[Arcona] Full House!


[Arcona] Full House!



A Message from the Consul

Hello, darlings! Welcome to my second report as your beloved Consul!

As you no doubt have noticed, we have had a number of changes in leadership in the past couple of months. As a result, I wanted to focus on getting these positions filled before I moved forward with all of my nefarious plans for the clan.

Well, I am pleased to announce that our hiring spree is finally over! That’s right, we have filled the open positions for Rollmaster and Quaestor of House Galeres. Read on to find out who was selected as the new minions leaders!

So, now it’s time for the fun to begin! Look for a clan-wide event to be starting soon! In the meantime, we are working hard behind the scenes to plan many more fun events in the future!

A Message from the Proconsul

Hey all, your friendly neighborhood Doctor here to talk.

So, things have been a bit slow for this new administration of Clan Leaders, but that is too be expected with so many changes in leadership. Now that we have a team in place, we can get down to brass tacks! Lucine and I are going full throttle with ideas and plans to take the Clan further, and with all of your help, I know this is a very doable thing.

I have been extremely pleased with the activity I’ve been seeing on Telegram! Not only has Arcona continued to show its friendly spirit in its welcoming of newer members, but the Houses have been showing extreme progress in the running of our RP weekends!!! While I’m not always available myself to take part, when I am able, I have found these events to be exceeding welcoming and open for new folks to jump right in. If you haven’t been taking an interest in these, I would highly recommend doing so.

Last thing from me. There are numerous opportunities at your disposal for activity on the site. Take advantage of these! Whether it’s competitions, the ACC, SA courses, or even Gaming, make sure you show your support for the Clan by trying something out, be it something new or an old standby.

I look forward to what the future holds for our Clan!!!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. News
  3. Activity and the Discretionary Funds
  4. Competitions
  5. Ask The Deadly Duo
  6. In Closing...



Arcona News

  • Rollmaster: Hired! That’s right, we have a new Rollmaster! Give a hearty congratulations to Kordath Bleu, who has agreed to take on the job of training the newbies. Kordath has been a member of the DJB since 2013. He has served at every level of leadership within Clan Arcona at one point or another, most recently as Consul. Due to his years of experience and interest in teaching, I have no doubt that he’ll do a great job training new members!

  • Quaestor of Galeres: Hired! But we’re not done yet! We also have a new Quaestor! Congratulations to Junazee, who will now be in charge of House Galeres! Junazee comes to us from Odan-Urr. She has been a member for the DJB since 2014. She has worked as both a Magistrate and a Praetor to the Fist, as well as a Docent in the Shadow Academy. She brings with her a lot of enthusiasm, and a strong gaming background. When you see her, be sure to congratulate her on her new role!

I also wanted to offer a sincere thank you to everyone who applied, both for Rollmaster and Quaestor. Ya’ll made our choices incredibly difficult, and I am very grateful to all of you who took the time to apply and interview with us. Keep up the awesome work, and I hope you’ll try again the next time applications open!

DB Wide Updates

  • A gaming event calendar, information about unsupported game competitions, and more! Read up about it in the Fist Report. And to find out who got hired as the new Magistrate, check out the Fist Supplemental 3.1!

  • Curious about changes to the custom aspect policy? Want to check out the new Force powers? Then look no further than the Voice Report.

  • In the Headmaster’s Report, there’s a lot of good information about the recent SA audit, the decathlon winners, and the new was to give the SA staff feedback.

  • If the Wiki is your jam, then be sure to take a look at the Wiki Report for updates on all of the current Wiki projects!


Activity and the Discretionary Funds

Here are the new totals for the House Discretionary Funds!!!!




Hey guys! Make sure you take advantage of the numerous comps currently running! From puzzles to Fictions to Graphics, and Gaming, there is so much available to do!


Ask the Deadly Duo

  • Orion(Sera) asks many things:

    • I have heard whispers of a vendetta on the horizon. Is there any further information about this thing that may or may not be happening?
      • Rhylance: I can say that there are DB Wide events coming up, but I really have no further information on them.
      • Lucine: Keep your eyes open, because I am sure that we will be hearing more soon(™)!
    • Secondly, can we expect any further “development” projects on Selen, like we’ve seen on Ol’Val?
      • Rhylance: The great thing about Selen is that while we have mapped out the big landmass areas of the planet, there is still so much worldbuilding left for us to tap into! I would definitely expect more development projects in the future.
      • Lucine: So many places to subjugate in the name of the Clan….
  • Abbey(Atyiru) asks a bunch!:

    • Thoughts on Atty being back?
      • Rhylance: Having always been a big fan of the Atyiru character, and being devastated by her demise, I am excited for this development!!! Plus now Eleceos gets more family drama in his life, so there’s that.
      • Lucine: I am also excited, as this has been a long time in coming! Lucine, however, is rather ambivalent on the subject.
    • Any plans to use the (probably now exploding) cult? The zealous are so easily repurposed…
      • Rhylance: I do not think any definitive plans have been made, but there is always the possibility of something being done in that regard.
      • Lucine: I have had a thought or two, but am still noodling on it. It seems like too good of a group not to use it.
    • Current favorite thing you're seeing around the clan?
      • Rhylance: While I’m not always able to participate, I have been loving these RP Weekends that both Houses are running. They have been tremendous fun to participate in and to just read!
      • Lucine: I agree, the RP nights are great! It is also wonderful to see so many people interested in leadership and coming forward with all of their great ideas!
    • So about that possible SIMASS leak...what lab tech is getting very turned into the next cadaver for practice?
      • Rhylance: I do not know of this leak you speak of. I do have to report that there was an accident in a test, and we unfortunately lost a few low level employees. I am now looking for replacements for intern level positions to any interested parties.
  • Karran asks: Do you think we can increase the Voidbreaker's budget a little?

    • Rhylance: “We run a tight budget, finances do not come for free. That being said, if the Voidbreaker shows us excellence in their contributions to the Clan, those extra earnings might just be possible.”
    • Lucine: ”An excellent way to start would be to ensure that all cargo that is entrusted to you arrives intact. I am still waiting for my shipment of crates from Guc’ci.”
  • The Shiny Sith (Alaisy) asks a couple things:

    • Upon Karran's suggestion, I have to say I agree. the Voidbreaker needs extra funds, but I would let Yumni-Ha or Tali manage them.
      • Rhylance: “As stated, extra efforts lead to extra funds. As to who manages these funds? That is up to your Quaestor.”
      • Lucine: “Agreed. Please see my suggestions above.”
    • Hello Master, got any exciting new scientific projects coming up? I have deposited some promising new applications for ritualistic healing at SIMASS.
      • Rhylance: “Thank you Alaisy. I do have some intriguing ideas in the works. I will make sure your applicant are very well taken care of.”
    • Lucine, I have to commend your fine tastes on the clothing you picked for our recent adventures aboard the Voidbreaker. However, I also feel slightly disappointed of several of our crew's maltreatment of those exquisite outfits.
      • Lucine: “I am thrilled that you appreciated my efforts, darling. I heard from multiple sources that you looked stunning in ensemble! As to those who opted not to take advantage of my fashion enterprise, well, I suppose the saying is true. You can lead a bantha to water, but you cannot make it drink.”
  • Techsketch(Sulith) asks several questions:

    • What are your new year's resolutions? How are they going so far?
      • Rhylance: OOC, I want to try to lose some weight and get more writing done, both for DB focuses and my own writing. Those goals are works in progress. IC, Rhylance wants to keep his Consul safe, and increase his own standings within the Clan. He also wants to continue development of the Selen Institute for Medical Advancements and Scientific Studies. Both goals are coming along well.
      • Lucine: OOC, I want to become healthier, read and write more. These things are going well so far! As far as IC goals, Lucine wants to solidify her control over Arcona and has a number of clan-related goals she wants to achieve. She also has one other resolution: to teach Rhylance how to dress more fashionably. Some of these goals are going better than others.
    • The most lovely month of the year is coming up! Does the Deadly Duo have any plans (personal or clan-wise) that they are willing to divulge to the public?
      • Rhylance: If you mean cause of Valentines day, I’m hoping that Lucine and I can finish a long running Collab, and maybe release it to ya’ll for its heart warming story.
      • Lucine: Psychopaths in love. It is equal parts scary and adorable, in my opinion!
    • Is Lucine taking any precautions against these rumors of the creature named Ke'Chako and his alleged plan to usurp the throne?
      • Rhylance: If any creature thinks to threaten Lucine, I assure you, they are not long for this life.
      • Lucine: Ah, yes. I have heard of this Ke’chako. I do believe my investments into catnip and laser pointers will soon come in handy.
    • Sully wants to learn about medicine! Would Rhylance allow a giant, furry... thing, into his lab to learn some basics? (Proper equipment management and following safety procedures cannot be guaranteed.)
      • Rhylance: Into my personal labs? Never. However, he can always apply himself for admittance to SIMASS.
    • The Deadly Duo wakes up one day to find that Rhylance has acquired Lucine's Force powers, and Lucine has developed Rhylance's impressive repertoire of skills. What do you do?
      • Rhylance: Figure out how this event transpired, deduce how to reverse the process, and how to repeat it with another Force User.
      • Lucine: Lucine would use that superior intellect to plot 63% fast and more efficiently! And maybe beat Rhylance in a game of holochess.
  • Tali also asks several questions:

    • Any juicy assassination plots as of late? Foreign or domestic.
      • Rhylance: Luckily, no plots as of late to deal with. The last one didn’t turn out so well, not that I had anything to do with it…
      • Lucine: The latest report from the DIA tells me that there were a few good ones. The fact that no one in the Upper Summit is dead indicates that none were successful. As for my own assassination plots, so far the preliminary are positive!
    • How is our trade policy coming along with the Principate?
      • Rhylance: Nepotism reigns supreme as Zuji’s mother is my top pick for a Principate through line.
      • Lucine: ”Negotiations are ongoing, but I am looking forward to a robust trading relationship with them!”
    • When can we expect Lucine to start expecting?
      • Rhylance: Lucine is always expecting...she expects subservience. She expects loyalty. She expects lots of beautiful clothing and jewelry.
      • Lucine: Such an intelligent, observant man. This is why he is my favorite.
    • I've been hearing some murmurs of a new virus in Asia. Has Rhylance been modifying the plague that hit Selen?
      • Rhylance: No Comment.
    • How did you enjoy the conclusion of SW? Any changes to your character that the displayed events and powers might have?
      • Rhylance: I enjoyed some things, disliked others, but my status as a fan remains strong. No real changes expected for Rhylance due to the movie though.
      • Lucine: Two words: Force Drain.
    • When can we start colonizing the rest of Dajorra?
      • Rhylance: Dajorra isn't the most hospitable system, so I’m unsure, but expect efforts for expanding Selen!
      • Lucine: Soon… (™)
  • Q asks: When will Rhylance and Strong realize that it’s not Lucine, but each other that they truly desire?

    • Rhylance: “Nothing against Strong...ok, well that’s a lie… but this will never happen. Rhylance is not only not attracted to the hulking Chiss, but he is quite pleased with where his love life is at.”
    • Lucine: “Oh well, a girl can dream…”
  • Leeadra asks:

    • Who let the akk dogs out?
      • Rhylance: “I must get to the bottom of this.”
      • Lucine: “If they put their dirty paws on my new silk dress, I will skin them personally.”
    • Any interesting attempts on your life lately?
      • Rhylance: “My life? No. My love life??? Apparently there are many Stronglance supporters around, and they will never be given what they want.”
      • Lucine: “Alas, none. I am almost disappointed.”
  • Aru asks a couple questions:

    • When's the next big event?
      • Rhylance: As Lucine stated above, we will be doing a small event in February. But future plans are definitely in the work.
    • Is everything going According to your expectations as new leadership in the Clan?
      • Rhylance: For me, yes and no. We are definitely getting things going for the Clan! But so many leadership changes in the Clan have slowed things down a bit.
      • Lucine: I am glad that the hiring is done. Now the plotting can commence full steam ahead! And then I will show them, show them all! Mwahahahaha!
    • What's your favorite house?
      • Rhylance: The one I live in :P. In all seriousness, between HQD and GAL I hold no favorite. I look forward to the developments of both equally.
      • Lucine: Ravenclaw. Or was it Slytherin? Slitherclaw?
  • Xenna asks: What vegetable causes you the most anxiety?

    • Rhylance: Potatoes. Cooked right, they are absolutely amazing!!! Cooked wrong, and I wanna die.
    • Lucine: Bok choy. I can never seem to cook it correctly.


In Closing….

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @Rhylance) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


Great report Boss!

Good job, Kord, you made it 3 months. Welcome to the Clan, Juna! Excited to see what you do with the Gal team.

Dig the report footer.

Amazing Report Boss!

Congratulations Arcona you got one hell of a QUA there! Good Luck Juna! I'm glad to see you finally getting a chance to lead.

HAHAHAH Kord's the Rollmaster again!

Kord be Rrrroolliinn?! Heh, anyone? Or just me? Congrats and Thank you I look forward to this opportunity with you bunch!

Excellent choice for QUA. Congrats, Juna!

Welcome to Arcona, Junazee!!! Looking forward to working with you, boss! Back into that Rollmaster seat again, Kord? Excellent.

Congratulektions on the hires!

As for psychopaths in love, to the tune of Miracle Of Sound: "Let it all burn down around us/ Let the cruel consume the just/ Let the sin we swim in drown us/ Let the world shatter/ Into dust/ Nothing else matters/ Only Us"

Lovely report you two! Welcome to Junazee! The Report looking shinier than ever, which is important, always use a good polish. Nice to see Kord rolling like a master too ^^

Nice report! Looking forward to all the excitement!!

Welcome Juna and well done to everyone ACCing and RPing recently!

I'd like to point out that due to fictional reasons (ie. the totally didn't happen assassination attempt on the Ryn <_<), the role of Rollmaster is not being picked up BY Kordath Bleu.
It is being taken by the might Stres'tron'garmis, or Strong, or Scion of Garmis, or Big Blue, or 'Big Guy' as he's been called by many people, as well as the ladies.
He shall pass on the techniques and skills that the Garmis dynasty has refined for generations!
Also, huge shoutout to Juna, welcome to the funhouse!

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