ACC Staff: Newcomers Aul Celsus and Lucine Vasano


ACC Staff: Newcomers Aul Celsus and Lucine Vasano


This'll be short and sweet. Apologies for the unannounced extension on the applications, that was entirely my bad. I accept my lumps with a chin held high. That said, once again I find myself making a double hire as one of my current staff has come to the decision to step down.

So, it is a double edged sword I present! One side of mourning, the other rejoicing! Let's get to the facts.


Qyreia Steps Down

Always a source of the realism perspective and a healthy dose of sass, Qyreia was a judge that keeps the entire staff honest. He was and still is a great resource for discussion and the finer points of writing. His decision to step down leaves a bitter taste, but it's a decision he feels is for the best. I wish him luck, and may he know that Blade is already practicing to fill his witty shoes. Please tell her to stop...


New Challengers Approach

With the additional opening, I was able to select two of the top applicants for the open space. Now that's a good feeling. It's not fun having to tell hopefuls that they weren't selected, so being able to give an extra "yes" is fun.

I hope everyone can welcome Aul Celsus and Lucine Vasano to the ACC staff. As a bit of history for these two, they are both notable participants of separate ACC events.

Aul took the runner-up slot in the first and, so far, only Journeyman tournament. In it he showed an understanding of the system that was on par with even veteran Equites. He put on a great show and his enthusiasm hasn't curbed even a little. I look forward to his scientific perspective coming into the discussion and what I hope will be an infectious attitude. He brings with him real life experience, having to deal with and offer up feedback on a variety of topics. He brings with him many skills that will be useful for the staff as a whole.

Another runner-up, but no less diminished, is Lucine Vasano from the recent ACC phase I event. She took us all by surprise and nearly clipped Kordath's wings, stealing first in an event that had more participation than any ACC competition that came before it. Another individual with an infectious personality, Lucine will be a great addition. While starting with some misconceptions, she demonstrated the self-awareness to accept the judgement feedback and develop as the event went on, rarely making the same mistake once it had been shown to her. This ability to both take and give feedback will be useful in her role.

Again, please join me in welcoming them. Congratulations to you both.


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,


Go bestprentice! Congrats Aul and Lucine, and thank you, Q!

Well done and congrats to the new staff. Make us all proud with your judge-mental-ness. :D


Thank you, Q, for your service to the ACC. Congrats to Lucine and Aul.

Blaaaaade, wit kills people! (Zeltrons with datapads, sw editions of Llamas with Hats.)


Congrats you two!

Welcome to Lucine and Aul!

I wish him luck, and may he know that Blade is already practicing to fill his witty shoes. Please tell her to stop...

Much funny. Very sass. So wit. Wow.

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