The Birth of a New Clan


The Birth of a New Clan

Greetings all,

Today I have the pleasure of announcing the formation of our first new Clan since 2010. As many of you will remember, a couple of months back we released policies on proposing, and forming, new Clans. We found that based on the success and novelty of Odan-Urr, closing ourselves to member proposals on units with new concepts was unwise. These policies enable us to accept new ideas and to expand the Brotherhood in intriguing ways. And so, we found ourselves with one such proposal that was widely viewed by the Dark Council, Consuls, and the Star Chamber as filling a niche that could expand the membership experience in positive ways. We carefully considered this proposal based on what new elements it brought to the Brotherhood, our goals for the wider Brotherhood experience, the current state of members and leaders in the club, and related factors. Consuls and the Star Chamber were consulted prior to a final decision being made on the unit, as is described in our policies.

I am pleased to announce that Clan Vizsla is a new Mandalorian-themed unit that is open to members of all Paths. The unit emphasizes a rich Star Wars tradition in the theme of bounty hunters and mercenaries that are inspired by Vizsla, but opens its doors to a variety of membership experiences that focus on making a profit, including members of Force-using Orders. The Consul of the new unit, Grand Master Declan Roark, will introduce his new unit to the Brotherhood in the coming days. We are particularly excited about the opportunities Vizsla presents to the club, given the upcoming Mandalorian television series, and the popularity of characters as distinct as Boba Fett and Sabene Wren. This is one Clan concept that, even before we had a policy to cover the formation of new Clans, had been requested by multiple unconnected groups of members. The proposal itself was incredibly well crafted and detailed, and the success of the proposal is a testament to the hard work and effort put in by Vizsla's new members. Over the next few days, the Clan will be added to our site and our Wiki. As resources update, we may experience some site-based hiccups, so please be patient with us and let us know if you experience anything odd on the site.

With the opening of Clan Vizsla, we are adding the members that signed on to the project to the Clan's roster. These members will form the core group that leads this clan into the future through a two month probationary period for new units. For those of you first hearing about Clan Vizsla, there is still an opportunity to learn about and consider joining the new unit this weekend, before the unit receives a transfer hold that will last the next two months. You can read more about Vizsla in a post that Declan has made about the new unit on Discourse, and I am sure you will hear more from the unit in the coming days.

We hope you all are as excited as we are to see another unit. We believe every one of our current units offers a unique membership experience and contributes positively to the club's wider culture, and we see Clan Vizsla as complimenting the club quite well. And as before, if you have ideas for a new unit, please consult our policies on the formation of new Clans, and don't hesitate to reach out to the Deputy Grand Master and I.

Finally, in wider Brotherhood news, the Deputy Grand Master and I are reviewing applications for Regent now, and are just starting to look over applications for Fist. If you think you have what it takes to serve on the Dark Council, consider applying for one of these positions!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Wahoo Clan VIZSLA!

Vizsla??? really??? the guy who lost to a half sith zabrak lol

Congratulations and best of luck!

Vizsla??? really??? the guy who lost to a half sith zabrak lol


The first Mandalorian Jedi who wielded the Darksaber. Just depends on what scion you want to focus on :p

:) I'm looking forward to many successes for each individual member of the clan. Wahooo!

Nice to see a Mandalorian themed Clan arise, great timing! Think it will do well.

Im excited to see this niche being filled in the DJB. With the ideas and policies that are/will be created I think itll have a meaningful impact on the future of the club as well.

Hmmm, I figured Tarentum would have been re-opened with a new vision and purpose instead of a new Clan entirely.

Congrats on your shiny new clan.

Will the proposal itself be posted to the Site/Wiki/Discourse at some point. Seems like this would be the "bar" by which to set other proposals being compared now and would give members a better idea in the future of what to bring to the table if they ever wanted to draft a proposal.

Uji, it’s linked in my report

Excellent initial report.

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