[Arcona] Consul Report #11 The Sloth Readies the Gate


[Arcona] Consul Report #11 The Sloth Readies the Gate


Kessel Sector, Deep Space
Capital Enterprises patrol vessel, CE Profiteer

Lieutenant Jenkins stood resolutely at his command post, fingers tightened around the burnished wood railing that was meant to keep him from flying into the crew pit below during combat. HIs knuckles were white, and his jaw clenched. Ever since the blasted Arconans and their multi-hued fleet had begun raiding Collective convoys, convoys under his ostensible protection once, his life had gone to hell. Repeated attacks without successful retaliation had lost him his post, and earned him a demotion from a relatively posh posting at a deep space site.

Capital Enterprises was less zealous than their more militaristic counterparts, the luxuries that the profitable company allowed their officers was one of their means of assuring loyalty. He had been well on his way to a proper Captaincy and a position at a larger port of trade, or possibly even planetside before this mess had started. Now he found himself manning a patrol ship, something he’d managed to scheme his way out of once before on his ascension. There was no quick way out now, not with the black marks against him. Made by those damnable Arconans. A light came on below at one of the communications consoles, before a high pitched beeping filled the air.

“Answer it, Ensign,” he growled down at the uniformed woman. She didn’t speak, most of his staff didn’t talk to him.. He couldn’t tell if it was because of his temper or not wanting to associate themselves too closely with his now toxic career.

A whine came across as the comms officer swapped it to intercoms without his prompting, but Jenkins’s angry response died on his lips

”All Collective forces receiving this transmission are ordered to rendezvous at point 00.23K immediately and prepare for combat operations.”

The crew looked up in alarm when the transmission ended, the sound of their commanding officer laughing like a madman with a a wild light in his eye. In the months under his command, none had seen him so much as smile.

“Excellent, helm, bring us around! And do be careful, those coordinates are near The Maw.”

His grin didn’t falter as the ship began to come about, and he looked down at the sea of questioning faces. He allowed himself another chuckle before straightening himself and smoothing out his uniform.

“It seems Command is striking back at the so-called ‘Rainbow Raiders’ that have plagued us these past few months. We go to draw Arconan blood.” His grin turned vicious as he stared out the forward viewport. Finally, a chance to redeem his career.


Clan News

Ooooh boy, you guys are awesome! This past month saw the Balancing the Books event, which you can find the results in greater detail right here in Uji’s last report. Suffice to say, you guys blew our expectations out of the water with a 50% participation from rostered members! That’s Rite of Supremacy numbers, which is almost unheard of outside of a major vendetta event.

As such, I have the joy of listing out another fun statistic. More than 1 in 5 Arconans received a promotion, merit, or sacramental this past week for being awesome at everything. Some of you who’ve been active weren’t in this round, but don’t despair! Many of you were up and rewarded after the Rite of Supremacy, some of you we looked at and went ‘sure, we could give them this, but if we wait a few weeks they can get something even better’, so keep at it!

On the promotion front, Rhylance pulled Equite 4, Zujenia Equite 3, Grot and Magik both to Equite 2, and Alaisy gained her Knighthood! Beyond that, we’ve had an influx of new members from the Celebration recruitment drive who’ve gained multiple Journeyman ranks! If you see these new folks on Telegram, be sure to give them a warm welcome!

But we ain’t done yet, Lucine and Alara both earned their first ever Sapphire Blades! These were earned both for their excellent activity and leadership contributions, and I’m damned proud of both of them.

And while I list these last, they’re no less impressive and worthy of respect. Qyreia and Mako both earned Grand Crosses (Q’s first!), Edema and Leeadra both got a Steel Cross, and Luka and Cawthren Dark Crosses! Again, these rewards for being active, awesome, and contributing members of the Clan!

As you might guess from the fiction above, our actions in Balance the Books will not go without an answer. A fresh Collective counter-attack is looming, and will be a focus of several competitions next month, keep your eyes out!


Brotherhood News


Competition Spotlights



  • Atty/Satsi/Senpai asks a few,

    • Not that you can answer this here yet, but what would Kord think upon meeting the NPC I made? :P
      • Sudden urge to relapse on his alcoholism
    • How's Korenia
      • Heh.
    • Would Sprout like to be friends
      • Hey.
  • Xenna asks,

    • How did kordath react to Q's report on SC's actions?
      • Not enough pictures
    • Why don't we have a regiment of Ewok shock troopers glad in prismatic rainbow armor?
      • We do, they’re the anti-boarding troops on the flagship.
    • When do we receive our annual bonuses?
      • Annually
    • Are Ryn extra sensitive to rat poison? How about half-ryn?
      • No more than a Human is.
  • Cawthren asks,

    • Can I have my own battalion of midgets?
      • Long as you feed them and take them for walkies.
    • How do we get a raise
      • Do the things, all the things.
  • The Log Asks,

    • How long before your Proconsul kills you off and assumes your role? :P
      • Hopefully not before August
  • Alaisy Asks,

    • With all that loot from the Collective and our resources finally replenishing, will we continue with the raids or is it time for a larger offensive?
      • As per the fiction in our Proconsul’s report, we’re expecting that we’ve riled the beast enough for a counter attack, so it’s time to start bringing it in instead.
    • Will there be any chance of taking part in the Selen rebuilding effort?
      • Yes! Expect more Selen Development Comps in the future! These will let you contribute to the life of Estle City and Selen at large.
    • How about a nice celebratory shopping spree in the Sinchi Ring?
      • I think Lucine has my spending card, I’m sure she’ll figure something out.
  • Grot Asks,

    • What is your favorite color?
      • Purple?
  • Lucine Asks (per usual),

    • Of course, I've got to ask. Any interesting attempts on your life recently?
      • Not that I’ve noticed, just the usual, run of the mill kind.
    • Also, can Strong come out to play? Asking for a friend.
      • Probably, whenever he’s done with that medical checkup with Rhylance.


House Pay Day

  • Galeres: 47,700
  • Qel-Droma: 85,350



Final Thoughts

Again, a huge round of applause for all our promoted and awarded members this month! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Proconsul report that will detail some changes to our Battleteam structure, and possibly a sneak peek at next months competitions!

And don’t forget to say ‘hello’ to all our new members on Telegram! New blooooood! Fresh fish? New friends!


Nice going everybody, y'all have done amazing, keep it up!

And so many nublets to corru.. I mean welcome! Great times.

Nice job everyone lets keep it up and congrats to all those who were awarded

Nice work by all!

Well done and well earned, all of you. You make this Clan proud. And all our newbies, welcome!

Congratulations to everyone who earned promotions or shinies! And welcome, all you newbies!

Looks like they're bringing the fight to us. Thanks for the lovely report and welcome to all the new peeps!

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