Battleteam Harbingers Report - Half Way through this war... Nuckles Busted


Battleteam Harbingers Report - Half Way through this war... Nuckles Busted


Howdy Harbingers, It's another Monday Report! I'd like to welcome a new member to the DJB and to our battle team. Nov Colov Xaea brought to us by the one and only Decimo Inferni (aka NERO). Lots of submissions for Round 1, has made me super happy, and some of the fiction we have going on is amazing! Super proud BTL! Couple points to remember for us Harbingers in fiction:

  • We have the exclusive right to take whatever equipment we want.
  • We do not wear identifying pieces of equipment.
  • We work in the shadows and have safe houses stocked with anything and everything.

Check out our wiki here for more info: The Harbingers


The list of competitions is growing shorter, however fiction for the Great Jedi War is upon us! Check them out here:

Great Jedi War Competitions

Month Long (TEAMS)
Individual Comps - Round 2

Other Comps

Monthly Mobile Game:

  • Beer Pong - I've played this online; now it's available on my phone. It's rather humorous. All participants earn 5 CF's!


Rathus Marr
  • 2 Clusters of Fire!
  • 30 Clusters of Fire!
Nov Colov Xaea
  • Promoted from App to Novice!


Talon Drear

Round 1 Puzzle
Round 1 Fiction
Round 1 Gaming
Battle Plan
Round 1 GFX

Decimo Inferni

Round 1 Fiction
Round 2 GFX
Round 2 Fiction
Round 2 Gaming

Colov Xaea

Round 1: Puzzle

Omega Kira

Round 2: Fiction
Round 2: Gaming
Round 2: GFX
Round 2: Puzzle (when I'm ready)
Round 1: GFX
Round 1: Puzzle
Round 1: Fiction


9th Place Star Wars Commander: Galactic War - Tournament 4


Get out there and compete; we have a ton of activity subscribed. Can't wait to see Dinaari bring it home for Clan Tal!

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