Seals of Loyalty: Star Wars Day


Seals of Loyalty: Star Wars Day

Greetings all,

Happy Star Wars Day! On this day every year, the leaders of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood award Seals of Loyalty to those who show allegiance and consistent service. Nominated by each Dark Council member, Consul, Tribune, Society Leader, Justicar and the Star Chamber.

Congratulations to all.

Evant / Darth Nehalem

Congratulations to all the recipients!!

Congrats everyone!


Congrats, all you amazing people!

Congrats to everyone.

Congrats all!

Well-earned! ^^

Congratulations!!!! Well earned!

Nice work Appius, Jala, Aylin, and Rian!! And all you others of course!

Whooo Congrats everyone!!!!!! Great work everyone!!

Congratulations to our Seal of Loyalty recipients!

Congratulations everyone

Congrats and well done, everyone! May the Force be with you!

Congrats all!

Congrats everyone!


Thanks! And congratulations everyone! May the Fourth be with you!

Congratulations to everyone!

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