And of Things Death Cannot Take - An HMR QUA report


And of Things Death Cannot Take - An HMR QUA report

A final report from Muz as Marka Ragnos Quaestor, including a touch of fiction, some much deserved kudos, and the passing of the torch as Muz retires again. Brought to you by the letters H, M, and R.


ADS Fallen Spear
Tarthos Orbit
Sadow Space

He watched as the pale blue of early morning faded to the pitch black of space, the blues deepening as though he himself were waking up, staring off into the nothingness of everything.

The chirp of his commlink rang from his arm, and he absentmindedly activated it, the pale flickering blue form of the Consul wafting out into the air before him.

"It's time." Muz spoke.

Sang's head nodded slowly. This was not altogether unexpected, after all. "Kojiro has been briefed?"

Muz nodded his head slightly, watching him for his response. There was a pregnant pause, a long delay and several breaths before the Consul spoke again.

"When can we expect your return?"

Muz smiled slightly. "I'll always be around."


When I first signed back on to take over Quaestor, it was always going to be a limited term engagement. I am a retired Grand Master, and while I have the skills to handle the gig, It doesn't make sense for me to stand in the way of younger members who are eager for the experience. So I told Locke and Sang that I would step up, do some work to help Marka Ragnos stabilize and find it's feet, help train up Kojiro (back then, Ophelia) so he could take the slot, and basically make it so that the Clan summit did not have to pay that much attention to this side of the clan. After having discussed with just about everyone involved, and a rapidly increasing draw on my time from real life obligations, I have decided it is time for me to step back again.

I have had the great fun and privilege of working with some of the most dedicated people around. I will be retiring to the Night Hawks, where I started this journey all those years ago, and continue to advice people, whether they like it or not. Haha. I have a great feeling for the future of the House and Clan, and you can bet your tail that I am looking forward to what we can do in the coming war. (AUGUST 1!)

So, for some pats on the back:

Firith, the old curmudgeon and stalwart fighter for the clan was recently awarded a Grand Cross of the Dark Side. That is a pretty major award, and it reflects the amount of time and energy that he puts in. Additionally, it is awesome to see that there are a lot of 'newer' members who aren't so very much 'newer' in life. Beneath his grumpiness, there is wisdom, beneath his bluntness, there is experience. I am proud to have worked with him, and super pleased to have seen him rewarded.

Ashia, as many of you know, is my real life and in-character wife (because if she was one and not the other, i imagine things would be suuuuppppeeeerrrr weird), and as such, has been a de facto left hand for me. These last few months, she has come away from that a fair bit, venturing out on her own and working with other people to help progress their characters and their own stories. I have always had a hard time giving her praise for her DB work publically, due to fear of perception of bias, but her work has always been exemplary and fun to read. She has recently gotten an Anteian Cross for her efforts.

Tasha, you have been a good friend through the transition. I know that stepping down from Qua was not something that you ever really wanted to have to do, but there is a calm grace in doing what is needed, even when you do not like it. And while most would descend into a pit of self-loathing and bitterness about it, you resisted, sticking around and offering advice, offering to work on things, trying to stay involved in the work, which is super admirable. I hope that you continue to do so, as the House is more than just who is sitting in the chair, it is all of us working together.

Armad, you beast.People often miss out what Armad does, because he does not pat himself on the back or brag about things. but there he is, every time something is going on, quietly doing the work, putting in the hours and submissions to build things up for the clan and the house. I have been back and forth on what we were going to get for Armad since Locke was Consul, and I am finally glad to see that a Sapphire Blade found it's way to him. It is that kind of persistence and sustained activity that will win the day as we stare down the GJW, and I am happier that he is with us than anywhere else.

DarkHawk took the reigns for the Night Hawks when I stepped up to QUA, and he has done a fine job. Those first gigs, leading a battleteam when you haven't done any sort of leadership (in the DB, anyway) can be frustrating and hard to figure out. there are loads of resources, to be sure, but it can still really burn your biscuits. DarkHawk has navigated those twists and turns like a champ, learning so very much more with each passing month (speaking of which, his current event is still live for a few more days, go check it out here: ). He's humble, but steady, always seeking to do more, to learn more, and to help improve the clan. I am sure that we will continue to see more and more from him.

Kojiro, working with me personally can be frustrating, especially as I am trying to teach you something, let alone something as multi-faceted and complicated as leadership. Turning that frustration into something useful, something constructive, and actually coming away with the lesson intact has been your forte, although sometimes I have had to beat it into your head with blunt force trauma. Yet, I am still impressed with how much you managed to soak up in our time working together, despite the myriad roadblocks life has thrown in the way. You've done well as an aedile, and you'll do better as a Quaestor. You'd better, or I am going to take it out on your hide. ;)

And naturally, Locke, Sang and Bentre have all been on the receiving end of my 'advice', which can be more than a little blunt at times, but they have endured it well, tolerating an old retired dude telling them how to do a job he hadn't done in 10 years (r not at all), hahaha.

As I step down to the Night Hawks again, Kojiro will be taking over as Quaestor per many discussions between Sang, Koji and myself. I suspect he will be opening up apps for Aedile very soon, and I would encourage anyone who is looking to broaden their horizons, boost their career, or just plain help the clan to apply. It's hard work, but it pays off.

If you want or need any help, don't hesitate. I will be around on Telegram or by email, and I can't help myself from getting involved. ;)

As always, have fun. I know I will.


Thank you, Muz. you stepped back into leadership at a time when I really needed the help and I'll always appreciate that.

Thank you for your continued support and what not, Muz. Enjoy your retirement from Quaestor.

Also, the best of luck to Kojiro. Of course Sang, myself and others will be here to help support you in the transition as you need us.

I just realized I am going to have to work a little harder to bug Muz now :o

Thank you Muz for your advice, being a good friend, and taking over as Quaestor when I had to step down. As a whole I want to see HMR succeed as a House and for all within as a clan to work as a whole. Giving up, whining and being bitter about things for one doesn't solve anything. I learned as a leader it's about serving others, helping them out with their weaknesses, and offering advice on how they can better tackle a situation. HMR is a fun house and I will always be around to assist. All you have to do is ask. Koji, I hope to see HMR do well under your new leadership and I'm excited to see what new ideas and things happen in the coming months. Congratulations!

I am honored by your words and have truly appreciated the assistance and guidance you have given me in my short time here.

I look forward to working with you in a Battleteam setting now.


Oh wait meant to write more. I'm not an easy person to work with, I know this. Life hasn't been kind due to mistakes and sadly it's been a trial to do a lot of the stuff I have. With you around though it's been easier. Proud to have worked with Muz Frigging Ashen, and going forward I'm proud to still work with you.

Let's just hope your faith has been well placed. I'm sure it has but if everyone dies by tomorrow well oops.

Thanks you for you (as always!) excellent service.

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