[Arcona] Merry Sithmas and a Happy Life Day!


[Arcona] Merry Sithmas and a Happy Life Day!



A Message from the Consul

Hello, darlings! Welcome to another report! The last one for 2020, no less. I don’t know about you, but I am very ready for this year to be over!

We are already turning our attention to next year. One of my goals is to have a more cohesive storyline between the Clan and the Houses. To that end, Aiden and I are going to be working closely with both Houses in order to make sure that happens.

Plans are underway! But, if there is anything in particular that you want to see, do not hesitate to approach the members of your House leadership, or either Aiden or myself. After all, we cannot do this without you!

A Message from the Proconsul

Another wonderful month for our clan has come and I for one am so excited for December! It means 2020 is ovah!!!!! But really this year has been a very hard one and I am immeasurable thankful for all you have done for me and the Clan this year.

Look forward to a small comp series coming from our very own Wally(Marick). I’m sure it will be fun and exciting for all!

Next year expect more to come from the Clan story. We are building towards great things!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. News
  3. House Discretionary Funds
  4. Competitions
  5. Ask Red and Gray
  6. In Closing...



Arcona News

  • There has been a pretty big shakeup in Galeres. Junazee, the lovely Quaestor and Skar, the (mostly) mechanical Aedile are both stepping down, in order to attend to general real life busyness. Thank you both so much for all your hard work in service to the clan. I love both of your faces!

Sera will be moving up to the role of Gal’s Aedile, so be sure to congratulate him when you next see him! And, in the meantime, we are holding apps for Quaestor! This call for applications is club-wide, and are due by December 20. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • As we turn our attention to 2021 (and breathe a sigh of relief that 2020 is almost over), the illustrious leaders of HQD have created a survey for their members to complete. You can obtain the link in HQD chat, or just ask Tali or Aru for it!

  • Can’t get enough news? Then be sure to check out the Galeres House report and the House Qel-Droma Summit report!

DB Wide Updates

  • Two words: Droid updates. Actually, there are a few additional words, in the form of an update and a glitch correction, all brought to you by everyone’s favorite Regent!

  • Squadrons! PoBs updates! Interested? Then be sure to read the Fist Report.

  • The Headmistress has a new report out, where you can read about an exciting job opportunity and some… er… interesting student highlights. Read all about it!


House Discretionary Funds

Here is the updated House Discretionary funds.





Ask Red and Gray

  • Alaisy asks all the questions!:

    • Any plans for Sithmas?
      • Aiden: “I may attend the Gala that our Clan tends to throw, or perhaps a quiet night alone to reflect. Sometimes that is as important as socializing.”
      • Lucine: "My social calendar tells me that there is a gala that night, but I confess that I fancy the thought of an quiet evening in, spent with intimate company."
    • Have there been any assassination attempts on your lives recently?
      • Lucine: “Funny you should ask! There recently was a particularly odd attempt that involved Sith alchemy infused gingerbread men. I give the would-be assassin a 9 for creativity, and a 5 for technique.”
      • Aiden: "On me, no. On our Consul, always. Hmmm...I wonder if there's a reason for that."
    • Found anything useful from those SIMASS eatbreedkill specimens yet?
      • Aiden: "I fear that knowledge, if there is any to begin with, is above my pay grade."
      • Lucine: “What eatbreedkill specimens? Even if such a thing were to exist, it would require a sufficient level of security clearance that I would not dream of mentioning them in an open report.”
    • Is there going to be another vacation soon?
      • Aiden: "With Lucine in charge, I imagine yes."
      • Lucine: “Oh, very probably. I am consulting my calendar to make sure that it does not fall on any unusual celestial events.”
    • Have you seen it yet?
      • Lucine: “Marvelous, was it not?”
      • Aiden: "I’ve seen more of “it” than you have."
    • Anything that you want to do differently next year?
      • Lucine: OOC-wise, I want to do a better job of integrating storylines, among other things. IC-wise, Lucine wants to finish gaining mastery over Life Drain, REDACTED and REDACTED.
      • Aiden: OOC- I want to do better at managing my RL issues. IC- Aiden wants to learn more in the ways of the one and true Balance.
    • What are your favorite holiday meals?
      • Aiden: "Ham. I love christmas ham, though unfortunately I will probably not have any this year."
      • Lucine: It’s a family tradition for my mom and I to spend the day making pierogies, so I am very much looking forward to that! And also eating them, of course.
    • What is your preferred way to die?
      • Aiden: "When I die, it will be honorable in the heat of battle against a truly superior opponent."
      • Lucine: “Of old age, many many centuries from now, after having seen to it that my line is successful and my enemies destroyed.”
    • How can we oppress the Selenians a little more next year?
      • Lucine: “Actually, darling, if I have my way then I intend to give the Selenians a gift. Something that not even their precious Atyiru gave them.”
      • Aiden: "Oppression is the work of the Sith. Not all of us would follow that way of thinking."
    • What do you think is the most hilarious and irrational fear?
      • Aiden: "Fer itself is an irrational thing, and all things irrational are in some ways hilarious."
      • Lucine: “Hilarious AND irrational? Probably Triskaidekaphobia. Because everyone knows the number 26 is even more terrifying.”
    • If you would ban any type of attire, what would it be?
      • Aiden: "I am not in the business of choosing what is and is not fashionable."
      • Lucine: “While it is not a specific attire, I would ban the Pantsless look entirely.”
  • Atyiru has a few questions too!:

    • Any thoughts as to fictionally seeing Juna and Skar off? If not, may I suggest, ahem, concerns over....infection? Bit risky, having had yourself completely controlled by babies monsters and their mother who knows where or what
      • Aiden: I’m sure we shall think of something.
      • Lucine: Mwahahahaha….
    • Come do the SDP comps! Not a question, just encouragement :p maybe an exclusively Chiss-staffed massage spa? Csillan Comforts?
      • Lucine: Have I mentioned recently that I like the way you think?
      • Aiden: I am encouraged.
    • How does one give life and adoration? Is that how Marick rezzed Atty?
      • Aiden: "Only the Force gives life, and our adoration should be spent on the things that truly matter."
      • Lucine: “As soon as I figure it out, darling, you will be the first to know.”
    • Do you have any character songs for your chars? Share one? Even if it's just a soundtrack or instrumental
      • Aiden: No, but when I need inspiration I usually turn to my favorite band “Avenged Sevenfold”
      • Lucine: I like to use this song for inspiration when I am writing something involving Lucine and her darker tendencies.
  • Aru asks:

    • Do I get a raise next year?
      • Lucine: “That depends. Have you been a good boy this year?”
      • Aiden: “Talk to your direct superior.”
    • Can that raise come in expensive bottles of sweet Rum?
      • Lucine: “I do not see why not, but that depends on your answer to my previous question.”
      • Aiden: "See above response."
    • What's your balance of this year?
      • Aiden: "BALANCE!!!!"
      • Lucine: “I would say it is overall positive, darling.”
    • Plans to overthrow Mav yet?
      • Aiden: Gives Lucine some serious side eye
      • Lucine: “If I did, I would not share them in a public venue.”
    • Not a question but a wish of good things to both of you for the next year.
      • Aiden: Much appreciated, good sir!
      • Lucine: Thank you, and to you as well!
    • Can Lucine go on date yet?
      • Lucine: “Of course darling!”
    • What about now?
      • Lucine: “Wait, you mean with Sage? Hmm. I will send Tabriss over shortly to discuss my ‘availability’.”
  • The Lovely Lavender Lekhead asks:

    • 1. What was the biggest letdown of 38 ABY?
      • Lucine: “I would say overall, it was a banner year. Perhaps the only letdown is that my charming Proconsul still will not let me use Clan finances for my wardrobe.”
      • Aiden: “No real letdowns. Our Clan performed admirably.”
    • 3. Do we have any New Year's celebration plans?
      • Lucine: “My social calendar says that there is a party planned for that evening, yes.”
      • Aiden: "Reflect on the year and endeavor to do better at your faults next year."
    • B. What happened to the beasts on Atolli? They were all disposed of, right?
      • Aiden: "That is what has been reported."
      • Lucine: “According to all the reports I have read from the Arconan ground forces, yes, all beasts they encountered were destroyed.”
    • XI. What are your holiday schemes? I mean, plans?
      • Aiden: "Silent reflection is a must."
      • Lucine: “I think your first word was most appropriate, darling. But in this case, I am looking forward to a nice evening in.”
    • A. Have you been pleased with the DIA's undertakings as of late?
      • Aiden: "I do wish there were more pants involved."
      • Lucine: “Oh yes, most certainly! Much as I hate to admit it, Kordath is doing an excellent job.”
    • Potato. Has the temple left any lasting effects on those who were abducted by the gribblies?
      • Lucine: “I would presume so, but one must ask them individually to find out for certain. To find out for certain, the psych eval program is almost established.”
      • Aiden: "Traumatic experiences tend to have long lasting effects."
  • Zuji the Goat-Ruler asks:

    • Any big plans for the clan coming up soon?
      • Lucine: Why yes! The vacation on Atolli was just the beginning!
      • Aiden: “Our esteemed Consul always has plans, it seems.”
    • Any concern the grey fella will usurp your thrown, Crimson Queen?
      • Lucine: “None whatsoever. Why, have you heard something?”
      • Aiden: "It’s not in my nature to do something such as that."
    • What are you both most excited for the holidays? Ic and/or ooc.
      • Aiden: OOC, Seeing all of my siblings, which i haven't done in 7 years. IC, The Force works in strange ways and Aiden is looking forward to seeing what miracles occur this year.
      • Lucine: OOC, spending time with family and enjoying the holidays. IC, ooof. Hard to say, tbh.
    • Do you believe in the ghosts of Sithmas? Something tells me we may be spared this year.
      • Aiden: "Force ghosts are real, perhaps that is what the ghosts of Sithmas really are."
      • Lucine: “At this point, darling, nothing would surprise me.”
  • Zappius asks: Who's your favourite Taldryanite and why is it me?

    • Aiden: "No comment, but yeah you!"
    • Lucine: “Oooh, I absolutely adore dear Seraine. Her sense of fashion is top notch. But you are delightful as well, darling.”
  • Kordath the Pantsless asks:

    • How you doing
      • Lucine: Super fantastic, thanks! How are you?
      • Aiden: I’m doing fine, we’re all fine here thanks. How are you?”
    • So where did you bury Rhylance?
      • Lucine: “Why would I have him buried, darling? What is it that you think you know?”
      • Aiden: "Did he die? Why was I not informed?"
    • Is there anything you hope so be in the shops whenever the Regent office lets us spend credits on planetary stuff?
      • Aiden: "A good old planetary shield would be nice."
      • Lucine: “Nothing in particular. In truth, I want all of the things!”
    • On average, how much paperwork does Lucine fob off on Aiden?
      • Lucine: “Not THAT much. Only the boring parts.”
      • Aiden: "So it's all boring parts?"
    • Is Lucine at all concerned that two of her toys associates minions are trying to beat one another senseless in the courtyard?
      • Lucine: “They are doing WHAT?!”
      • Aiden: "The company our Consul keeps..." Sighs
  • Last but definitely not least, Sera has some questions:

    • What do you want your stockings stuffed with?
      • Lucine: “Hmm, an excellent question. I have a few thoughts on what I would like to have my stocking stuffed with.”
      • Aiden: “I have no need for stockings. Just be your integral selves.”
    • If Sera offered some K’Thri lessons as a life-day gift, would Luci and Aiden take her up? The dancier movements are a great way to thicken the thighs and tone up the glutes.
      • Lucine: “That sounds lovely, darling. But, only if we can go shopping afterward!”
      • Aiden: "I’d rather just have a good old fashioned battle...that I actually finish."
    • Any advice for a nervous Aedile?
      • Aiden: Do what you have been doing, only more!!!
      • Lucine: Listen to your members, as they will tell you what it is that most interests them. You’ve got this!
    • Planning to pick up some new cybernetics? Sera doesn’t get it, but they seem to be all the rage...
      • Aiden: "My arm is cybernetic enough."
      • Lucine: “Darling, I go to sizable lengths to prevent my skin being marred by even the smallest scar or blemish. What makes you think I would willingly have a limb removed?”
    • Recommend that we vacation on a desert planet, next time. Iridonia is really nice. Great place to work on a tan!
      • Aiden: "I prefer softer places."
      • Lucine: “That does sound delightful. But, to be honest, I do not like sand.”
    • Any terrible, terrible beasties survive that temple and need to be hunted down? Sera’s always up for a hunting trip.
      • Aiden: "Not according to the reports."
      • Lucine: “Well, darling, if any new beasties appear, we will be certain to call you.”
    • Do you believe in life after love?
      • Aiden: "I can feel something, inside myself."
      • Lucine: “I could tell you my answer, darling. But I really don’t think you’re strong enough.”


In Closing…

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @AidenLD) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


Fab report, wish you both and the rest of the Clan happy holidays!

Way to be both festive and professional!

Thank you all for the opportunity! All of you are awesome! <3 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

You'll be okay, Sera, trust us. ;P



Good to see that fashion recognises fashion. Maybe I shouldn't have avoided the formalities of meeting you after all!

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