Battleteam Pellaeon #2


Battleteam Pellaeon #2


Hello friends! It's been entirely too long since I've sent out a Pell report. I know you're all eagerly awaiting RoS results to officially drop, but I wanted to get a couple things out ahead of time. We've got some Battleteam business to try and take care of this month, and I want to get ahead of it if we can!

I'm going to keep this one pretty brief and to the point. Topics to cover this report:

  • Battleteam Pellaeon Identity
  • Wiki Updates
  • Pell's Fleet
  • Current Events
  • Team Updates
  • Points to Ponderize

Battleteam Pellaeon Identity

This is a follow up to the email I sent the team earlier today. Now that some of the major events of the year have come to a close, I'm hoping we can use the lull to really give some thought into what we want this Battleteam to be. This is OUR team, so all thoughts are appreciated! This is a great opportunity to really shape this team to be what makes sense for you and your characters.

The initial thoughts on creating Battleteam Pellaeon was that House Imperium needed an Intelligence arm (I'm sure there's a good joke here about intelligence and Imperium) to help gather information as CSP moved expanded into new territory.

This still sounds pretty good to me, but it's not just my decision to make. It's all of ours. So please, use email or telegram and let's get the dialogue going!

Wiki Updates

I've spent some time putting up at least a shell of a Wiki entry for Battleteam Pellaeon for us to start working with. It's got some starting points, but nothing is set in stone yet. Here's the rough draft: Battleteam Pellaeon Wiki

As you can see, the mission statement listed here is: "Battleteam Pellaeon is part of the military intelligence arm of House Imperium. Officially, members of Pellaeon source and evaluate potential threats to the house through use of covert operations and intelligence gathering. Unofficially, members have been suspected of much more proactive "assignments" against the enemies of House Imperium."

With this in mind, I think we have a lot of flexibility for BT Identity. We can be operatives, agents, commandos, assassins - whatever you want. Personally, I think I'll model my character after the Imperial agent from the Star Wars Old Republic MMO storyline. BUT...let's get ideas going. Anything goes!

Couple other Wiki updates. I wanted to get an updated character one for you folks so you can learn a bit more about my character. I'd love to check out your wikis too as they get updated!

Here's Wagglehorn's

Feel free to critique - it's a rough draft.

##Pell's Fleet##

The only update I have is that I'll be starting a naming comp once RoS results have dropped/settled. So start thinking of naming ideas for our ships/squadrons!

Current Events/Team Updates

First of all - THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WORK DURING RoS. It was great to see folks jumping in and participating. I'm excited to see the results!

CSP Updates:

Lots of changes here. If you've missed it, we have a few updates to the chain of command.

  • Mune to PCON
  • Alara to Rollmaster
  • Xantros to BTL

QUA applications for Excidium are open. If you have questions on how to apply, I'd be happy to help any of you with any thoughts you might have.

Additional reading:

CSP Rollmaster Report 1 -Required reading for what's new in CSP

New Summit Organization Report - Takeaway here is that the boss is out of town for a week and we get to party.

Team Updates

  • Rhody Gorhea has joined us since last report. Welcome, Rhody!
  • Eilana Kilaeon promoted to Novice. Congrats, Eilana!
  • Yishin Yajima promoted to Novice. Great work, Yishin!
  • Jon Silvon continues to earn steady Clusters - keep it up!

Points to Ponderize...

Here's where I leave you with a couple points to think about, as well as a Dad joke for the road...

  • Where do you want to see BT Pell go in the future? *What can I do to help your character? What do you want to see from the BT?
  • How will your character fit in, or what we can we do help your character develop?
  • What is the internal temperature of a tauntaun?
  • ...lukewarm...
  • How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for Sithmas?
  • ...he felt his presents...

And with that, I will again see myself to the door. Until next time!


LOVE THE DAD JOKE OMG. Great report :) thank you for the hard work you do!

Great report, Waggles. Keep up the great work

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