Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #3 - The Hype Train Rolls on


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #3 - The Hype Train Rolls on


The Blade sends

Welcome one again Pallians to the Aedile report! I will be short and sweet in this one as I wait to list all your amazing achievements in the Rite of Supremacy. Unless you have lived under a rock or with Luke Skywalker for this past few weeks, you will know of the massive event that is going down right now under our very noses.

I hope you have all subscribed to at least one event in every bin, and if you haven't, what are you doing?? You have 2 days left to submit your phase 1 competition entries as it closes at midnight on the 22nd of the month (Monday).

Go out there, do all the things™ or at least most of the things and earn us points. The more participation we get from our amazing members, the more points we get. What do points make? No! Not prizes! (although they do) but if (WHEN) we win, we get the title of First Clan of the Brotherhood! Now don't you want that for all of us? Go do things!


New Joins

No new joins this time, but we await more turning to the Dark side haha!


Competition update

Right now, the only focus is on the Rite of Supremacy so go do the things and make us proud!


Other News from the Brotherhood

HKM Quaestor Report - Here

HAP Quaestor Report - Here

The RoS Hype Train! - Here

Ending Words

As always, Participate. Participation earns us points, which we need to prove our worth. I know you all have it inside you and I want you to show it. Do as much as you can, pallians. Make Plagueis proud, let's be First Clan!

I am, your servant,

Taranae Rhode, Blade of the Fallen


Short yet sweet.

Not only do we get the title of First Clan, but we also get a toooooooon of credits. Like, enough to modify our entire fleet.

So let's show 'em who's boss, Plagueis!


Hype train, folks.

Awesome report!!

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