Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #3: Dogs of War


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #3: Dogs of War


Hey You

Summer is officially here! Or at least as far as I can tell, everyone is complaining about the heat so it must be summer! With that comes all the summer hype: Festivals and concerts are being hosted, Game of Thrones starts up again in just under a month, and who isn't excited about no school and shorter work commutes?! For those that would rather enjoy their time out of the heat, E3 announced a new Star Wars Battlefront (see below) and the long awaited GJW XII has some important updates!

E3 battlefront 2 youtube


Another Brick in the Wall

As you all may know, GJW XII will be beginning August 1st. At this point you've heard from just about everyone on the topic. What kind of competitions, roughly how many, and how it will all be structured in general. The ACC Tournament will be a 2 part event with one taking place before and one during the GJW. Arden has a lot of good things regarding the subject in his latest Rollmaster's Report. Those of you that are new to the ACC, I highly recommend giving it a read. As of now, we can expect the GJW to be a lot like the last Plagueis event as far as how many and what kind of weekly competitions will be offered. As Kelly mentioned in her last Quaestor Report, were looking at about 8-10 competitions per week. The biggest difference being in the rewards. As always, club-wide events such as these start at a higher reward cap. So if you've been window shopping at the item stores, this will be your chance to really rack up some credits for the things you want! In addition, the FIST has some news in regards to a new kind of competition we can expect to see in the upcoming war.


Shine on you Crazy Diamond


We Don't Need No Education

  • Bal Demona- Trial of Acquisition
  • Azmodius Equesinfernum- Dark Maven in Philosophy, Writing, and Legends, Leadership Reports
  • Obsidian- Regions of the Galaxy, Ranged Weaponry Studies, Planets and Moons, GMRG History, Combat Tactics 101: Land Vehicles
  • Vanessa Rhode- Dark Pundit in Vendetta, Sith Order Core, Comms 102: Telegram, Comms 103: DJBWiki (An Introduction), Gaming 102: Fist-o-matic

Kelly Mendes has risen to GMRG X and Inquisitorius X: Chief Inquisitor.

Obsidian has risen to Inquisitorius IV: Apprentice Inquisitor and SA VII: Graduate.

Congratulations to you both!!!



The Gold It's in You?


Goodbye Blue Sky

And with that I'll conclude this brief Pink Floyd-y report. Be sure to check out the links as theres a lot of good stuff mentioned in those and competitions in between are always great for keeping oneself ready. Im sure Drac will have more to say regarding Battlefront II closer to its release, after the staff has had time to assess, for now, get hyped and enjoy the summer in any way you can! In the meantime, I'll be hitting up heavy metal concerts with Furios :P

Black Metal Cat

Everyone get qualified in the ACC ASAP. Every participant counts so do your part and reap the rewards.

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