rebelled against Naga Sadow’s rule, be it in the jungles of Sepros or wherever they might be found. The Clan has quashed the uprising, and the Summit has been in discussion on how to best make an example of the disloyal. The Overlord has declared that regardless, these shows of disobedience must end.

In the midst of the continued campaign to secure lasting peace, House Shar Dakhan was diverted back to Inos. Reports arrived of strange appearances of menacing apparitions and baffling attacks on the residents of Inos Thirteen outpost. This became more concerning when a Sadowan corvette was found abandoned over Inos Thirteen. Upon an attempted rescue, it was that a gravitational field emanated from the moon. This anomaly nearly took the corvette down to the surface, and succeeded in nearly destroying a cruiser sent to recover the corvette. The location of the threat, it seemed, had been confirmed.

Meanwhile, House Marka Ragnos has been dealing with a complication of its own. Knight Corvo of the Night Hawks has recently received intel on the location of an Ancient Relic. The Artifact, though of unknown origin, was found on the surface of Tarthos. How it came to be on the planet, and yet not to have been catalogued in the Markosian Cathedral is unknown. With a former Dlarit Corporation employee acting as a point of contact for the Battleteam, Corvo and the Battle Team were dispatched to the surface to assess the situation and to recover the object as discreetly as possible.

With the order and security of the system in mind, the Overlord has knuckled down. Looking to the Warhost and the Clan, a plan is forming. Be it through strategy and cunning or an iron fist, the Summit is determined to secure the Orian System once and for all. Read more about Naga Sadow's ongoing events here.

As the Force Whills it

The expedition to discover more about the Guardians of the Whills led Odan-Urr to another ruin on Jedha called the Cradle of the Wanderer. The race to acquire its secrets was on. Religious cults, rogue Force worshipers, and criminal gangs were all vying for the contents promised by the ancient glyphs strewn across the wreckage of Jedha’s temples. Odan-Urr’s intel from the Cave of Light allowed it to get a head start, wherein they found tempting artifacts that drew unwanted attention and garnered new friends. Besieged on all sides, Odan-Urr peacekeepers kept the camp safe while the archaeologists raced against time. With little time to spare and the team low on supplies and volunteers, Odan-Urr finally found the treasures they were looking for in the form of very special artifacts. Deciphering their knowledge had only just begun when they were told to pack up and head home. Disappointed but hopeful, the Odanites were excited to learn more, already having deciphered key words like ‘Children of the Whill’ and having discovered texts written in the same language as the Rammahgon.

With their new discoveries, Odan-Urr is one step closer to unlocking ancient secrets promised in the Cave of Light. Once back on Kiast, Odanites continued their research. One of the texts, seemingly out of place, mentioned a once coveted artifact lost to time. Will Odan-Urr find it first or will someone beat them to it?

The push for Quorahi independence came to a head with open attacks against the Vatali nobles. Led by the maleficent Commodore Arcturus, the Quorahi Nation attacked Voraskel Palace. The joint forces of Sunrider and the Vatali Royal Guard defended the palace, neutralized the Commodore, and silenced the rebellion for good. A trial was held for the conspirators and the Quorahi Nation rejoined the Kiast Empire under the Foothold Concordant. Now that the dust has settled, Sunrider turns to unanswered questions. How did Arcturus maintain his reserve force without detection? Who trained him in the Force? The answers could be devastating.

Read more about Odan-Urr's ongoing events here.


Within the preceding months, Plagueis has been recuperating from a Killik invasion and strike from the Phantom Assembly, led by former di Plagia Laren Uscot, who surprised no one with this sudden but inevitable betrayal. The Circle's destruction has dealt a symbolic blow to the Clan, pushing Dread Lord Ronovi Tavisaen to reorganize the House Tyranus summit and order the construction of both the Helot Prison Complex and Damask Academy, the latter being where, as the clan states, the real learning begins.

Meanwhile, intel from TuQ'uan Varick di Plagia indicates that Uscot's next target is Myrkr, a planet that potentially houses an artifact that could provide more power and energy to the clan's industries and ranks. Tavisaen has begun drafting a military order to quietly travel to the planet in order to search for the relic. However, Plagueis may not be alone in seeking it out...

Read more about Plagueis' ongoing events here.

Scholae Palatinae
Assassinations and Machinations

The Imperial Clan, fresh from their failed contribution to the Great Jedi War, faces a challenge in discovering the assassin of a leader on the world of Seraph. Utilizing all Clan forces at hand, they have found cracks within the theocratic nature of The Republic of the Force government. Religious fanatics fight for control of the heavily factionalized government with the Wards of the Force coming out near the top.

The Wards have consistently blamed the Scholaeans for the assassination of TRF leader. This has made diplomacy near-impossible, has ramped up critiques against the Clan’s use of force against the Meraxis, and leads some analysts to think of the worst possible outcome. For some, this can only mean one thing: invasion.

While the Clan prepares for the fallout of these political implications they have partaken in their annual tradition of Sithmas and spent much time consolidating and welcoming in a fresh wave of new membership with an eye for growth in the coming year.

Read more about Scholae Palatinae's ongoing events here.

Out of the Fire and Into the Flames

Battered and bruised by the loss of a Scion of Taldryan and the Clan’s flagship during the Collective invasion of Arx, Taldryan intended to return to the Caelus System to regroup and plan for the future. Before the Clan members who had helped defend Arx could return home, though, a new threat appeared: a rogue Victory-class Star Destroyer and two escorts attacked Perune’s fuel refineries, one of the centres of Taldryan’s economic power. The assault threw the Clan’s civilian and military hierarchy into disarray, grinding their response to a halt for months while the Taldryan Navy struggled to find enough fuel to keep up its regular patrols, let alone search for the attackers. The only clue to their attackers’ identity was that Taldryan’s cabal of seers had failed to predict the attack in their vision, raising the spectre of a new, Force-sensitive threat to the Clan.

In the face of this new danger and with their relationship with the Caelus Council still being rocky, Consul Ténama insisted that the Clan go forward with its plans to relocate away from the system’s population centre of Chyron. Thus, Taldryan continued with the expansion plans they had made after the Collective’s attempted coup earlier in the year, and began to establish a small military presence on the nearby moon of Ostara—a celestial body steeped in the Force and home to an ancient, abandoned temple. The urgency of the move combined with the Clan’s disorganisation has caused several hitches in the operation, however, and how they deal with this new adversary remains to be seen.

Read more about Taldryan's ongoing events here.

A Song of Ale and Hunts

The mercenaries of Clan Vizsla spent the majority of the last few months celebrating the end of the war and a large influx of new contracts.

The cantina on Sundari Station is almost always full these days—more contracts means more credits, and more credits means more drinks for all—and while the clan celebrates, its leadership prepares for even greater things.

There are even rumors of a Great Hunt in the future, an event with special significance for all members of Clan Vizsla.

Read more about Vizsla's ongoing events here.



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