FIST Gaming Network #5


FIST Gaming Network #5


Dark Brotherhood News - When in doubt contact the FIST!

Ok as a small departure from my normally fun opening message I’m just going to highlight a big mental note for every member of the gaming community and in the DJB at large. If you have a question about something, unsure of the rules or if you hear/see something that seems shady contact the FIST staff immediately. We are here to help you and answer your questions. There is nothing more enjoyable for us than to be able to review your submissions and get them approved ASAP. What we don’t enjoy is bringing the hammer down on anyone but we will when we have to. So as a reminder all our contact information is at the end of this report, please use it at anytime we are here for you.

Unfortuantely the staff have found issues that as you are all aware ranging from Destiny Raiding, Diablo 3 on consoles and Gorefest submissions. These are all serious topics so please read these notices and if you have any questions please contact us right away!


News for Gamers

Unfortunately in the gaming world actually real news about upcoming games will start to dry up a a little. Why you may ask well you see with the E3 expo coming up June 13th to the 15th, most companies wait till then to announce their biggest news of the year. In the meantime I’ll give you what tidbits I do have for now. Feel free to follow IGN’s latest info and coverage of the the event HERE

  • Of course the biggest game we are all keeping an eye on is Star Wars: Battlefront 2, released a new video going into depth on the new “hero” of the game Iden Versio. Check it out here. I hope E3 gives me plenty of new stuff to report on but in the meantime we all just have to hope on this one.

  • So Heroes of the Storm 2.0 went live right after my last report went up and the new loot box system and other cosmetic changes are definitely fresh and fun. With the new version comes changes to the map rotation and the newest hero Overwatch’s D.Va.

  • It’s time for Overwatch’s 1 year anniversary which will have a event kick off on May 23rd to June 12th Trailer. Full details of the event are not known yet but there are rumors of new skins, maps and other goodies. Along with a OW game of the year edition for those of us that don’t already own the game. Which if you don’t there will be a Play for FREE weekend from May 26 to the 29th. If you have it on PS4/Xbox and want to try the PC version this is your chance!

  • Bungie released 7 mins of Destiny 2 Gameplay and other game details today. IGN has all the details. I will also leave up the information on the Beta test and as of now only preorders are getting that privilege. If there will be a open beta or other ways to get in on it we will have to keep you posted. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Destiny 2 Beta site for any updates!

  • Amazingly Destiny 2 will be available through blizzard’s service as well when it hits on PC after it releases on consoles first.

Gaming Deals - A place where if I find a good sale I’ll pass it along.

  • IGN has a nice Deals page which lists some of the web’s biggest gaming deals.

  • Also Reddit has a gaming sales page.

  • Good Old Games is a good site to find older games for a good price. Every now and then the Old Star Wars games do go on sale so keep an eye out.

  • Steam as always has something on SALE, including the old SW games as well. BTW if you're not already in the DJB Steam group let us know.

  • Humble Bundle has a Indie Bundle


Gaming Comps


Important FIST Information

Below are all the links you will ever need to either contact the FIST staff, join a gaming channel, look up a rule or game mode cluster value. I will update this as needed with each report.

  • Rites of Combat - is the place to find all the rules for gaming in the DJB.
  • FIST-o-matic - a quick guide on how to use the Telegram fistbot.
  • Pendant of Blood - how to earn PoB’s.
  • Cluster Tables - is the place to find out what game mode offerr what Cluster (Earth and Fire) value.
  • Tier 1 and Teir 2 games - os the complete list of all our approved game AND SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS! Not sure what shot to submit look HERE!
  • Don’t forget we have our very own Teamspeak Server. It’s a great way to voice chat with your fellow members and also a great way to communicate when gaming. Check out the details.

  • Just log on using this information - Server Address: and the password is DJBrulez1

How to contact the FIST staff anytime using these methods:



Nice report, Edgar, with lots of good info. Love the layout and graphics, this is tight.

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